Title: Gelding the Stallions

Rating: M

Warnings: Sexual situations. Language. Incest.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. They belong to J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively.

Summary: HP/LoTR Crossover. Slash. Slight Elladan/Harry. Erestor/Harry implied. Elladan finds out just exactly how Erestor taught Harry about the stallions and the mares. He is not best pleased with the chief counsellor. Sequel to The Stallions and the Mares.

Author's Note: This oneshot is dedicated to PinkSakuraPetals, who gave me the inspiration for this fic. ^_^


Oneshot: Erestor Did What?

Rivendell, T.A. 605

A few days after The Stallions and the Mares

"Elladan! Elrohir!" Harry greeted his older brothers excitedly as they dismounted their horses.

"How is my favorite little brother?" Elladan asked with a fond smile, catching Harry as he flung himself into his arms.

"Great now that you are home!" Harry exclaimed, nuzzling his face against his brother's hard chest.

"Do I not get a hug?" Elrohir questioned, fake hurt in his voice.

Harry quickly disentangled himself from Elladan to wind his arms and legs around Elrohir.

"Do not ever go away for so long again," he murmured seriously. "I have missed you both so."

Elladan and Elrohir exchanged a look, sensing that something was wrong with their little brother. But they needed to tell ada that they were back, and they needed to settle down from their long journey.

Whatever was bothering Harry, it could wait a few hours until Elladan and Elrohir could devote to it their proper attention.


That evening…

"Come in," Elladan called as he heard his younger brother's distinctive knocking.

He always drummed a little tune. Elladan thought it was adorable.

"Are you busy?" Harry questioned. "I learned this new game the other day, and I want to play it with you."

"I am never too busy for you," the elder Elf said with a small smile. "Especially after I have not seen you for so long. Now, explain to me the rules of this new game of yours."

"All right," Harry beamed, happy to be spending time with his older brother. "The first rule is that you are not allowed to wear clothes."

"What?" Elladan spluttered, grey eyes going wide as Harry proceeded to pull his tunic over his head and wiggle out of his leggings.

When Elladan felt a stirring in his groin at the sight of all that smooth, pale skin, he slammed his eyes shut tight to ignore the temptation.

"The second rule is that the door has to be locked," Harry continued matter-of-factly, and Elladan heard the heavy thud of the deadlock closing.

"What game is this?" the twin asked his little brother, slitting his eyes open for a quick peak at that lithe body before shutting them again guiltily.

"Elladan? Why are your eyes closed? It is not hide-and-seek," Harry answered innocently. "And Erestor taught me this game," Harry replied. "He was the stallion, and I was the mare."

"Erestor did what?!" Elladan exclaimed angrily.

"He taught me to play stallion and mare. Huh? Elladan, where are you going?" Harry asked, as his brother unbolted the deadlock.

"To go put down a stallion," the older Elf snarled, stalking angrily from the room.

Harry sighed as he realized they would not be playing his new favorite game tonight. He slid his tunic and leggings back on reluctantly, but then visibly brightened as a thought struck him.

Maybe Elrohir would like to play…


Author's Note: If I get enough positive reader feedback for this, I may turn it into a series of oneshots outlining Harry's innocent seductions as he attempts to get different Elves to be his stallions…Let me know what you think, please. ^_^

Important Comment: The quotations in italics were given to me by PinkSakuraPetals in a pm. Again, lots of thanks to her for the inspiration! ^_^