For those of you who do not know the Puyo Puyo series, please look up Puyo Puyo on Wikipedia and other sources to know everything thing or some understanding of the characters. This is around the games Puyo Puyo Fever 2 and Puyo Puyo 15th anniversary.

There will be some shounen-ai in this story so for those of you who do not like reading shounen-ai then I advise you not to read since you would bash me for not telling you. ^ _ ^ But over all, this story doesn't contain much of it.

This is my very first fan fiction so I hope you like it and give me some reviews (nice or cruel)


Feli ran up down the hallway. She had been running over seventeen flights of stairs to even catch a glimpse of the one she loves. "Lemres-senpai!!!" Feli was panting as she saw the 17 year old turn around. His smile warmed her heart. Finally the moment Feli had been practicing months for was about to happen. She takes out the love letter from her bag.

"Hey Feli. Haven't seen you in a while. What's up?" His smile was overwhelming. Feli felt her heart skip two beats. She can imagine it now, Lemres accepting her love and they kiss in the sunset colored halls. "Feli? You alright? Your face is red." He puts his hand on her forehead. Feli jumped and backs away.

'What am I doing?!? Why did I back off. Isn't that what I wanted? He actually touched me. HE TOUCHED ME. Oh Kami-sama take me now. I feel so….so….' Feli's face turns dark red and Lemres just looks at her in confusion. 'Oh yea! The letter. I have to let him know my feelings before he graduates.' She walks back up to Lemres. "Um Lemres. These last few years I've always had feelings for—"

"Oh Sig!" Lemres called through the halls. Sig just came up from the stairway. He waves back with a blank stare.

"SIG?!?" Feli almost ripped her love letter. Her face was red with not embarrassment but with rage. Her moment was ruined by a naïve idiot. Before she would burst like she always did, Lemres walked over to Sig. 'Eh?'

"Oh Feli. I'm so sorry but can you tell me what you were telling me tomorrow? Anyways see you." Lemres left with the usual smile on his face. He and Sig walked down the stairs. Feli, alone, is still looking at stairs.


Accord Sensei was cleaning up the puyo blobs from her earlier class. "Oh those kids are so full of energy nowadays. Right Popoi?" Popoi (her so called puppet) pops out of her arms.

"Why yes Accord Sensei. I totally agree with you." The puppet answered.

Suddenly a loud crash was heard and smoke was spreading through the halls. Screams could be heard from outside the school.

"Oh my. Is that Ms. Feli from first year again?" Sensei picked up her lens-less glasses. "Oh dear I can't see" She giggles. Popoi just nods his head.

"Yes I am afraid that is Ms. Feli again. That girl just doesn't know how to control her anger." Popoi jumps back into Accord Sensei's arms.


This is the end of chapter one of my little fan fiction. I hope you all liked it. I hope to get some reviews since this might be the only Puyo Puyo (Fever) based fan fiction on the sit. I'm sorry that it's so short but it's only the beginning. ^ _ ^ If I have at least 3 reviews, I'll write a new chapter. If not, I'll just drop the whole thing and do something more popular.

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