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But I may own the space/time rift letting me see these events unfold. How else would such stories as these appear?

Unless I just made them up...





Beast Boy.

We are all familiar with those commendable crime-fighters, the teenage heroes who smacked down Slade, trounced Trigon, and beat the Brotherhood of Evil. We know their looks, their lives, even their secret identities. We see their world and happily accept it; for some fans, it is the first fantasy world they ever knew.

But what of other worlds?

What of a world in which one decision changed the entire world's fate?

What if Robin began to relish his apprenticeship under Slade? What if Beast Boy saved the Doom Patrol before joining the Titans?

What if the Titans were born in a different way altogether?

Let us take ourselves to see the lives of our favorite characters...


Teen Titans: Another Time and Place


The Kingdom of the Leap was a grand one. For generations, the royal family presided with a just hand in a castle of five towers each reaching skyward with pride. Trading boomed thanks to harbors on the western shore, and all directions bore protection of stone walls and skilled soldiers, loyal to the crown.

Yet one group of defenders stood above the rest...

"What is it, Timothy?" Richard met him less than a year ago; he was a bit mischievous, but the knight saw his potential. Perhaps, like himself, he could become a squire of a legend one day...

"He... he's here!" Tim's body quaked from fear and lack of breath as he struggled to speak his name.

"Who?" The royal guard's leader shook the boy, who finally snapped into focus.

"The Slayer!"



Ricky hated crime.

It took his family away from him, all because they wouldn't fold into that protection racket. Sure, there was the Commish, but Bruce couldn't really be there for him with the job. It didn't help that most of the police were in his pocket. They never did catch who pulled the trigger, either, but everyone knew who told the chump to do it.

His name was Terrence Trigonius: a big guy—he definitely worked out—messy gray hair spilling down even from his ponytail. Judging from his skin tone, Ricky figured he must have been Italian or from that area of the world.

Protection rackets, drug dealing, hell, even prostitution...

Nothing was too low for the Terror to have his giant hands in.


Titans Tower.

A building in the shape of a T would seem simple, maybe foolish. Even after all this time, the older generations still questioned the design. A popular query:

"Just how do those end rooms on the T stay attached, anyway?"

Despite the criticism, and more, it endured. For almost twenty years, the five-story-tall metal letter was a beacon of peace for Jump City. Villains both veteran and in-training, demons, dimension-hoppers, even a plague of mutant moths—all of them failed to permanently topple the Tower.

As for the answer to the T... well, that was Cyborg's secret.

"Awfully quiet, isn't it?"

While he grew a little annoyed at her interrupting him all this time, the metal man had to agree. "Yeah... like the calm before the-"


Another interruption brought a sigh. "And there's the storm."

The kitchen counter was covered in what appeared to be the ingredients of a ham, Swiss cheese, ham, roast beef, ham, chicken, ham, cheddar, and ham sandwich... and only one man could even stand to eat that dangerous delicacy.

Incensed, said man demanded the presence of the culprits to the murder. The culprits, in fact, made the centerpiece of the living room disaster, a furious purple blur and a jeering green one zipping about in a dangerous chase. These streaks' names:


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