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Chapter 22: For My Child

Molly sat looking at Percy who was lying on the bed, part of his face was bandaged and every so often his body twitched. She felt a hand on her shoulder and without looking up she knew it was Arthur.

"The Healer says that there is nothing they could do again. We will just have to wait and see" Arthur said sadly.

"Percy is strong… he is a Gryffindor after all" Molly said.

Arthur smiled "Yes he has certainly proven that today." They had all had their doubt, Percy used to act so Slytherin at times.

"Yes he is a hero. He saved that slimy good for nothing son of a snake…" Molly said and then burst into tears. "Arthur it's not fair first Harry and now Percy. Those Slytherin bastards, it's because of them that the world is in the mess it is in. They destroy everything good in the world and then sit in their fancy manors and watch us suffer. That boy… he tried to kill Harry and then tricks our Ronald into telling him where Harry lived…"

"Molly you know Ron…"

"No Ronald is a good boy, he is a Gryffindor… he is destined to be a strong Gryffindor Warrior of Light. He has proven himself; he got that award for service to the school. Harry chose him to be his friend, you know Harry is the new Godric Gryffindor. Ronald is a good boy, he was tricked. That boy… his father is training him in dark magic and you know it. They lied and schemed their way out of Azkaban. There is not a witch or wizard who went into Slytherin who didn't go dark and you know it. That boy is a Slytherin. He tricked Ronald… It should have been him lying in this bed. Not my baby. They are all evil snakes… it should have been him here not my baby" Molly said and stood up and ran her hand through Percy's hair.

The door opened and Charlie came in, he put his backpack on the ground. "I came as soon as I heard. How is he?"

Arthur patted his shoulder "it's touch and go, his jaw and nose are broken, few ribs, his hands. They had to regrown his liver and kidney." They saw Percy twitch again. "Cruciatus… the Healer says we just have to wait and see. They have put him in a healing coma. It would probably take a week for them to remove and re-grow everything. They of course started with the critical things. As for his mind… according to Draco…"

"Do not mention that boy's name in front of me Arthur" Molly screamed.

Arthur sighed "according to reports, Percy was lucid up until the Aurors came. So the healers say that is a good sign but you never know."

Charlie nodded and then whispered "I heard that it was Scabbers, that he was a Death Eater in disguise?"

Arthur nodded and said "Peter Pettigrew."

Charlie looked at him and whispered "Dad he lived with us for almost twelve years, he slept in Percy's room. If he was an animagus…"

Arthur nodded "I know son, I know… I don't know if I would ever sleep again. I had the healer's check… Percy was never… he was never…"

Charlie whispered "Ginny?"

Arthur looked like he was going to throw up and took off his glasses and knelt down on the ground. Charlie put his hand on his father's shoulder.

The door opened and Albus came in. "Arthur, Molly we have an emergency, it's Ginny."

Molly screamed and Arthur leapt up looking as if he was going to kill. They ran out of the room.

Charlie looked at Albus and said "Pettigrew?"

"No but the trauma of this morning was too much and after everything that happened over the last year she snapped. She almost killed Draco Malfoy. I…" Albus let out a breath and then said "At least Harry is safe."

Charlie looked at him "Yes and how is Gideon?"

"Gideon… Gideon is well. His parents had a birthday party for him, had dragon rides and lots of cake and ice-cream and presents" Albus said with a smile.

"Severus is a good father. Both he and Alex are very good parents" Charlie said seriously.

"Yes Gideon seems to be a well-adjusted and happy child. They are very good parents" Albus said smiling. Charlie looked at Albus strangely but nodded and walked out of the room to where Arthur and Molly were standing with Amelia.

Charlie looked through the glass window and saw the healers holding down Ginny and administering a shot to the girl who was obviously screaming.

Molly held a crystal owl in her hand and was absently stroking it. Charlie came up to them and heard his mother say "Good."

Amelia looked at her in horror "Molly did you understand what I told you? She tortured and could have killed a young boy."

"No she punished a slimy no good snake. That boy had it long in coming. My only regret is that Harry wasn't here to add a hex or two to that spoilt Slytherin brat" Molly said.

Charlie shook his head "Mum Slytherins are not the evil dark wizards you make them out to be. Most of them are good hard working people. Severus is…"

"Severus Snape is a Death Eater and don't you forget it. If it wasn't for Albus monitoring him every moment, who knows what evil potions he would have created" Molly said.

Amelia looked at Molly and then at Arthur who was shaking his head.

Remus had been standing at the side quietly and said "Molly I know you blame them but not all Slytherins are evil. Some like the Lestranges are evil but Severus is a good man."

"Don't tell me they are not evil Remus… look at my child… my beautiful Princess lying on that bed… My son is bandaged and twitching in the room next door" Molly said.

"Yes but that was because of Peter and he was a Gryffindor" Remus said.

"I saw them Remus, they killed them. The dark mark was over my house Remus, my house. I saw them. All Slytherins are evil and I will not bury another family member Remus… I will not" Molly said.

"Your brothers were good men Molly but not all Death Eaters were Slytherin and not all Slytherins were Death Eaters. Draco is not a Death Eater. Severus is a good man" Remus said.

Molly ignored them and walked to the glass window and said "Even if I have to personally kill every Slytherin in the world, I will not bury my children."

Amelia sighed, she knew the woman was in shock. She touched her on her shoulder "no one is going to hurt your children Molly, they are safe now."

They were quiet for a minute and then they heard someone calling Charlie. They turned and saw Payton Parkinson walking over.

"Mr. Parkinson, you look well. Totally healed I see" Albus said.

"Yes I am back to normal and Professor Snape said that he would have spoken to you?" Payton said.

"Yes he did and he spoke to your father as well, everything is approved for you to repeat the year" Albus said with a smile.

"Thank you sir, I really appreciate the second chance" Payton said with a smile. Albus gave him a nod.

Charlie looked at him "I thought you were going home?"

"I did, I saw my parents and sister. They acted as if I had just come back from spending the weekend by my grandparents. Pansy was upset of course. However she was very happy to tell me that they were going to special wedding dinner tonight. Apparently my ex-fiancée Jessica is getting married in the morning" Payton said.

"That was fast" Charlie said and Payton shrugged.

"I am so sorry to hear that Mr. Parkinson" Albus said.

"It's okay, ours was an arranged one. I had no feelings for her. So it really doesn't affect me" Payton said. He however smiled at Charlie and asked him how his brother was doing.

Albus, Remus and Arthur noticed the boy slipped his hand into Charlie's and Charlie gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Molly saw it as well and her eyes narrowed and said "Parkinson… you are Phillip Parkinson's son?"


"You are a Slytherin?" Molly asked sounding as if she was going to explode.

"No Payton is a Ravenclaw" Albus said lying quickly. As Molly turned to look at Albus, Arthur used his wand and turned the boy's green t-shirt to blue.

Molly looked at Payton and nodded and smiled "yes that is good, you must come to dinner. Charlie he looks like he hasn't had a good home-cooked meal in weeks."

"Yes Payton does look hungry. Charlie why don't you take this nice young Ravenclaw and take him to get something to eat" Arthur said giving Charlie a look.

"Yes lets go" Charlie said and pulled the boy out. They first stopped by Percy's room and got Charlie's backpack and quickly left. Charlie held Payton's hand securely.

Amelia sighed and patted Arthur's shoulder sympathetically. "Albus, Lupin come on we still have one more stop to make today" Amelia said and then sighed. "After the crazy day we are having today I think I need a large chocolate bar before I go to Azkaban."

Both Albus and Remus pulled chocolate bars from their pockets and handed to her. She chuckled and took them both.

…. …. ….

Sirius Black counted the stones in his cell in Azkaban for the millionth time. He knew every crack, every tiny hole, every stain, every discolouration. He felt a sudden chill in his bones; dementors. It was that time of day. He sighed and tried to turned into his animagus form; as a large grim like dog he wasn't affected by them as much. He tried, today was not a good day and he failed. The eerie prison guards in the wizard prison of Azkaban sucked all of the happiness out of someone and left you remembering your worse memories. As they passed on their daily journey Sirius braced for the torture.

He heard the terrifying scream of Rabastan Lestrange followed by that of his brother Rudolphus. He heard his cousin Bellatrix cackling laugh, she was now certifyingly insane; she then cried. Sirius hated to hear her cry, it hurt his heart more than if he heard her screaming. He knew exactly what she experienced when the dementors neared her and she cried. Unknown to many, she had been four months pregnant when she entered Azkaban, on her first night here, she lost her baby. Sirius cursed every time he thought of it. Had the authorities done what they were supposed to do, they would have had her in another facility until she had her baby. However they disregarded all protocol and did not even examine her or listened to her pleas and threw her in here. Sirius felt sorry for her. For her and her husband Rudolphus who had not been able to even hold her hand or give her any physical comfort. He was in the cell next to her, close enough to hear her screams and her cries but he could not see or touch her; it was more torture than the dementors. Sirius sighed the baby would have been entering Hogwarts this year.

He felt the coldness of the dementor magic as it reached out to him. Sirius had many bad memories, most of them growing up as a teen. However if he had to admit it he had been a git. The dementors stood in front of his cell door and Sirius felt them reaching out to him. They seemed to probe his mind and today his memory was of him at age 16 leading Severus Snape to the werewolf Moony. He saw the terrified expression on Severus' face. He did not scream he did not shout, he just looked at the memory.

Long after the dementors left Sirius thought about the incident, it had been a prank; one that almost got a boy killed. They had hated Severus, he sighed; no… he had hated Severus. When he was eleven and had been sorted into Gryffindor house and not Slytherin, his parents had come and demanded a re-sorting. Dumbledore had refused and actually so had the sorting hat. When his parents had heard that the half-blood son of the disgraced Eileen Prince had gotten into Slytherin they were appalled. Their son and heir was judged as being less worthy than a mudblood. His parents and family had often compared him to Severus and his own jealousy had grown. He had often thought about why he had led Severus to the werewolf and he knew it was the simple fact that he had wanted him killed. Severus had topped the class at OWLs with ten O's and Sirius had only gotten eight O's. Sirius had been beaten almost every day after the results had come out and told how much of a disgrace he had been; James had rescued him. He went to live with the Potters and his parents pretended he had died, it had hurt and he blamed Severus. He had wanted him dead.

It was for that incident at the Shrieking Shack that Sirius believed Fate had put him in Azkaban. Not only had he almost gotten Severus killed but his best friend Remus. Remus in his werewolf state had no control, he was a wild animal. Remus had once said that he counted on his friends to keep him human, to help control Moony and to stop him from hurting others. Sirius had betrayed that trust; had Moony damaged Severus or worst killed him, they would have executed him. Sirius sighed he had almost killed two people that day, Severus and Remus. He was just as bad as that rat Peter.

Sirius thought about his friends. His thoughts went on James and Lily and little Harry. Peter had betrayed them to Voldisnort and had destroyed their lives. He thought of Harry, he would be almost a teenager now. He imagined a boy with messy black hair and emerald green eyes; a miniature James, chasing girls, flying his broom, harassing Remus. He smiled he knew Remus had to have Harry and they lived in that nice little cottage Remus' mum had; she baked the nicest cookies. He imagined Harry getting into all sorts of trouble, climbing trees and sneaking out of his room to go fishing and not doing his homework… Sirius snorted who was he kidding Remus would have drilled Harry into doing homework. Remus was a bookworm who would have never left the library if it wasn't for Sirius and the full moon. His mind then imagined a miniature James with round nerdy glasses, who sat reading a book and who hated flying, who probably never even caught a fish and who talked about the amount of germs that a tree had. Sirius growled. He then thought about what life would have been like if he had just not gone after that rat. He sat back against the wall in his cell and silently wept.

He heard Bella singing a lullaby. Sirius sighed, she would play house for a few hours and she would take her daughter Cassiopeia for a walk in the park and then a picnic. It was heart breaking really but Bella's deranged mind actually allowed her to escape this dreary place. Sirius heard Rudolphus sob; it was the only time the powerful man would breakdown. They had done a lot of bad things in their lives but they had paid dearly for it in Azkaban. Twelve years was a long time to suffer in this place. As far as Sirius was concerned they were the prisoners who had remained the longest in here. He remembered young Barty Crouch; he did not even last six months. Wilkes had lasted two years. The Indian Maharaj had lasted six. Twelve years was more than a life time in this place.

Sirius heard Rabastan trying to comfort his brother but Bella shouted to them and told them they would wake the baby. Rudolphus sobbed even more.

Sirius sighed and said out loud "What baby? Bella, Cassy is a big girl. Rudy didn't you tell me that you saw the Hogwarts Owl with a letter for her."

Bella shouted "What! Rudolphus you did not tell me about the owl. Cassy… at Hogwarts… oh Rudy we have to go to Diagon Alley… she will need a wand and new robes and ohhh we must have Alejandro Twilfit make her an entire new wardrobe."

Rabastan on the other side of his brother shouted "Twilfit's don't be daft woman, she is a Lestrange, we will take her to Paris to shop. She will have her wardrobe made by Richelieu's. My goddaughter must have the best."

Sirius smiled as they all left Azkaban and got sucked into Bella's dream world. "Yes well make sure and buy her some red and gold because little Cassy is Gryffindor bound for sure."

"Do not make me hex you Siri, she will wear green and silver, thank you very much" Bella said.

"You do remember that Crabbe and Goyle's sons are of age to be at Hogwarts" Sirius said.

"Maybe blue and bronze to match her blue eyes and brown hair like her mummy" Rabastan said.

"Ravenclaw! Blacks don't go into Ravenclaw" Bella said.

"She is not a Black she is a Lestrange and she is smart as a whip so she is Ravenclaw bound" Rabastan said.

"Your sister Andromeda was a Ravenclaw" Sirius reminded Bella.

"I don't have a sister named Andie and besides she married a muggle. My daughter is not going to marry any muggle" Bella shouted.

"No of course not she will marry a good pureblood boy" Rabastan said.

"A good pureblood Slytherin boy" Bella said.

"Yes Cassiopeia Lestrange Goyle, I could see it now" Sirius said naughtily.

Bella screamed and started shouting hexes at the wall in between her and Sirius. Sirius laughed heartily.

"STOP" Rudolphus screamed. "You are all out of your minds." There was silence for a minute and Sirius saw the walls of Azkaban returning but they disappeared again when Rudolphus said "Cassiopeia is not going anywhere, she will be home-schooled."

"Home-schooled, Rudy come on a young girl needs adventure, she needs to go to Hogwarts" Bella said.

"I know the kind of adventures you got into. My Princess is not going anywhere near that school filled with walking sacks of male hormones" Rudolphus said.

"We met at Hogwarts and had our own adventures" Bella said seductively.

"EXACTLY!" Rudolphus shouted.

Sirius and Rabastan laughed.

"Well well well, this is a strange sound in Azkaban" the Warden's voice said. Immediately there was a rushing feeling and Sirius looked around at the dirty, dingy prison cell.

"Prisoner 396, Black comma Sirius Orion, you have visitors" the Warden said.

"Visitors?" Sirius asked confused, he never had visitors.

"Stand to the back of the cell" The Warden said and Sirius moved to comply.

The cell door opened and the Warden looked in and there was an odd look in the man's eyes. Sirius frowned slightly when he saw Albus Dumbledore come in, followed by Amelia Bones and then…

"Moony?" Sirius said recognising the other man.

"Siri… Siri, Peter was spotted, we know Peter is alive and that he was a Death Eater" Remus said.

Sirius looked at the Warden and said "I told you I was innocent."

The Warden just shook his head.

Amelia cleared her throat and said "Lord Black…"

"Grandpa is dead?" Sirius said with a start; for him to be addressed as Lord it meant his grandfather Arcturus was dead. Rudolphus had told him about his father Orion's death as the man had died a week before they had been arrested. He wondered about his mother.

"You didn't know?" Amelia asked with shock. Sirius shook his head.

"Yes two years now" Albus said.

Bella started to cry, she had really loved Grandpa Arcturus as they all called the last Lord Black. Amelia looked at the Warden who just shrugged.

Sirius looked at Albus "my mother?"

Albus sighed "six years."

Sirius couldn't help the tear that rolled down his cheek; she was a bitch and a shrew but she was his mother.

Amelia was obviously upset but then said "Lord Black, while the discovery of Pettigrew is important. We are not here to free you, we are here to investigate…"

"Investigate what? I am in here for the murder of a man who you just told me is alive, so what else is there to investigate" Sirius said.

"Well the other charges" Amelia said.

"What other charges?" Sirius asked.

"Weren't you informed of the other charges at your trial?" Amelia asked.

"What trial, I have been in this stinking place since the day after Halloween 1981, I never went on trial" Severus said.

Amelia groaned and said "Albus I am requesting we transfer Sirius to a cell in the Ministry until we settle this." Albus nodded.

"Let's get out of here" Remus said quickly.

"Yes so you can tell me all about Harry's adventures" Sirius said as the Warden helped escort him out.

Remus did not know how he was going to tell Sirius about Harry. The only thing he did know was that he could not mention it in here because Sirius would probably kill Albus for leaving his cub with Petunia. He would then go ballistic when he heard Harry was now the son of Severus Snape.

As they passed Bella's cell door, she said "Siri would you make sure Cassy is okay and tell her, her mummy loves her."

Sirius smiled and was going to answer but the Warden said "You insane old hag your daughter is dead."

Bella screamed and sobbed uncontrollably. Sirius ran over and said "the first thing I do Bella is go to Paris, we will go to Richelieu's and I will buy her the prettiest green robes I could fine."

"And get her an owl so she could write me and tell me all about the fun she is having at Hogwarts" Bella said.

"And about all the cute Slytherin boys that I will have to be fighting away" Sirius said and Bella giggled.

The Warden shook his head "You should not be encouraging her she is not of sound mind."

Sirius sighed and said "Sometimes Warden the only light one can find in the darkness is in your head."

Remus held Sirius' arm and said "Sirius come on forget about them you have a lot of people who care about you who will be anxious to see you."

Sirius pulled his hand away and said "She is family Remus and for the last twelve years she has been my friend."

"Friend? Do you know what they did, why they are here?" Remus asked.

"Yes I do; more than you will ever know, I hear their cries and screams every day Remus. I know why they are here. Now tell me Remus, why am I in here? Why did you think that I deserved to be here" Sirius asked.

"You were charged with betraying James and Lily to Voldemort" Albus said softly.

"We could tell you Sirius was innocent of that crime. Not because we knew Peter was the one who did the crime but because we know Sirius would have never betrayed James" Rudolphus said.

"Kill a Slytherin; yes. Accidently blow up the Ministry and all of London; yes. Break the statues of secrecy by transfiguring Big Ben into a giant teddy bear named Ben; yes. Betray James Potter; no" Rabastan said.

"We Slytherins may be a lot of things but the one thing we do is stand by our friends; something you Gryffindors never do. You turn your back on them the first chance you get. In that regard Sirius was a Slytherin, he loved James more than his own brother. If Sirius was their secret keeper not even Merlin himself would have gotten him to talk" Rudolphus said.

"Good luck Siri and if you see Frank and Alice, tell them we are sorry" Rabastan said.

"Frank and Alice are permanently damaged they will never be healed" Albus said.

"Well tell the baby Neville we are sorry" Rudolphus said.

"Tell him his mummy loves him" Bella said and started singing her lullaby.

Siri looked at Amelia and indicated he was ready to go, he ignored Remus and walked away.


It had been full moon a few days ago but the moon was still bright and the glade where Wormtail stood was lit up. He watched as the dark shade Voldemort lifted itself from the snake and went to the unconscious taxi driver's body. The body would not last long but it would last long enough to get out of there. Voldemort was pleased.

"Peter Pettigrew where are the others, Malfoy, Nott, McNair, Crabbe, Goyle?"

"Malfoy cares nothing for you and the others well to be honest I do not know. I however bring news. The boy Potter has been moved. The world thinks he has gone to America but he remains in Britain. He is posing as Severus' long lost son. Severus' lover is an International Auror. Severus has betrayed you" Pettigrew said.

Voldemort nodded "I know."

"I have some money, I could take you to get some food and a descent night's sleep" Wormtail said. He took out a wand from his pocket. It was the Dark Lord's. The man smiled when he saw it; he was very pleased.

"I am weak this body is not magical and would not last more than one night. I need you to get a few things for me… but first I need a body, not something temporary… a real body."

"Another snake?" Wormtail said pointing to the body of the dead snake.

"Not a snake but a snake egg. There is another snake nearby with a nest with three eggs; we will need one of the eggs. I will also need a lot of magic and a human sacrifice. Not this body, someone magical" Voldemort said and started walking in the direction of the nest.

"I… the aurors are hunting me. I tried to bring Malfoy's son, he would have been perfect but that blasted old coot Dumbledore and my former friend Lupin caught onto me" Pettigrew said with a spat.

"That would be perfect, we could hunt when they come and get one of the bodies. An auror would have strong magic. This body is already dying" Voldemort said.

"Can you… can you use me?" Pettigrew said in scared voice.

"You are not magically powerful enough and if you die then I will have no one…. no I need" Voldemort stopped when he heard a loud roar. He looked up. "Dragon? There are no dragons in this area." There was another roar… another dragon.

Pettigrew turned "They are here. That is Snape's lover, he is a dragon rider."

"He is powerful; I sense his power from here. I would not be able to defeat him" Voldemort looked at the snake guarding her nest and then back at Pettigrew. He knew his plan would fail. If he had time he would have taken the snake embryo and use it in a dark magic ritual to form himself a body; the body would be weak however. He had hoped Pettigrew would have taken him back to England and his home at Riddle Manor until he could perform the ritual to regain his true body. This Auror was too powerful he would quickly overpower Pettigrew and even himself even if he got a magical body. There were few wizards with that kind of power; when he was at his full strength perhaps but certainly not now. He looked at Pettigrew.

"I have a plan… Malfoy has a book, a diary" Voldemort said.

"He used it and Potter destroyed it and he killed the Basilisk in the Chamber" Pettigrew said.

Voldemort cursed and said "The ring is cursed and you will die without the parseltongue password and the locket you would not get past the inferi. Bella is still in Azkaban though as a rat you would not be noticed… however she might be mad as a hatter and even if you escape with her, she would not be able to go to Gringotts. Your best bet is the diadem." He spoke more to himself than anything. "I need you to get something for me. It is a diadem; it is like a lady's tiara. It is at Hogwarts, in the Room of Requirements on the seventh floor. Get it for me. Put on the crown and it will give you further instructions. Keep my wand you would need it." Voldemort knew that he was sending Pettigrew to his death but it would be worth it.

Voldemort was about to say something else but he felt a familiar pulse of magic "There are Death Eaters close; there might still be a chance. This body is too weak; I will greet them in a more worthy form."

Pettigrew heard the man scream and saw the dark shade explode out of the body, killing it. The spirit then went into the female snake. The snake hissed and Pettigrew sensed the Dark Lord's presence in the snake. The snake hissed and sent a pulse of magic. Pettigrew felt his dark mark burn and within a minute six men appeared, five were Death Eaters; one side along apparated with one of the older men.

Lucius looked at Wormtail and said "You dare touch my son, prepare to die scum." The snake hissed and Lucius sneered at it. To everyone's horror the snake rose up and moved to strike Lucius. One of the men moved and grabbed the snake and wrestled with it. The snake bit into the man's neck and held on. They heard a deep creepy hissing voice from the man's mouth say "I need sacrifice."

"Goyle?" Waldon McNair asked confused.

"Need willing sacrifice" Voldemort said from Goyle's mouth.

"Use Pettigrew" Lucius spat knowing it was the dark lord.

"Pettigrew is to live" Voldemort said.

"Use the McNair brat my Lord, isn't that why he is here. It should have been Draco but he is not here" Pettigrew said smirking.

Waldon McNair looked at his son Wilber and said "It would be his honour. You may have him as your sacrifice my Lord."

"What no" Wilber said shaking his head.

"You will do as I command. This is why you live; to serve him. It is a great honour" Waldon said.

"Why don't you sacrifice yourself?" Wilber said scared. He was looking at the huge snake attached to Goyle's neck, which was controlling him like a puppet.

Waldon slapped the boy and said "Do it or die. I have no use for a son who is not willing to serve my Master."

Wilber looked terrified.

Waldon held his son and turned him to the creature "He is young strong and full of magic, he has been breed to serve you. He will be a perfect sacrifice."

Wilber looked at Lucius, Thaddeus Nott and Crabbe; his eyes pleading. Nott lowered his eyes not wanting to look, Crabbe only stared at his friend who was being controlled by the snake and Lucius was looking at Pettigrew in hatred. The snake removed itself from Goyle's body and the body fell to the ground, it was convulsing and frothing at the mouth. The snake moved towards Wilber who was shaking his head.

"Please Uncle Lucius, I don't want to…" Wilber screamed as the large snake came closer. He tried to escape but his father held him firm.

"Oh stop snivelling. What did you think you would be doing? You heard your father you were groomed for this, just like Thaddeus' son Theodore and Lucius' son Draco. It was supposed to be Draco's honour but you got it instead. Now be the man you were born to be and sacrifice your soul to the darkness" Pettigrew said laughing.

As if hearing their sons' names jolted them out of their state, the two men looked at Pettigrew and then at the snake approaching the frightened young man. Almost as if planned both Thaddeus and Lucius drew their wands and attacked. Lucius sent his wand at the snake and Thaddeus at Waldon. The snake was faster than Lucius anticipated and would have gotten him but a strong red shield protected him. Lucius looked around and saw Severus' lover Alex and another man who looked like an older version of him. Mad Eye Moody and what looked like unspeakables came running over.

The snake hissed and tried to flee but the two Griffins went after it. The younger one took out a sword and ran towards it and the older was sending wandless pulses of magic. Mad Eye helped Thaddeus and fought Waldon who screamed and called his son and Lucius and Thaddeus blood traitors.

Crabbe seemed oblivious to the others and kept holding Goyle's convulsing body.

The four death eaters then held their arms and screamed. As Waldon's shield stopped Mad Eye's curse hit him and he fell. Mad Eye looked at the Death Eaters and then over to where the two Griffins were. Alex had chopped off the snake's head and he stood over the flaying headless body, his bloody sword still in his hand, his wand was in the other. The older Griffin had his hands up and there was a dark spectral form hovering a few feet in the air, it was surrounded by what looked like a dragon patronus. The two men started chanting in a strange language and the spectral form screamed and hissed angrily. There was a large pulse of magic from the two men and the dragon patronus roared and the dark spirit screamed and it exploded.

Lucius, Thaddeus and Crabbe screamed. Goyle arched his back and then collapsed dead. Waldon's body also started to convulse, his wounds ripped out more and the blood poured out faster. Wilber ran to his father and tried using his own cloak to stop the blood. Soon they stopped. Two unspeakables appeared and one went to Waldon and started working on him. The other checked Goyle and said he was dead. Crabbe screamed and wept. Thaddeus put his hand on Crabbe's shoulder but the man seemed inconsolable.

Alex and Aiden came over and Alex tossed the head of the snake on the ground near to Mad Eye. "Is that why you all had Harry Potter living like a slave to sacrifice himself for. It took less than three hours to find him and less than ten minutes to kill."

"He is not dead" Lucius said looking at his arm.

Thaddeus looked at his arm. "The mark is gone. He is dead. That was the Dark Lord, they killed. He is dead."

Lucius continued looking at his arm. "The mark is gone but I feel it still. There is a slight itchy feeling under the skin. I still feel it."

"May be it is a lingering residue of the darkness" Fisher said.

"May be" Thaddeus said.

Lucius shook his head "somehow some where he still exists." He had known of the diary and suspected there were others.

"Maybe, however he is no longer a threat" Alex said.

A high elf came in and said in English "there is a dead body of a human about two hundred meters to the north, there is another dead snake and a nest with two eggs."

"We have killed fifteen vampires and two trolls and even a boar but no rats" Arthion said coming in with a blood sword himself.

Lucius looked around and said "Damn it Pettigrew is gone."