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Warnings: None, really.. kissing, that's bout it

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Blaise/Seamus

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One week later...

"You're sure you want to do this, Harry?" Draco asked, biting his lip as he looked over at his lover, whose face was, put simply– terrified. "We don't have to, you know. It's alright if–

"No," Harry said sharply, though his voice was shaking. "I want to, Draco."

Draco reached out a hand and stroked his lover's arm. Harry lifted a hand to place it on top of the other boy's, meeting his eyes in a strangely shy manner.

"I want to," he repeated, more firmly. "No more lies."

"Alright," Draco said gently, squeezing Harry's fingers.

They turned to Seamus and Blaise, who were standing closely together, murmuring quietly with one another.

"Seam, you guys ready?" Harry called out, idly slipping an arm around Draco's waist.

Seamus turned around, and Harry was shocked to see the blatant fear all over his face. "I c-can't do this, Harry," he whispered, chest rapidly rising and falling. "I c-cant, I just..."

Blaise laid gentle, discrete fingers on his lover's back, and murmured into his ear, "It's alright, beauty, you don't have to."

Seamus fought the urge to turn around and press himself into his lover's embrace, feeling as if everything was caving in around him.

"Hush," Blaise whispered, lips against Seamus' hair. "Calm down. No one's forcing you to do anything."

"Seamus, this is just something that I need to do," Harry said reassuringly. "You don't have to, if you're not ready."

"I'm n-not," Seamus said, almost immediately. His eyes flicked sideways to Blaise. "I'm sorry. I know– I know you wanted to, but–

"It's fine, Seam, honestly," Blaise soothed, fingers slipping just underneath Seamus' shirt to touch his overheated skin. "I know I said I wanted to stick it to my parents, but... it's probably not the best idea, anyway."

Seamus discretely leaned towards the strong fingers at his lower back, taking comfort in their warmth. "One day, Blaise, I promise," he whispered.

Blaise's lips found his temple. "I'd wait forever, beauty."

At those words, Seamus' entire body relaxed. He sighed heavily, and looked towards Harry and Draco, who stood strong and determined– together. "Good luck, you two," he said sincerely. "You're both...really brave."

"Thanks," Harry said.

"Thank you, Finnigan," Draco said politely.

Harry took a deep breath, then turned to Draco. "You ready?"

Draco bit his lip, then nodded. He reached out and intertwined their fingers, squeezing softly when he felt the tremor from his lover's end.

"Let's go, then," Harry murmured, smiling gently at him.

Blaise and Seamus went ahead of them and opened the doors to the Great Hall, revealing a sea of faces and robes– the whole school, in the process of eating a special holiday dinner.

Harry and Draco stepped forward at the same time.

Harry glanced over at the other boy. His eyes were bright, and shining.

Draco returned the look, silver eyes smoldering under long lashes. Their gaze sparked with intensity.

And then their feet were moving; they entered the Hall, hands entwined, heads held high.

There were gasps; a few yells and whistles.

Then Harry stopped, pulling Draco to a halt next to him, and held up his hand, calling for silence.

The whole Hall went quiet.

Harry's eyes flicked to Colin Creevey, who was sitting at the Gyffindor table, gawking at them both.

What the small boy didn't realize, was that Harry knew he was the one who'd taken the infamous picture so many weeks before. It turned out, there had been a small mirror in the back of the shot– showing Creevey's reflection as he'd hidden behind the dresser and snapped their picture.

Harry winked at Colin, then announced, "Hey, Creevey, I've got another picture for you."

He turned towards a stunned-looking Draco, and reached out to touch the side of his face. Draco's eyes met his– trusting and open, as Harry so loved them to be. Harry ran his fingers down his lover's cheek, stopping just at his pointed chin, tilting it upwards so those beautifully pink lips were closer to his own.

"I love you," they opened to whisper breathily.

"I love you too," Harry murmured, before, without further ado, leaning down and claiming that mouth in a passionate, heady kiss.

The Hall did not erupt in applause, nor in heckling. It stayed dead quiet, the only sound being the click of the camera as it once again captured the electric love between two boys, two lovers– Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Harry slipped his arms around Draco's waist, and pulled him flush against his chest. Draco broke the kiss, and tucked his head underneath his lover's chin.

Together, they rocked back and forth; two boys in love, ready to take on whatever the world threw at them.


The next day, the headline of the Daily Prophet had the picture splattered on it's front page, with the headline bright and bold, reading:

Harry Potter Comes Clean About True Nature of Relationship with Draco Malfoy.

Indeed, Harry had come clean. And, wrapped up with Draco reading the article, he couldn't help thinking–

–that things hadn't turned out half bad.


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