Accord-Sensei walked by the room Sig was stuck in. She heard him wailing and decided to unlock him. His eyes wide with fear and confusion he looked at sensei before running off. Accord just giggled and walked the other way. Sig knew why Feli did that spell. He knew why she hated him. What he didn't know is why she's still attacking him. He didn't like Lemres the way he did before so why was Feli still having the grudge on him?

Running down the stairs he trips and starts falling down two flights before stopping. Feet were in his face. A sword too. A white haired man was staring down at him, and he was happy?

"Hello! Listen I need your help!" The white haired man told Sig his story about how he got here.

"So...You're from Arle's world I take it?"

"Y-You know Arle?!?" His face was red and his eyes were glossy. With two people saying they knew Arle, she must be in this world, in this school.

Sig just nodded. "She's my friend. I don't know where she is now though. Maybe with Amitie."

"Who's Amitie?!" The man grabbed Sig's shoulders which frightened him. Suddenly he just realized why he was in the staircase in the first place.

"I'm sorry, I have to go now." Sig ran off, which didn't change anything since the man was running with him.

"Can you please take me to this Amitie person? I really want to see Arle." Sig really wanted this guy off his back, so he decided to lie.

"Oh wait, I think she's on this floor."

"Thank you! Thank you so much! I'm Shezo by the way. Farewell~." Shezo through the doors. Sig kept running down stairs.

'what a weird guy...what a weird day...'

Accord-sensei kept walking down the hall to see a woman with blue hair. Her eyes shined with beauty and her body...Sensei looked down at her chest for a moment. (shame) She coughed and walked toward the woman. There were many people in the school who weren't even from the area, who looked like they might have been from a different world. Maybe she could get some more info on why this was happening.

"Hello. Do you know where I am?"

"Ha? Oh! You're in school silly. Ha ha."

"What?! You're the silly here joking around with me. Where am I, really."

"You're in a different world I take it." The blue haired woman nodded and looked around. It didn't seem like an alien world but she really wanted to know how the hell she ended up in this place. "There are lots of people that have come here like you have. A giant blueberry...or grape...or eggplant, I'm not so sure." The blue haired woman was shocked. "A white haired man with a headband." Double shocked. "A green haired man who seems like a dangerous pervert ha ha." She was blown away. She ran up to Accord-Sensei and grabbed on to her neck.

"Where is the green haired man?! Where is my Satan-Sama?!" Sensei managed to point her finger to the window and was let go. The woman jumped out the window and landed perfectly on the ground and kept running toward the forest.

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