Chapter 1

Edward's POV

I began to walk away from her grave

"Hello Edward"

I saw Aro one of the Volturi brothers who lived in Italy.

"Aro? What are you doing here?"

"I was passing through, thought I might want to check on my old friend Carlisle" he said walking to me he looked behind me, at the grave stone.

"Isabella?" he asked I put my hand to his so he could see. His eyes closed for a brief second but then opened them "Ah" he shook his head "Such heart ache" he looked at me

"What would you say if I knew a vampire who could turn back time?"

I looked at him shocked "I would ask you if he could turn the clock back to the moment I met her"

He smiled and nodded "I thought so, come my dear friends let us negotiate at your home" he led me by my shoulder

Hi everyone, did you really think I would let it lie like that?

I felt so depressed and awful at the end of Forbidden, so here's the second installment Forbidden Déjà vu, vote on the poll if you want more.