AN: This is for the few people who are still reading. Hope you enjoy it. There's a few more chapters to go, as I've decided I will finish this fic the way I intended it to be completed. So, without further ado I give you the long awaited fluff. Xx

He didn't understand why he was so nervous. The people who mattered already knew that he was gay, and he was pretty sure that the entire school knew about him and Ryan thanks to Taylor's outburst the previous week. But speculation and confirmation were two entirely different things.

They met in the car park as arranged, but Chad hadn't been counting on the butterflies racing around his stomach and the incessant trembling of his fingers.

Ryan greeted him with a wide smile and when he realised how nervous Chad was, he pulled the taller boy to him and into a chaste, but loving, kiss.

"Hey, you sure you want to do this?"

The dancer's arms were still casually draped around his neck and one hand was busying itself with running through Chad's unruly curls, but Chad couldn't bring himself to care about what their school mates would think about the obvious display of affection, because all he could focus on was the look of concern in the blond's eyes.

"Of course."

And he really meant it, because he was tired of hiding who was, fed up of having to lie and cover up his feelings for Ryan.

With one last quick kiss, Ryan locked up his car, shoved the keys in his messenger bag and entwined his fingers with Chad's.

As they approached the building they drew a few looks from their fellow students and Ryan could feel how sweaty the other boy's palm was becoming in his grasp. All he could do was run his thumb over the back of Chad's hand in, what he hoped was, a comforting manner. Chad had braced himself for the worst, so really a few disgusted glances were nothing compared to the hell he had been anticipating. He turned to look at Ryan, as he had found over the previous weeks that the blond's face immediately calmed him no matter what extremes his emotions reached. He received a small smile and he squeezed the hand that was helping to keep him from turning and running.

When they reached Chad's locker they found that Troy, Jason, Zeke, Gabriella, Sharpay, Kelsi and Taylor were gathered in a group nearby at Troy's locker. They received warm smiles and nods of greeting from everyone but Taylor who struggled to meet either's eyes.

Once Chad had collected the required books for his morning classes, they headed to homeroom, hands once again finding each other and clasping as they smiled to the group in passing.

Kelsi's exclamations of 'Oh my god! They're so cute!' could be heard from the opposite end of the corridor, before she was hurriedly silenced by Gabriella.

The rest of the morning passed like many other before it. No one gave either Chad or Ryan any trouble, and Chad was willing to bet that it had something to do with the glares Sharpay had not-so-subtly been giving out throughout the day.

During the one class he was in with Gabriella that Taylor wasn't also in, she approached him and told him how happy she was for him, despite how hurt Taylor was. He smiled when she ensured him that she would eventually move on and that she was one hundred percent positive that she wouldn't be reacting any differently if it was another girl Chad had been seeing.

When lunchtime arrived, he met with Ryan outside of the lunch hall, and he was greeted by a warm hug, in which he relished the scent of the boy that he had barely seen since homeroom.

Ryan immediately asked how he was, and Chad was genuine when he answered with a simple, "Good."

They shared a quick smile before entering the hall together. After collecting their food, they turned to the Wildcat table where the entire group, minus Sharpay, sat. Ryan figured it was one of the those rare occasions where she abandoned Zeke's adoring gaze in favour of sitting at the drama geek table. Chad made a move to sit at his usual table, before Gabriella caught his eye, giving him a sympathetic smile as she gestured to Taylor, who sat silently picking at her lunch. He instantly understood.

He turned back to Ryan who had been lingering a few steps behind him and the dancer wordlessly led them to the drama club's usual table.

It took Sharpay all of five seconds to start the inquisition once the couple had taken the two spare seats at the round table.

"So, what are your intentions with my brother?"

Ryan almost choked on his drink as he attempted to hold in his laughter, before turning to his boyfriend with a raised eyebrow and an expectant look on his face.

Chad simply smirked, raising his own eyebrows and turned to Sharpay. "Well, I would have thought that would have been obvious."

And this time Ryan didn't even attempt to cover his laughter at the look on his sister's face.

He made a show of grabbing Chad's face and kissing him soundly on the cheek. Sharpay had finally met her match.

Chad had barely swallowed his first bite of his sandwich before she started on him again.

"So, out and proud, huh?"

Chad turned to Ryan with a secret smile on his lips, and he was pretty sure he heard Sharpay scoff something about 'sickly sweet couples' as he answered, all the time looking Ryan in the eye.

"Yeah, I'm pretty much ready to shout it from the rooftops."

Right at that moment, as if on cue, Ryan's eyes lit up with a mischievous glimmer and Chad knew he was in trouble.

"Why don't you?"

It took a moment for Chad to realise what the dancer meant, but as soon as it clicked he grinned and picked up his tray, lunch all but forgotten as he offered a hand to Ryan.

"Well, come on then."

Ryan gave him one of those rare genuine chuckles and took the offered hand as he was led out of the lunch hall by a grinning Chad, leaving behind a half eaten lunch and a thoroughly confused sister.

When they reached the roof, both slightly out of breath after running up the entirety of the staircase, Chad turned to Ryan with what seemed to be a permanent grin on his face.

"Why should Gabriella and Troy be the only sickly sweet couple to enjoy the view?"

Ryan loved hearing Chad refer to them as a couple, and he answered by closing the small gap between them and crashing his lips against the taller jock. He had to stand on tiptoes as his fingers grasped at Chad's upper arms and his tongue danced with the other boy's.

When they pulled back both were a little breathless, and Chad wrapped his arms tightly around Ryan's back.

"So, ready to shout it from the roof tops?" He chuckled against Chad's taut chest, where his head was currently nestled against.

"Nah, don't want to risk getting us both suspended."

Ryan laughed and turned in his boyfriend's arms, until Chad's arms were crisscrossed around his waist and his hands were resting atop the significantly larger ones of the jock.

"But I would." Chad's breathe tickled the back of his neck and caused the small hairs that could be found there to stand on end. "I'd walk around with a flashing neon light above my head - 'I'm the lucky guy who gets to make out with Ryan Evans.'"

"That's quite the announcement. Not sure many people would catch it in passing."

"Well, you get the idea."

Ryan laughed for what felt like the hundredth time that day and rolled his head back to rest against Chad's shoulder, burying his head in the crook of the other boy's neck and inhaling the intoxicating scent of his shower gel and aftershave. He kissed the spot behind Chad's ear that he knew for a fact drove him crazy and relaxed back into the embrace.

They stood in relative silence for a few moments, Ryan totally content surrounded by Chad's arms and the colourful arrays of flowers as the bright early afternoon sun shone down on them, Chad contemplating his next question.

"So, when are you going to come and 'meet the parents'?" He eventually managed to get the entire sentence out amidst placing hot, open mouthed kisses to Ryan's neck.

"Hmm?" Ryan had to admit he hadn't been fully concentrating on his words, far to busy revelling in the sensations Chad was smothering his exposed neck in.

"My mom keeps asking to meet the reason that I've done nothing but smile recently. And that's a direct quote, which I'm guessing means she wants to meet you."

"Really?! I didn't know you had even come out to them yet."

Chad continued staring at the flawless blue sky as he answered, "I haven't. I figured this could be my way of doing it."

Ryan smiled. He still couldn't get over how far Chad had come in such a short space of time. They had gone from sexual tension by the bucket load, to beards and fake boyfriends, to guilty hand jobs set to the backdrop of an abandoned computer game, to a forced outing and finally to standing in each other's arms on East High's roof talking about meeting the parents. All of this and Ryan hadn't even completed half a year at East High.

"Well, when I'm given a title like that, how can I refuse?"

Again, they stood in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, simply enjoying the feeling of being together, with no upset ex-girlfriends and nosy sisters to interrupt; the feeling of finally being able to enjoy each other's company properly for the first time as an 'out in the open' couple.

It was then Chad realised something, and he shared his thought with Ryan, whispering in to the shorter boy's ear; "I'm so happy it actually scares me." Ryan silently agreed by turning around to capture his lips in another kiss.