The Legend of Golden Heart

Disclaimer: No matter how many times I wave my wand, I do not hold any rites to any of the Harry Potter series but I am grateful to JK for writing them.

Summary: There is a legend told by Gryffindors of Godric Gryffindor defending Hogwarts from the back of a Golden Dragon, however after the battle the Dragon disappears never to be seen or heard from again, until Harry Potter starts to hear a mysterious voice calling for the Dragon. SS/HP father/son relationship; M/M SS/OC mild slash, some reference to MPREG.

Warning: Rated for mild slash, parental discipline and one or two naughty things along the way.

This story is Action/Adventure/Romance there will be Drama and many Family moments. Canon up to Chamber of Secrets.


Chapter 1: The Legend

The attacks had been raging for over three weeks and the tall powerful red haired Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, looked from the battlements on the tallest tower of the school. He sighed, a red dawn, there was going to be bloodshed today. Godric Gryffindor was tired, how had things reached to this stage. The wizards and the muggles had always been at peace but this King had wanted to stamp out the devil's curse as he called it and after years of trying to kill out every wizard he could find, he had sent over a thousand soldiers to destroy the castle, the root of the curse as he put it.

Godric could see the muggle camp on the other side of the lake. A camp with a thousand men who could have died with a flick of his wrist but he wouldn't, he wanted peace. If he asked he knew his three sons would fight at his side, they always did. Gideon his eldest, was a great leader, he did not like to kill but did when necessary and if his father asked he would lead all the wizards who had declared sanctuary into battle. His younger sons the twins Alex and Aiden were unstoppable, they always fought together as one, sometimes he had to remember that they were two individuals. He had hoped by this age Alex and Aiden would have been married and given him grandchildren like their elder brother but these two were more concerned with their weapons and wands than settling down. He loved his sons more than anything even his beloved Hogwarts.

Godric knew that the others had disagreed with his plans especially Salazar, who had wanted to just march up to the King's castle and destroy the man. Show the muggles the might of the wizards as he called it but Godric had stopped him. Most of these muggles were uneducated peasants who were following their King's orders; they were by nature good people but were now currently blinded by fear.

If the wizards killed the King, the treaty that Merlin had made with Arthur would be broken. Godric did not like it, they had to find another way. They were more powerful and had the knowledge of the ages that the muggles didn't have, they would be the ones to find another way.

Sighing he walked down to the Hall below there were many wizarding families who were now sleeping under its roof. That mad King Robert the Devil as the wizards called him, had burnt down many of the villages that had wizard families and many muggles who were friends had died. It was even rumoured that he had killed his own brother Richard who was king before. Godric closed his eyes again, Richard like his father and grandfather who all shared the name, had been a good friend.

He saw Helga running up to him "Godric we have a problem, William is missing we suspect he went over to the Muggle camp he kept saying yesterday that he knew how to end the fighting. I sent Gabriel, Alex and Aiden after him."

Godric let out a low curse "Does Salazar know?"

"Yes, Rowena had to stun him before he sent that blasted Basilisk of his loose destroying the muggles as well as us."

William was Salazar Slytherin's 13 year old son who wanted so badly to prove himself to everyone; he was the youngest of all the founders' children and was always teased and called 'the baby'. He was desperate to join Alex and Aiden in their many adventures and was always following them around trying to mimic their every move.

Salazar was horrified at first that his youngest had decided he wanted to be more like Godric than him, but decided it was just a phase and he would eventually settle down like his elder brother and sister. But Godric knew better, the boy wanted to be a warrior like the twins, it is why he encouraged Salazar to have Gabriel tutor the boy. Gabriel was Salazar's top student who had graduated some years before but had stayed on to help tutor. He was more like Salazar in mannerism than any of Salazar's own children but he also knew as much about swords and duelling as any of the students Godric apprenticed.

"Well I hope Gabriel gives him a well deserved whipping when he finds him and if he doesn't I will, that boy just seems to be a trouble magnet" Godric's green eyes flashed with an anger Helga had last seen when Alex and Aiden were discovered passed out drunk on their 17th birthday many years ago, it was a mixture of anger and worry. She smiled even with his ranting she knew that Godric had loved the littlest Slytherin like one of his own boys.

A very long hour later, the doors to the castle opened and Godric saw the three warriors enter but to his horror a small body lay in Alex's arms. Godric ran up and saw the shadow of death on the young boy's face. Alex's face showed no emotion but his voice was cold as if forcing himself to speak "We were too late, the little idiot rush up to the captain waving his wand; he didn't notice the guards behind".

Aiden handed his father William's wand "We were just in time to stop them from beheading him and staking his body."

Godric shouted "Fawkes" and in a flash of blinding light his phoenix familiar came to his side.

"Please heal him" Godric pleaded but the phoenix looked at him with sorrowful eyes and let out a mournful song.

Gabriel placed his hand over the boy's eyes and closed them, then walked away.

A loud cry was heard from behind them and Godric saw Salazar running towards them.

"No, No NO" the father's cry was heartbreaking. Salazar grabbed his son's body from Alex and slumped to the ground crying over his fallen son. Rowena came up behind him with tears in her eyes; Helga came from the Great Hall and screamed when she saw the little body. The two ladies cried, they had all known the child as a baby and had looked after him like their own, especially after his mother died when he was two.

"This is your fault Godric, you could have stopped the war long ago but now it is too late, my son is dead" Salazar bawled in between sobs.

Godric knew the man was grieving "Sal, I am so sorry, you know I loved William as much as my own."

"No, you don't he was my son, MY SON, because of you my son is gone."

"Salazar he will be avenged I promise" Alex said putting on his armour.

"No, Alex not yet, you do not want to do something you will regret" his father said.

"Where is the powerful wizard I heard about in stories? The one who fought sword in one hand, wand in the other battling Vikings and Wraiths? Where has that warrior gone father? Why do you not fight as you did long ago? Have you become a coward in your old age" Alex yelled.

"There is a time to fight and a time to grieve son, now is the time to grieve" Godric said sadly.

Salazar stood up angry "So even with my son cold in death, you will not fight these muggles, when will you fight? When one of your own dies Godric? Will you fight when one of your boys lies dead on the ground? You said you loved William as your own and yet you will not avenge him. Well I curse you Godric Gryffindor, you will know the pain I feel, you will have your heart ripped out and thrown to the ground. I will have my revenge I will kill these blasted muggles and when I am finished I will kill you and yours" Salazar picked up the dead body of his son and walked away.

Two days later, the battle was still far from over, Godric stood on the battlements on the tallest tower and used his magic to strengthen the wards but Gideon and the other wizards fought on the fields below. Aiden had pleaded with his father to allow them to use their full magical power on the soldiers but Godric still refused. He had however agreed to use Golden Heart.

As if on cue the large golden dragon flew over the castle. From where Godric stood he saw Alex with his wand raised standing on top of the dragon's back, trusting his brother to steer. He watched as Alex battled, it was an awesome sight to witness. Many of the soldiers below ran in fear, they had bravely fought the wizards but it was another kind of bravery needed to fight a dragon. He saw Golden Heart sweep over the lake near the muggle camp and set it afire.

Godric was angry what were those boys thinking, he had forbidden them to use dragon fire. He left the tower and headed down to the Hall below.

He arrived to screams of terror and saw Rowena and Helga rushing out of the castle "What is going on Helga, what has happened?" Godric could not believe that something drastic could have happened in the few minutes it took him from the top of the tower to the Hall below.

It was however a bloody Gabriel who had come in limping into the hall who responded "Golden Heart has fallen, the muggles... I don't know what happened all I saw was the great dragon falling from the sky."

Godric's heart skipped a beat "Alex, Aiden" the old wizard ran as fast as he could to the castle entrance and saw the great dragon's body on the edge of the lake; alive but badly damaged.

"No, my sons" Godric ran towards the lake but was stopped by the spears of a group of muggle soldiers. With a loud cry there was a blinding burst of light and all the soldiers lay stunned on the ground. Godric ran and all who stood in his way fell. When he arrived he saw Gideon near the dragon.

"What happened?"

Gideon's green eyes were filled with tears, "I don't know Alex just stopped and I saw his body fall off Golden Heart, he fell into the lake and didn't resurface and Aiden crashed and now is an inch from death".

Within the hour all of the muggle soldiers were dead and for generations to come wizards would speak of Godric's battle that day.

A month later, the muggle King was no more but the ache in Godric's heart had not subsided. A partially recovered Aiden looked at his father and said "My brother is gone; there is nothing for me here. Maybe if you find his body you could erect a grave and I will visit but until then I will not return. I hope in years to come you will find peace, I know I will not" with that he walked out of the castle.

He was almost at the gate when he saw Gabriel and Helena walking towards him. Helena ran up to him "Don't go Aiden. Please don't leave us. We need you. If you go so will Golden Heart and then who will protect us?"

Aiden smiled at the girl he and his brother had considered a little sister and gave her a kiss on the cheek "I wish you well in your life little one, keep up with your studies and don't give your mother too much trouble".

He then shook hands with Gabriel "Keep her safe, keep them all safe".

"I will, I promise, I will protect them until you return."

Aiden shook his head "I will return to Hogwarts only when my brother calls me home" he said sadly as he turned a last time to look at the castle that was his home all his life. Silently he walked through the gates.

Godric stood on the battlements of the tallest tower, the sun was sinking as he saw Golden Heart take flight. The tall warrior stood with tears rolling down his face as he watched the horizon long after the dragon was no longer in sight.


A thousand years later a young Gryffindor sat on his bed in Gryffindor Tower. Twelve year old Harry Potter had been having nightmares since he had gone down to the Chamber of Secrets and had killed the Basilisk. Every night he kept dreaming himself back in the Chamber with the great snake attacking him.

Tonight he had dreamt of knights and wizards and a Golden Dragon in battle and then the battle shifted and he found himself again in the Chamber. With a sigh he got up and got himself a goblet of water from the night stand when he heard a voice cry out Help me son of Gryffindor.

Harry dropped the goblet and looked around. There was no one there. He climbed back into bed and decided he would try and get some more sleep. As he started to drift off he heard the voice again Please son of Gryffindor I need your help, we must call Golden Heart home. Harry pulled the covers over his head and groaned "Oh no not again".