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Samus's POV

Like always, Zelda always manages to make me do something she says. I remember this one time she made me go to the grocery store because the mansion was out of supplies. It's like she didn't even know who I was! I tried saying no, but she managed to blackmail me for something that happened months ago.

What was it you ask?

Like I'm going to tell you!

I hardly went shopping for myself, so why should I have gone to the store? What's worse was that when I got everything on the list of stuff we needed, which by the way were two pages long, there was an old lady in front of me in line that had trouble counting her money! It must've been half an hour until I finally got to pay. I then learned that you can't say "no" to the Princess of Hyrule because she'll blackmail you no matter how nice or well-mannered she may look.

Well back to my problem.

I was walking down the hall where the new smashers were to stay until they got their rooms they would stay in. I passed the cafeteria where I saw the kid smashers having a food fight that Ness, the kid from Onett, probably started.

I then came to the room that said the words "Fire Emblem" were. Who would know what that meant? I knocked once and heard ruffling of clothes from inside. I was hoping that the handsome blue haired man would've opened it, but instead a man with slightly darker blue hair stood there. He had spiky blue hair with a bandana on his head. He wore a blue tunic (What's with every guy wearing tunics?) and had a red cape that looked slightly torn at the bottom.

"Yes?" the man said in a deep tone.

"Um...is there anyone else that stays in here? A guy with blue hair like yours, only a lighter shade?" I asked. Judging by the way he stood, he looked quite bored.

"Yes, there is someone who also stays in this room." He answered.

After a long pause, that felt quite awkward, I sighed. "Do you know where he is?"

"Yes, I do actually."

Another long pause and I finally got a little irritated. "Where is he?"

"Who's asking?"

Oh for Ridley's sake!

"Listen, you!" I cried as I took a step forward.

"My name is Ike." The man said.

"Alright fine." I said, even more irritated, and stuck my index finger at him. "You better tell me where he is or else..."

"Hey, Ike." A familiar voice said behind me. I turned around and saw the handsome, blue haired man standing behind me. He waved to the man named Ike, and averted his eyes to look at me.

"Ah, hello there." He said to me. "You're the one I met at the training room." He smiled at me; I felt my insides fluttering when he did. He had perfectly white teeth and I'm pretty sure I saw his eyes sparkle.

I was speechless. I was on the verge of saying, "Nice hair." Until the spiky haired dude said, "How's it going, Marth? Did you go meet Master Hand??"

"Yeah, I did. He said he hopes that we'll find our stay enjoyable, oh and that our rooms will be ready after lunch. One thing was weird though, how on earth does he talk if he's a hand?" Marth said. At this I smirked. He then looked at me again.

"I don't believe that I've introduced myself. My name is Marth, Prince of Altea."

"Former Prince." Ike corrected him.

Wait, this man was a Prince? He has royal blood? Oh God. I knew that I had no chance whatsoever anymore.

"And your name, miss?" Marth said as he interrupted my thoughts.

"Er...Samus Aran." I said. He took my hand in his. I started to blush furiously. No one has ever taken my hand like that.

"Well, Samus, I shall see you later." He said and kissed the back of my hand. I was positively sure my face was a deep shade of scarlet. He let go of my hand and smiled at me, then turned to Ike.

"Well, shall we get going to the lunchroom?" he said to Ike.

"You mean the cafeteria? Sure, I'm starving." Ike grinned and stared walking down the hall.

Marth turned to me once more and gave me another smile and a wink. I had butterflies fluttering everywhere in my stomach! Maybe there was hope in a relationship with him.

Marth's POV

"So what do you think of the mansion?" my roommate, Ike, asked me, as we were walking down the hall to the cafeteria. Ike was the general of the Crimean Liberation Army back in his home country.

"It's great. Although, quite smaller than I thought it would be." I answered with a grin.

"Hey, what'd you expect? It's not a castle." He laughed and patted me on the back. I laughed along with him.

"I hope they have good food. My last meal was when we stopped by that weird restaurant last night. All they had was salads! Heck, they didn't even look like a salad!" he said as we continued to walk.

"You're right. But this mansion serves fighters. They're bound to have some good food." I replied.

We continued to chat down the hall, until we stopped to see a man wearing a green tunic and hat muttering to himself looking as if he'd lost something.

"Damn! Where is it?" we heard him say. I stepped forward and asked if he needed some help.

"Nah, it's okay. I tend to lose it sometimes anyway." The man in green said. He held out his hand and said, "My name is Link, by the way."

"My name is Marth. Nice to meet you, Link." I said as I shook his hand. I pointed to the spiky haired guy beside me. "This is my friend, Ike."

Ike shook Link's hand.

"Wow, you guys are friends already?" Link exclaimed, as he turned to look at me.

"We met some time ago. So we both decided to come and train here." Ike replied, with a grin.

"But, we'd be happy to be friends with you." I added. Link smiled and nodded. The three of us walked down the hall to the cafeteria.

"So, why did you decide to come to the Smash Mansion?" I asked Link.

"My friend said that this place is amazing for people who want to train their fighting skills. She said that there would be tournaments to see how much you trained. So I decided to join and test my skills." Link answered.

"Is she in the Mansion, as well?"

"She's been here for a while actually. We're good friends, even if she's a princess."

"Whoa! You're friends with a princess?" Ike exclaimed, as if he thought the idea was never heard of.

"Hey, Ike" I called. "Aren't you good friends with Princess Elincia?"

"W-well...y-yeah...yeah I am! Of course we are!" Ike stammered. His cheeks turned pink as Link and I laughed. We've only known Link for a few minutes, and it seemed like we were best buds.

"Well how about you, Marth? Got any special girls in your life?" Ike asked. I opened my mouth to say something, but then closed it quickly. I didn't have anyone special in my life. Shocker, I know. Well there was my good childhood friend Shiida. But she was just a good friend of mine, nothing beyond that. I looked back at Link and Ike, their eyes looking straight at me.

I sighed and shook my head. I closed my eyes as to not hear Ike's hysterical laugh.

There probably is someone special...wait...maybe there is...but no, that can't be! I've only met just met her today! That wasn't even a proper conversation!

I opened my eyes again to see Ike still laughing, and Link looking at the ground, his eyes moving back and forth.

"Hey Link," I said. His head turned to face me. "What are you looking for?"

"Like I said, I lose it most of the time. It's nothing to worry about, though it is quite special to me." He said quietly.

"Well maybe we could help? What is it?"

"Well, it's a blue ocarina called the Ocarina of Time. Princess Zelda gave it to me when we were younger."

"Hey, I think I saw something like that a while ago." Ike piped up. I sighed in relief when he stopped laughing.

"Really? Where?" Link asked. His eyes seemed to light up.

"I saw it when we were walking down the hall. C'mon, I'll show you!"

The two of them ran back down the hall to where Ike said he "found" it.

I closed my eyes again.

Hmm...Maybe she is the one. But I have to get to know her first...Then it's settled!

I opened my eyes and smiled to myself.

"This week's goal! To get to know Samus Aran!"

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