Hi there. I got this idea out of nowhere, but I liked it. It's TDI charm school. It has all the TDI characters, minus Chef, and Chris (but they may come in latter) It is a Gwen and Trent fic (go figure) with Duncan and Courtney. I have a good feeling about this one. TDI NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rated M for crude jokes, sexual themes, and foul langue. It could be rated T but I am playing it safe and going with M. Please enjoy.

Ring, Ring.


"Hi mom. It's me Gwen. Pick me up?" I asked nonchalantly.

"That depends. Where are you?" my mom asked with a sigh.

"Were I should stay." I answered. My mom hung up. But I knew she was coming.

This isn't the first time I have been arrested. It isn't going to be the last time either. Its not like I did horrible stuff, I just spoke my mind, and the town hates it. I spoke up, when a guy charged me a buck more for a soda than yesterday and I started to go on and on, on how that's unfair and we shouldn't have to put up with his shit. Then I am behind bars, yet again.

My mom walked in, and I was released from my cell. "Thanks mommy." I said smiling at her while we walked toward the car. "Gwen this is ridicules. This is the 17th time you have been arrested. I think we need to have a talk." She scolded while driving home. "Ok mom, but I already know where babies come from so you're a little late." I said with a chuckle

"Not THAT talk." My mom sighed again. "I am sending you to Manor High, a charm school in England. Your plane leaves tomorrow. I am sorry but…" I cut her off. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!? I AM NOT GOING TO A FUCKING CHARM SCHOOL!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Yes you are. My mind is made up. You have gotten way out of line." I just shut up and laid back on the seat. When the car pulled into the drive way. "Fine send me away. I don't want to be here in this SHIT HOLE anymore anyway." I screamed. I ran to my room and pack my bags.

No I didn't want to go to a charm school. So when the plane lands I will run away and never look back. I know exactly why my mom is doing this. Because HE told her to. Ever since my mom has been dating Albert nothing mattered but public image, and him. Suddenly me being Goth became a problem. And the way I spoke my mind was just a huge issue. I can't wait till I reach England. I will go straight to France, and then Japan. Then maybe I will go home. Maybe.


After my packing my mom came in, with a school brochure. "Honey, I know you don't want to leave but trust me, it's for the best." She said handing me the brochure. "See, they have few classes, nice dorms, plenty of activities. It's co-ed. You'll love it." She tried to make me feel better. It's a charm school. Nothing will make me go there.

So I put on the fakest smile I could. "Don't worry mom. In fact I was thinking about how great it would be. I am totally into the idea now." My mom smiled. "I am glad you think so. Get some rest the plane leaves tomorrow at 8." Then she walked out. I fell asleep immediately.


The plane ride was dull and uneventful.

I made it to the airport. There was a lady holding a singe with my name on it. I ignored her and headed toward the exit. "Excuse me young lady. Were do you think you are going?" a voice came behind me. It was the same old lady who was holding the singe. Nice. "I have been waiting for you Gwendolyn. My name is Catherin. I am here to escort you to your dorm. Please follow me."

The hag talked to me the whole car drive over. School was still in session when I got there so luckily the dorms were empty. I got a dorm all to myself do due coming in late. I dropped my bags and went to sleep, but not until miss hag finished talking. "Your uniform is in the closet, with your laptop, and bag. Set your password, and you can get to bed. Tomorrow go straight to the main office were we can assign you a helper, and you can pick up your schedule. Good day, Gwendolyn." The she walked out. I was too tired to correct her with my name. So I just went to sleep.


I woke up, to the annoying alarm clock. These clocks were nailed to the nightstand, and set to wake you up at 6. Only one button and that was to turn the alarm off. I got dressed in the absolute nightmare of a uniform. Blue plaid skirt, blue knee high socks, white short sleeve blouse, and a blue sweater that I put on, and buttoned the top button. I hated this uniform. But what ever. It's better than being at home.

I made my way to the main building and waited in the office. The secretary told me to wait a moment. "I am so sorry. The perfect your were assigned didn't show up yet. They should be here soon." She explained. Perfects? Great, now I have a hall monitor to help me. Can this day get better?

"Sorry I am late. I forgot the papers, and had to run back. Did I hold any in convinces?" came a polite male voice behind me. Standing in the door way was a hot, tall, slightly built, green eyed, guy. He was also wearing the uniform, same as me minus the skirt, and his jacket was buttoned half way. "Not at all. Show Miss. Swanson around will you?" she asked. He looked at me, smiled then said, "I would love to." He walked toward me. "Hello Miss. Swanson, my name is Trent Foghart." He said lifting my hand and kissing it. "We are very delighted to have you at our school." He said removing his lips from my hand.

He opened the door for me, and let me pass. What a gentle man? Great this is what this school dose to you. Opening a folder he pulled out some papers. "Hi Gwen, I am Trent, I am a perfect here at Hell High. (not the schools real name, but every student calls it that) I am going to introduce you to the other perfects ok?" he said not taking his eyes off the paper. "They are all excited to meet you," he said looking at me now. "We want you to be the newest perfect. We research you and you seem like a perfect candidate. Before you comment, yes we played stalker and looked you up. Wow arrested 17 times. Impressive. Just so you know, we only act sugar coated when there are teachers around, so that's why I am not acting as polite as before. Any questions?" he said leading me downstairs.

"Yea. Why are you taking me to the schools basement?" I asked. He might be hot, but I am not falling for some stupid trick. "To meet the others of course. There are 10 perfects, and one we want to join us, but can't. To be a perfect not only do you need to be invited by us, you need finishing class instructor's permission. So get straight A's and act like an angel and everything will be ok." He said now turning to a door. He looked at me as he picked the lock. "No we aren't supposed to be here. But we prefer it, than the guardian room. You will fully understand when you're a perfect." Then the door opened and a light shone out. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into a room full of 5 teens that seemed to have been waiting for us.


"Welcome Gwen. We have been waiting for you." Said a cheery brunet. Followed by a bunch of yeas and hi's.

We talked for the whole time. Perfects get off first period. Everyday the alternate over who runs patrol. They have 5 kids everyday. So I didn't get to meet those 5 today. But every perfect takes of one period and they chose first so they can sleep in and chat. Trent sat by me the whole time, while I was asking, and being asked questions.

"I like you. Pass all your classes so you can be a perfect too." A red harried girl whom I learned her name was Izzy said. "I am not so good at school." I admitted. "We'll help. Don't worry about that." Courtney said. She was also the same girl who greeted me. These people here made me feel so welcome. Then a boy walked in. He had green and black hair, piercings, and a skull shirt clearly visible under his white shirt. "New girl right?" he said pointing to me.

"Yup. Soon to be new perfect." Courtney added. "That's Duncan. He is the only one who isn't a perfect, but everyone treats him like one. He isn't a perfect because he couldn't pass finishing class." Trent informed me. "I would rather shoot myself." He said opening a soda. "Ok lets get down to business." He said taking a seat. "We already covered…" the girl named Laushawna started. Btu was cut off. "Yea, I don't mean that stuff." He said "Ok let start the bidding at five dollars." Duncan said. Bidding? "Are you auctioning me off?" I questioned.

"Sort of. But not really. 5 dollars anybody?" he continued. "We can't bid if everyone's not here." DJ chimed in. "O yea your right." Duncan said. I was lost.

"The guys like to claim girls. They pay each other to back off. Highest bid, first up to hit on her, and then if he fail the second, and so on." Courtney explained. "Stupid, yet a way to earn money toward the school. We hand in the money calling it 'donations'" I guess she is right. Then all out fun ended too soon, when the bell rang.

"I'll take you to class." Trent said looking at my schedule. "Hey we have al the same classes but one." He spotted. Well at least I won't be alone.

Everyone zoomed out of the place ASAP. Trent walked me out as he locked the door he hesitated in front of it. "Is something wrong?" I asked moving toward him, laying my hand n his shoulder. He turned around real fast and grabbed my hand. "Nothings wrong. I am just afraid, I don't have enough money to bid for you later." He said looking into my eyes. I didn't know if I should be flattered or offended. I chose flattery. I can't be pissed when you have an extremely yummy (EDN: T.T I couldn't think of a better word) guy just inches from your face. I'll be pissed later.

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