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Shattered Glass Epilogue
Chad's POV

It has been ten years to the day since Sonny's death. I stayed in Wisconsin for almost a month after, getting to know my daughter.

I almost got fired from Mackenzie Falls, but they knew that they wouldn't have a show without Mackenzie. If I had gotten fired, though, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. I had a new focus in life, and that was Kenzie.

She's ten years old now, and I insist that she looks just like Sonny, but with blonde hair. She's the most beautiful little girl I've ever encountered—and, no, I don't think I'm being biased.

She's got her mother's bubbly personality, too, which sometimes makes me cry at night when I think of how Sonny lost that aspect at the end of her life. Kenzie is also the sweetest, most polite girl you'll ever meet. People often wonder how she can be my daughter, and then I remind them of who her mother is.

After that month in Wisconsin, I went back to Hollywood, and soon after, Sonny's mother moved down to California too. She told me that Kenzie needed her father and not just her grandmother.

For the first year of Kenzie's life, I went and visited her at Connie's house, but then once I turned eighteen, I filed to get custody of her. Connie and I had discussed it—it wasn't anything personal. I just wanted to be able to raise my daughter.

So for the last nine years, Kenzie has lived with me and now it's her grandmother who visits as opposed to her dad. That is definitely more like how it should be.

The way it really should be, though, is Sonny and I should be raising our daughter together.

I never changed Kenzie's name. It hurt me too much to consider taking away the part of her mother Kenzie still had left. When Kenzie was old enough to understand, I asked her if she wanted to be Kenzie Cooper or Kenzie Munroe and she chose Munroe. She wanted some sort of connection to Sonny, and I respected her decision fully. It would honestly have been harder for me to give Kenzie my last name than to let her keep Sonny's. No matter how long it has been, even if Sonny is not with us anymore, Kenzie will always be Sonny's daughter, and being Kenzie Munroe reminds us of that fact.

Today we are in Wisconsin, as we are every year on this day. We are at the cemetery, visiting Sonny. That is not how it should be.

I know Sonny wanted Kenzie to forget about her, but I could never let that happen because I didn't want to forget about her.

Kenzie still doesn't know how her mom died, though she asks every year. I think this might be the year she's old enough to know. She's a very mature ten year-old.

"Daddy?" Kenzie asks as we get to Sonny's grave.

"Yeah, baby?" I reply, knowing what's coming.

"How did Mommy die?" she asks, her voice quivering.

"Let's sit down," I suggest, taking a seat on the grass right next to the grave. "I'm going to tell you this time."

"Really?" Kenzie replies, clearly about to cry.

"Yeah, princess. I think it's time," I say as tears begin to roll down my face.

She sits in my lap and I tell her the story about her mom. Then I pull out Sonny's letter. I am prepared to tell Kenzie about her mom and I want her to know how much her mom loved her. I want her to hear it firsthand from Sonny, and this letter is as close as it gets.

Kenzie sobs as I tell her, and I sob with her. We were both in pieces, like shattered glass.

She looks up toward the sky. "I love you too, Mommy," Kenzie says as she finishes reading the letter.

I kiss my daughter's cheek and look up to the heavens as well. "I love you too, Sonny."

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