AN: Okay, so I decided I would write a multi-chapter Chyan fic for the first time, and this was the result. I'm from the UK, so apologies for any mistakes with American references, etc. This story was unbeta-ed, so all mistakes are mine. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. Oh, and please leave reviews. Xx

Ryan shut the door of Sharpay's pink convertible, and took in the school; the teenagers spilling out of the yellow bus; friends greeting and couples kissing; the large banner hanging above the entrance announcing the school's latest basketball victory; before turning to his sister, who stood, hands on hips and disapproving look painted on her face, at the other side of the car, and asked, "You ready?"

It had been a week since they had packed all their belongings, their entire existence, in to cardboard boxes, piled them in to a removal van, and driven the long and tiresome journey cross country to Albuquerque, New Mexico. And here they were, at their new school, East High. Sharpay walked ahead of Ryan, hips sashaying and hair blowing in the light breeze, whilst her twin followed her with his hands shoved in his pockets and a shy smile on his face for anyone who looked his way. Some things never changed.

This was the fresh start he needed; new state, new school, new friends. Hopefully he'd finally become more than Sharpay's shadow. A boy could dream. When they reached the home room they had been assigned, he adjusted his hat and entered the classroom. Most of the seats had been taken, except two near a tall, dark skinned boy with a crazy afro and a basketball clutched close to his chest. He debated on whether to sit behind him or across from him, but his question was answered when a chocolate skinned girl with a short bob and a determined look in her eyes strode into the classroom and kissed him on the cheek before taking the seat behind him. Ryan saw the distant look in the boy's eyes when the girl kissed him, and when Ryan took the seat next to him, he saw the other boy noticeably checking him out. He smirked and extended a hand. He prided himself on his ability to make any seemingly straight guy putty in his hands, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have some fun.

"I'm Ryan."


The boy took the proffered hand and shook it. The blond noticed the sweaty palm and barely concealed blush before pulling back his hand, giving the boy a dazzling smile, and turning his head in search of his sister. When he did he noticed the scowl on Chad's girlfriend's face - she had clearly noticed his flirting, and gave him a look which screamed 'Back off, he's mine.' - however he dismissed it with a small smile and located his sister at the back of the classroom with a tall boy who was stumbling over his words and offering her chocolate éclairs. Sharpay certainly didn't waste any time.

By the time he turned back in his seat, smiling and raising his eyebrows at a blushing Chad as he did so, the teacher had entered the classroom. He hadn't yet noticed the extravagantly decorated small stage at the front of the room, with it's vibrant colours and plush rug, but when he saw the teacher, it all made perfect sense.

As it was the first day of term, she announced herself as Ms. Darbus, with a flourish and greeted himself and Sharpay as soon as she noticed the new faces in the room. She then began to recite a long list of information, mostly regarding the Drama Club, which most of his classmates groaned at, but Ryan paid close attention to, before telling the class that sign ups were with Kelsi in the auditorium at lunchtime.

He turned to the shy, pretty girl Ms. Darbus had indicated and gave her smile, which she returned before quickly turning away.

When the bell indicating the end of home room rang, Ryan stood , making sure to brush his hand up Chad's arm before the stunned boy rose from his seat, and left the room without waiting for Sharpay. However, he should have known it wouldn't that easy to get rid of his demanding sister, and before he'd made it halfway along the corridor her trademark screech of 'Ryan!' could be heard, before she caught up with him, dragging the boy from homeroom behind her.

"Ryan, meet Zeke. Zeke, my brother Ryan."

Introductions out of the way, she grabbed the tin of baked treats from Zeke before shooing him away and falling in to step with her brother. Ryan saw the longing look the boy sent after his sister as he lingered in the hallway, and he actually felt sorry for him. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

The remainder of the morning was rather uneventful, and Ryan didn't seen Chad again. He had a few classes without Sharpay which he was eternally grateful for, they may be twins but he was growing increasingly more impatient of her nagging nature. The few hours away from her were a godsend, as far as he was concerned.

At lunchtime, after grabbing a quick lunch in the school canteen and listening to Sharpay bitch about some girl called Gabriella and her sickeningly sweet relationship with some guy called Troy, he headed to the auditorium with his sister, as usual, by his side to sign up for the school show, which he saw as the perfect opportunity to meet new people. That was when things started to show the first sign of becoming interesting.

He wandered in to the auditorium, taking in the large stage and rows of seats - it all looked very professional - and located Kelsi perched behind the piano, humming along to a tune she was playing. He could hear Sharpay scoff as she took in the girl's appearance - her floppy hat, band t-shirt and waistcoat weren't exactly Sharpay's idea of fashion.

Ryan cleared his throat as they approached Kelsi and the girl looked up and smiled at the twins. He told her that they were there to sign up, and she visibly sighed in relief, explaining that there had only been one other person signing up. He gave her a sympathetic smile, and when he looked up to meet her eyes he was greeted by a seductive gaze shining from behind heavy eyelids. Sharpay was oblivious to the girl's obvious flirting as she had strutted off some few minutes ago with her mobile attached to the side of her face. When Kelsi's hand reached over the piano in an attempt to run her fingers up his arm, he pulled his hand back and awkwardly cleared his throat.

"Um, maybe I'm not glaringly obvious enough, but I thought the pink trousers and co-ordinating hat were a bit of a give away?"

She still looked a little clueless, and very embarrassed.

"I'm gay."


Fortunately, they were saved from an extremely awkward situation when a girl with long, black wavy hair entered the auditorium followed by a stream of annoyed Wildcats and various other members of their homeroom.

"No way!" "Are you serious?!" "A musical?!"

The pretty brunette looked pleadingly at the large group, before saying, clearly as a way of explanation, "I thought we could all do it is a bit of fun, something we could do together, you know?"

She looked toward a good looking boy with shaggy, light brown hair and tattered Converse for back up, and he stepped up to stand beside her and defend her to the angry mob. Ryan picked up, from the following conversation, that this must be the infamous Troy and Gabriella from Sharpay's lunchtime rant. He had spotted them in homeroom, but hadn't really paid attention to them, too busy throwing flirty glances toward a certain basketball player with a head full of corkscrew curls, but now he observed them he was beginning to agree with his twin about the whole 'sickly sweet' thing.

He didn't quite understand the whole fuss, it wasn't as if she had actually put their names down for the musical, after all Kelsi had said earlier that only a couple of people had signed up, so if it was only a suggestion what was all the hype about?

At that moment, he spotted Chad in the group and locked eyes with the boy, raising his eyebrows as a way of challenge. Troy had already agreed with Gabriella, as predictable as it was, and Ryan wanted to see what the other boy would do.

He was pleasantly surprised when Chad raised his hand, saying simply, "I'm in."

He smirked and kept his eyes locked to Chad's. His girlfriend, who he had discovered was called Taylor shot him a glare, but he took no notice, choosing instead to give Chad one last seductive smile, and leaving the stage with a quick wave to Kelsi. This would be fun.

The afternoon dragged on, and it was a relief to finally get out of the school, however, if was less of a relief to have to spend a ten minute car journey listening to Sharpay's bitching and plotting. They'd only been at the school one day, and she'd already located her victims. Ryan only rolled his eyes and stared out of the car, pretending to listen.

When they returned home they were greeted by the smell of home baking from the kitchen where their mother was waiting.

"Pumpkin! Ducky! How was your first day?"

Ryan greeted her with a grin and kissed her cheek, however Sharpay only huffed out a breath and stormed off, but not before grabbing one of the freshly baked muffins.

Taking a seat across from his mother at the breakfast bar and taking a bite out of his blueberry muffin, Ryan began to regale every single little detail about his day, from Ms. Darbus and her overly flamboyant personality, to signing up for the school musical, and finally he gushed for a good five minutes about Chad, describing his hair and large brown eyes extremely comprehensively.

His mother only smiled, biting in to her own muffin, and listened intently. It had been strange at first, accepting that her only son was gay, but if she was truly honest with herself she had known for years, ever since the twin's fourth birthday when Ryan received a GI Joe and Sharpay was presented with a Barbie. Her son had pouted and chucked his toy across the room, demanding a pretty doll like Sharpay's, as he wanted to dress her in the assortment of outfits provided and comb her hair. Her suspicions were later confirmed on their first day of Junior school, when Ryan returned home with stories of his new friend Marcus. All seemed normal until he described the other boy as 'pretty' and suddenly Mrs Evans was sure that she would never live out her dreams of seeing her little boy marry a beautiful woman and have a family of his own. She had forced it to the back of her mind, until she walked in on a twelve year old Ryan kissing his best friend, the same one he had said was pretty all those years ago. Her poor son had been forced to come out before he was entirely ready, and his friend never spoke to him again after the humiliation of being caught.

But here they were, both comfortable enough in Ryan's sexuality to discuss his latest crush, and it was in that moment that Mrs Evans realised how lucky she was to have the son that she did.

"…and I'm pretty certain he might like me back, because he blushed practically every time I looked his way, and he…"