Ziva woke to the wailing cry of the infant in he bassinet beside her bed. She groaned tiredly before struggling to a sitting position. She was surprised to find Tony already up and climbing from his warm bed. She watched through weary eyes, as her husband picked up the fussing baby and cradled her to his chest, then listened as he tried to quiet her.

"Shh, 'Lila (pronounced LEE-la), it's alright Daddy's got you," he soothed. "Let's let Mommy get a little more sleep, huh? I'll sing you your favorite song."

Ziva let out a choking sound as she tried to keep from laughing outright, and Tony's head snapped up. His green eyes collided with her brown ones, and he blushed, embarrassed.

"Tony, My Love, I do not think our daughter is old enough to be negotiated with yet. Thank you for trying, but she needs to nurse so bring her over" Ziva told him, holding out her arms.

Tony moved to sit next to her. "Unbutton first," he told her, using his chin to gesture to her nursing gown. He'd watched as the nurses helped her breastfeed through the night, and knew she wouldn't be able to get situated without help.

He jiggled 'Lila as his gaze locked onto Ziva's breasts. He still couldn't believe they were real. She had awakened earlier that morning appearing to have grown a full cup size over-night.

Ziva realized where he was looking and shook her head. When she had discovered this morning that her milk had come in, she'd known Tony was going to be like a cub in a candy store. No that wasn't right. Oh, well, she would ask him later, for now, it wasn't important.


Finally looking at her face, Tony realized she was waiting for him to hand over the baby. He helped her get set up with 'Lila nursing on her right breast, then sat there watching. He had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He reached out and caressed the baby's soft curls.

"Daddy?" he heard a soft voice call to him. Turning, he saw Arianya sitting up in their bed on the foldout sofa. He watched as she tried to rub the sleep from her eyes, only to encounter the cast on her right arm.

Smiling, Tony stood up and went over to her. He plucked her from the bed and used his thumb to gently remove the 'sleepies' from the corners of her chocolate eyes.

"I see 'Lila, too," she told him forcefully, and he grinned. Upon meeting her baby sister yesterday, Arianya had been delighted. She'd squealed and giggled when the baby had opened her eyes and cooed. 'Lila was her baby, and she loved her completely, instantly and forever.

Tony silently thanked Gibbs, who'd persuaded the hospital officials to allow Arianya to spend the night with them; and the LEO from the accident, who'd not only secured Ziva's gun and badge, but he'd snagged her bag, and Arianya's, and brought them to the hospital.

He carried Arianya over and sat on the bed beside Ziva, with her sitting on his lap.

Ziva smiled at the sleepy-eyed toddler. "Boker Tov, Tateleh."


"Ziva, Honey, sit down and let me do that," Tony reprimanded his wife, and gently moved her towards the chair.

"I can do it myself, Tony," she replied, while sitting down and allowing him to take over the task of packing her bag.

"A fact I am very aware of, Zi, however, you just had a baby, were involved in a serious auto accident, and ...."

Ziva thought of arguing with him, but both were interrupted by a tiny wail from the bassinet beside the bed. Before she could react, Tony moved to the bassinet and picked up the crying infant.

Ziva's heart flooded with love as she watched him cradle Kelila in his large hands. He was so gentle in his handling of the baby.

He smiled as he walked over. "Uh, I ah, think she might be hungry again."

"Mhm," Ziva agreed as she began to unfasten her shirt and nursing bra. "she does seem to have your appetite, Tony," she teased lovingly.

Tony nodded with a grin, and helped Ziva get situated. It wasn't easy to breastfeed with one arm in a cast. Since she couldn't support Kelila's weight with her left arm, Ziva needed to situate the infant on a feeding pillow. It was also difficult for her to maneuver the baby with only her right arm. However, Tony didn't mind helping, in fact, he loved watching his wife nurse their baby. He was just so grateful all his girls were safe and sound. It scared him to realize he could have lost them all in the accident.

Ziva smiled down at Kelila, the infants jaw working away, her tiny rosebud lips securely latched onto her mother's nipple. She thought of how wonderfully the team had welcomed the baby into their little family.

Gibbs had been the first to arrive, followed shortly by Abby and McGee. Abby, of course, had been the first to hold Kelila, but only after nearly crushing Ziva in one of her famed hugs. She had been delighted with infant.

She had scooped up the baby and was oohing and ahhing over her. McGee stood beside her and looked on.

"Oh, she is just so beautiful. She looks just like you Ziva, except she has Tony's eyes---" she was cut off as Kelila let out a mournful cry.

"And his appetite," Ziva finished, smiling as she rose and took the baby. "It is time for her feeding."

McGee had blushed bright red while Ziva nursed, and had nervously held her afterwards.

"Um, guys, I think she uh, takes after Tony in another way," he told them when Kelila soiled her diaper.

Tony had quickly taken his daughter from the younger agent. "I got it, Zi."

"This I gotta see," McGee called out, following Tony to the changing table. He was obviously hoping to find something to tease Tony about.

Abby shot Ziva a nervous look, but Ziva relaxed against the pillows. This was not the first time Tony had changed the baby, and he was surprisingly good at it.

Ducky and Jordan had arrive just then, but Ziva had not missed Gibbs giving Tony a nod of approval, and telling him "Good job, DiNozzo." She had seen the look of pride in Tony's eyes and was grateful to Gibbs for his praise.

"Ready to switch?" Tony asked, jarring her from her thoughts.

Ziva nodded and with his help switched the baby to her other breast. Tony's hand gently cupped the baby's head. He gave Ziva a quick kiss and went back to packing, wanting to get his girls home as soon as possible.


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