They wheeled me down the hall of Arkham asylum on a gurney. Surprisingly, I hadn't broken anything. My body was very sore but all in all, I had made it out okay. I actually enjoyed acting all weak and helpless just to make the guards turn red as they wheeled me towards my cell…it meant that I was still Poison Ivy-the seducer of all.

"Hey, plant-freak! Looks like you took a good ole bashing! Did you have an incident with the weed-whacker? HA HA HA HAAAA!"

"Shut up, clown."

It looked like Joker was fine. The Darkonus had worn off. I probably would have given him a good punch if my body wasn't so sore and if he wasn't being separated from my reach behind a glass wall. I hated him. I always would. In a strange way, I had finally accepted that.

The guards tapped menacingly at his glass as they continued to push the gurney down. Joker gave me one last nasty grin before I was wheeled farther away.

My cell was coming up. The cracked walls now seemed comforting in an odd way…as if I truly was home at last. My cot was neatly made waiting for me.

Suddenly, the gurney came to a halt and I peered over at the bandaged blonde-haired woman in the cell next door. Our eyes met: baby blue and jungle-green.

She smiled and whispered sheepishly, "Hiya, Red. Looks like we both botched gettin' that jewel, huh?" She had saved me from being crushed to death. Come to think of it, Harley had always risked herself for me in her own goofy way.

I realized how much she meant to me then, how strong my affection was for her. True, she was clingy and slightly annoying and dreadfully infatuated with a terrible man…but she needed me and I suppose I needed her. As long as we were friends, the cycle would go on and on. That's the way it is. That's the way it always would be. I finally understood that now.

"There's always next time, right Red?"

I closed my eyes.

"Yes, Harl. There is."

Our flower would rise again.


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