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Isabella Swan

I was late.

My alarm hadn't gone off that morning for some reason and now I was speeding down the two-lane road as if all hell was on my tail. I checked the dashboard clock to make sure I wasn't running an hour late for work. It read 8:02.


I was an hour late!

Suddenly, I felt the tire skid on the ice coating the black asphalt. It had snowed last night, and I had been thankful this morning that my trusty Subaru had all-wheel drive. But it was no help to me now as I slid over a solid sheet of ice.

A small scream managed to escape my throat as my car hurtled towards that strong, bare oak tree. The last thing I saw was that brownish-gray tree bark as the passenger's side of the car slammed into it. Then everything went dark.


Soft sheets caressed my skin. A slightly annoying beeping sound came from my right. Something plastic was strapped to my nose. A thick fog clouded my mind, making it nearly impossible to think coherently.

Slowly, I began to feel each of my limbs. The haze receded, allowing me clearer thought. My eyelids felt as if they were weighted down by lead bricks. I focused on opening them, struggling. Finally, they fluttered open to see my strange surroundings.

The first thing I noticed was the walls. They were a deep green, almost too dark, and bare. The only things in the room other than the bed were a bedside table that held a lamp, and the monitors on either side of me.

Where was I? Why was I here? What had happened?

Panic began to set in. I remembered the crash and the tree, but nothing after. I racked my brain for anything that could have brought me to this place. Blankness, emptiness. Fear soon replaced my earlier confusion, causing my heart rate to increase rapidly. The monitor went crazy creating an incessant beeping.

Suddenly, the door opened and in walked a man dressed in black slacks and a deep blue button-up shirt, tucked perfectly into the pants. His head was down so I couldn't see his face. He was looking at a clipboard in his hands. Despite my current panic attack, I noticed that beneath those clothes he had a strong frame. My eyes ran over his long, elegant fingers that held the clipboard, moving to his exposed arms. He had rolled up his sleeves to his elbow, allowing me to see the firm muscles beneath the pale skin.

Now my heart wasn't speeding from panic or fright – it was racing out of control because I was in the same room as this incredibly toned man with a body any male model would kill for.

Then he raised his head to look at me, and I knew that I had been wrong. It wasn't his body that was to die for, it was his face. I had never seen anyone – male or female – with that degree of beauty. It was almost absurd how good-looking he was.

He checked the monitors silently, never fully meeting my gaze. I watched in awe as he made sure everything was in order. His movements were graceful and unhurried.

"Where am I?" I demanded. "Who are you?" I had hoped that my voice would come out strong, but instead it was weak and shaky.

He didn't even acknowledge that I had spoken. His face was still reserved, impassive. So I repeated my questions once more, this time managing to sound older than five-years-old.

Again, he ignored me. Then he pulled out a syringe and my heart rate spiked. I hated needles with a passion. The idea of being stuck with a piece of hollow metal and injected with medication didn't appeal to me. I struggled to sit up but his strong hands held me securely to the bed. The heat that emanated from his hands burned into my skin, and it was suddenly hard to breathe.

I gasped from the sudden contact and the way those two dark green eyes bored into mine, almost stern. When he spoke, his deep voice caused something to pull taunt inside me.

"Be still," he ordered. "I am only giving you a sedative." His voice was low and seductive, causing me to bit my lip. "You need your rest," he added, moving away so that my arms were free once more. Absurdly, I missed his contact, I missed those green eyes so near my own. He filled the syringe with some type of clear liquid, and I tried not to panic.

I clenched my eyes tightly shut when he moved to inject me with the stuff. Despite my confusing and mysterious situation, I trusted this man. There was something about his demeanor that made words like honest and loyal appear in my head. Kind wasn't one of those words. His green eyes had been hard and firm, but not mean or vindictive. Even though he was a complete stranger to me, I trusted him.

I knew I shouldn't.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't feel the needle pierce my skin until he pulled it out. Almost immediately, I felt a heavy fog blanket my mind. I was sleepy, so sleepy. I would just close my eyes for a minute, I told myself. Only a few minutes . . .

The last thing I was aware of was a soft, warm hand cupping my cheek gently, soothingly. Then, I slept.


When I woke up for the second time, I noticed that the monitors and medical equipment were gone. I was still in the queen sized bed with soft sheets, but now all the tubes were gone. Confusion swept over my hazy mind. How did they disappear? Who removed them?

I checked myself for any injuries, moving my hands down my neck and torso. That was when I realized that I had been changed out of my pencil skirt and blouse, leaving me in only my underwear. I blushed. He must have taken them off. I remembered how curtly he had addressed me last time I had been conscious, and my blush faded quickly. Obviously, it hadn't affected him.

Deciding that I would go see what his problem was, I sat up in the bed. I waited until my momentary dizziness subsided before I stood up on the hardwood floor. The cool air hit my body and I shivered. I had worn my favorite black lacy bra that morning with the matching panties that were made of both ebony silk and lace. I wished I knew where my clothing had gone. Grabbing a sheet off the bed to wrap around my body, I walked quickly to the door and threw it open. A long hallway was just outside. It was dimly lit by the tiny lamps bolted to the walls. Curiosity flared inside me and I decided to find out what kind of place I was in. I walked to the first door and tried the knob. It was locked. That was when I seen the brass plate on the door labeled "pool".

So he had an indoor pool? I assumed he was wealthy. After all, not many people have indoor pools inside their houses.

I moved onto the next door and tried to open it too. But it was also locked. This door was labeled "bondage".

Now I was starting to get nervous. Why in the world would he have a metal plate on the door saying that? What was on the other side? I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer to that last question. I began to frantically try every door in the hallway – but they were all locked. There were only two doors left and I darted to the one nearest me. It was labeled "awaken". I turned the knob quickly.

It opened.

Shocked, I stood frozen to the floor. With wide eyes, I hesitantly pushed open the door. It creaked loudly, and I cringed.

Inside the room there was a large table. It looked as if it could seat at least fourteen people. The dark surface was smooth and liquored, absent of surrounding chairs. My eyes were drawn to the crackling fireplace to my left that lit the whole room. Shadows danced manically around. I saw that the whole wall opposite me wasn't a wall at all but one large window. I could see that it was nighttime outside, the window completely black from the moonless sky. The large window/wall, the table, and the fireplace were the only things in the room that I could see.

Something shifted to my right. I jumped in surprise and turned quickly towards whatever had moved. There was something standing in the corner. It was taller than me and larger too.

"So," that silky voice began. "You've decided to join me."

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice shook almost imperceptibly. Almost.

"You will address me as sir or nothing at all." He moved towards me slowly, like a predatory tiger, hunting. The dim light from the hallway caused his hard emerald eyes to sparkle in such a way that my stomach clenched not unpleasantly. Anticipation curled inside me like a slumbering snake, about to awaken. He was cloaked in darkness. I found that every move he made caused him to be that much more attractive to me. He was the most appealing man I had ever seen.

I was suddenly conscious of the fact that I was only covered by a white sheet and black lingerie underneath.

"I have brought you here to heal," he explained. "I will supply you with all the medication you may need. You only sustained a slight concussion from the crash and numerous other minor lacerations from the glass. You are already healing quite well – and it's only been forty-eight hours."

"It's been two days since the crash?" My voice was filled with shock.

He didn't answer me, instead continuing his speech. "Now you have a decision to make. In exchange for your medical care, you will pleasure me. I will not harm you, and what I do for my own pleasure, I do for yours as well. I assure you that you will enjoy it. Immensely."

He smirked. My knees suddenly felt very weak as I comprehended what he was telling me.

"Or," he continued, "you can leave here and never return. I will allow you to phone whoever you need to come get you, or I can drive you home. Choose now."

I stared at him in disbelief. Was I awake? Had I hit my head in the crash? Surely this couldn't be possible. Of course I wasn't a virgin, but that didn't mean things like this happened to me. I don't know what helped me decide – maybe it was the haziness in my mind that hadn't fully receded, maybe it was the way his deep eyes stared into my own. But I slowly nodded. "I'll stay," I murmured almost inaudibly.

"I wouldn't proceed now unless I was certain it wouldn't harm you in any way. Sit on the table," he commanded.

I rushed to the table, tripping on the sheet that was still around me.

"Drop the sheet."

I did as I was told and pulled myself onto the slick, cool table. I sat on the edge, my legs dangling off the side. My heart sputtered out of control.

He stood in front of me, simply staring at my nearly naked body. His eyes raked over me, lingering on my breasts and panties. Even though I didn't know the slightest thing about this man, I felt my expensive panties grow very wet. He moved closer to me, placing each hand on my knees and spread them wide.

My breathing increased, growing labored and heavy. He was less than a foot away from me now. I had no idea what he was going to do; he was a mystery to me.

He brought his lips to my throat, using his hands to angle my neck so that he got better access. His lips were soft at first, warm like hot water. His hands moved up my legs slowly, sending shivers over my skin.

I should stop this. This wasn't right. Where was my morality? Where was my common sense? It was idiocy to continue this charade. I didn't know the first thing about him – even his name. And he didn't know anything about me.

His fingers skimmed over the front of my panties and I gasped. All rational thought dissolved and I was no longer able to think coherently.

I heard him chuckle softly. "How is it that you can be wet in so little time?" he asked, his voice low, sending another shiver through me. My panties became even wetter than they already were. He skimmed his lips down my throat and chest, stopping just over my bra. His fingers still continued to move softly over my core, lighter than a moth's wings. He then quickly removed my bra, undoing the back easily.

This shouldn't be happening, I told myself. It was wrong. But I couldn't bring myself to stop. A slow ache began between my legs, spreading throughout my body. My entire body was tense, waiting for his next move. The heat from his hand scorched my skin, making it nearly impossible to think.

He ran his thumb slowly over the silky fabric of my panties, and more moisture seeped from my pussy. I bit my lip, body taunt as a wire. His eyes stared into mine deeply, never wavering. The intensity made my stomach quake with awe and anticipation. Those green eyes weren't afraid of what we about to do, weren't afraid of me or anything else. His left hand slowly inched up my thigh towards my already dripping cunt.

I was trembling with the power of the battle raging inside me. This wasn't right. It wasn't moral. It was completely unethical and I was going to hell for it. Normal people didn't make this kind of agreement. No one agreed to have sex for medication. The simplicity of the situation surprised me. It sounded so . . . bad. But I would have been lying if I said that I didn't want this. I looked down at his hands, focusing on anywhere but those eyes that looked straight into my soul, glimpsing every sin I'd ever committed.

Suddenly, his fingers slipped into the hem of my panties and grazed across my hairless lips. My eyes closed and I stifled my gasp by biting my lip. I wondered what he thought about the fact that I had recently gotten a Brazilian wax. It had hurt like hell, but I couldn't regret the decision at a time like this.


My thoughts were a jumbled mush as he plunged one finger deep inside my hot, aching pussy. I screamed out loud, my hips bucking off the table into his hand.

"Fuck," I heard him growl.

Then he pulled out of me and I groaned at his absence. Just what I needed – this man toying with me when I hadn't had sex in at least five years. I was practically wild with need; there was something about him that made me writhe with desire and want.

"Look at me, you little tease," he commanded harshly.

Why did those words turn me on so much? Shouldn't it make me pull away that he used that tone and called me that? No rules of regular relationships applied here. His curt words only made me readier and wetter for him.

I struggled to obey, quickly opening my eyes. His green eyes stared into mine and I moaned at the look he was giving me. His eyes were filled with lust, wild with it. My eyes were drawn south to see him straining against his pants. That hard bulge pressed deliciously against the black slacks that were suddenly more interesting to me.

"I'm not going to be gentle with you," he said, his voice strained with the lust he was trying to control. "You are not a virgin but I'll be damned if you'll remember anyone else after I'm done with you. This is explicatively for pleasure, for sex, nothing more. Understood?"

I was beyond words. I nodded furiously, my only thought that he should continue.

He ran his fingers once more over the thin material of my panties. "These are such a pretty pair of panties," he growled with a voice that was sex personified. "But there is nothing that I intend to do to you that involves clothing of any kind." With one swift motion, he tore the ebony lace from my body. The fabric tore at my hip almost painfully before coming free. I nearly came. Never in my life . . . never in my life had I experienced something so erotic.

He brought the panties to his face, inhaling deeply before stuffing them in his pocket. His firm eyes returned to mine. "I'm a little disappointed, Isabella. Do I not affect you? You aren't nearly as wet as I would like."

His hands moved to my breasts, squeezing roughly. I moaned loudly and then cried out when he pinched the nipples, rolling them between his fingers tightly. The pain mixed with the pleasure, making it that much more intense. He began to rub roughly against my clit. My legs were spread wide open before him – I was fully naked and he was fully clothed. It only added to the twisted eroticism of this charade. I was melting, I was sure. I would only be a puddle when he was through with me. I disgusted myself. How could I allow this stranger to touch me this way? Where was my decency?

His fingers moved quicker into my swollen pussy and I gave an involuntary moan. I leaned back onto the table, resting on my elbows, clenching my eyes shut. My body began to twitch from my impending orgasm surging towards me.

Then, he stopped.

Growling in impatience, I grabbed the front of his shirt and brought myself up to him. I'd be fucking damned if I let him tease me like this. I hadn't had sex in five fucking years and he was going to finish what he started. "Don't you dare stop," I growled into his face. I brought his lips to mine, and damn it if he didn't taste absolutely delicious. His mouth attacked mine and our lips battled for dominance. His hands fisted in my hair, pulling slightly but not enough to cause any extreme pain. My legs wrapped around his back as I brought him closer. He bit my lip, sucking it into his mouth and playing with it like a toy.

I almost laughed with the simplicity of this revelation. I was his toy. After all, I was the one giving sex. It was almost a form of prostitution. But I couldn't care right now, all I needed was him closer.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll be screaming for days," he growled.

My hands went to his pants, struggling to undo the suddenly complicated contraption. I was hovering on the edge of my orgasm, so close I was starting to feel pain. His hands gripped my breasts roughly, and a sharp lance of pleasurable pain shot through my body, straight to my core. I fumbled with his belt and pants, managing to unfasten them and shove them down. They stopped about halfway down his thighs, but I didn't care.

I grabbed his thick, hard-as-steel cock in my hands, feeling it pulse against my skin with his need. I squeezed and he growled loudly. Grinning, I moved my hand over the head of his dick.

Abruptly, I was pushed back onto the slick table.

"Don't fucking tease me, Isabella," he said, his voice a warning.

I should have been frightened. This stranger was about to fuck the shit out of me. But fear never even crossed my mind. The only thing I felt was pure, unadulterated lust.

Without any warning, he grabbed my thighs in his hands, spreading me wide open again, and plunged his long hard cock deep inside me.

I screamed, my body seizing up in pure pleasure. "Fuck!" I screamed as he thrust into me again.

He slammed into me once more before I heard him speak. "You've never been fucked like this before, have you?" he growled. "What is wrong with the men in the world? Can't they even fuck teases like you correctly?" His hips thrust rapidly into me, and I was quickly brought to the edge.

"Oh, fucking shit!" I screamed as I climaxed.

Every time I'd had sex before, it was on a bed. And it had never felt like this. He continued to drive his cock into my swollen, aching pussy, building up my pleasure again. I quickly thanked my lucky stars that I was on the pill. A second orgasm loomed dangerously in front of me and I was so close, yet again.

But he pulled out of me, his eyes crazed with lust and need. "Move back onto the table. Now." I groaned, being left unsatisfied again. As I pushed myself further into the center of the table, my thighs rubbed against each other, creating a friction that made me bit my lip and moan.

Then he climbed onto the table with me.

The flickering light from the fireplace shone gently onto his face. His glorious seraph's face was half light and half dark. His lips curled into a deadly, wicked grin as he crawled to me, stopping just in front of me.

"Spread your legs before I tie you down."

I didn't see the second option as any kind of punishment. Of course, maybe that was what I wanted from this man, to punish me.

He crashed his lips onto mine, taking all speaking capabilities from me. His tongue wasn't soft or gentle against mine, but filled with an insane, irrational need for what our bodies could do together. I wanted his rough touch. My body was on fire, craving his firm, insistent hands and mouth. I had never made love like this before. I didn't even think this counted as "making love". Whatever this was, it certainly wasn't love. Pure sex was what it was.

"Fuck, you look so damn perfect spread out for me," he said. He grabbed my hips in his strong hands and lifted me from the table before plunging me down onto his throbbing dick. My body was in an impossible angle, but I'll be damned if I didn't scream out at the pleasure slamming into me. He was kneeling on his knees while he fucked my too-sensitive pussy. He continued to hold my hips, angling me just so. He hit places inside me that I didn't even know existed. "Fuck!"

My walls clenched around his engorged member that throbbed inside me. He slammed into me. I wrapped my legs around his back, making him go even deeper.

"Do you want to cum, Isabella? Answer me now." His voice was low and almost animalistic.

He drove himself deeper inside me, not being easy on me. And God, I wouldn't have wanted him to. Nothing could have prepared me for this. For this need that compelled me to meet his thrust with my hips, for him to fuck me harder, faster. I was a writhing, sweating mess. And I didn't care.

"Answer me, damn it!" he cursed, gritting his teeth. He stopped his rapid thrusts and I nearly wept.

"Oh yes…fuck yes!" I shrieked. "Oh shit!"

He thrust into me so hard that time I nearly came three times in a row. A white-hot orgasm slammed into my trembling, frantic body. A low, throaty groan exited his throat and he released inside me. I climaxed once again as I felt his hot liquid empty inside me. My scream filled the room.

He was still, no longer continuing that frantic pursuit of pleasure. He released three times into me and I quivered from the force of my orgasm.

Then he pulled out of me and slid gracefully off the table. Fixing his slacks and shirt so that he looked presentable again, he walked out of the room, leaving me on the table where I'd had my first orgasm in five years.

And it was better than anything I'd ever experienced in my life.

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