Title: Snape's Broken Cabinet

Author: Scaevola

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and I claim no rights to it. I'm just writing for practice and a bit of fun.

Summary: Snape leaves Harry alone in detention for ten seconds. He returns to find that his private potions ingredients have been destroyed. No slash.

A/N: This is just a short little story I wrote after getting the idea in my head. (My inspiration came from a one-shot at P&S.) It's not a technical drabble, but it's short.

"Potter!" Came Severus Snape's shout as the door to the potion's classroom was swept open. "I step out of the room for ten seconds," he hissed as he stepped quickly into the room. "And in that time you manage to ignore my instructions yet again as well destroy my hard-found ingredients!" The already angry face of the potion's master seemed to darken further as he sees shattered vials and herbs strewn about the floor near his private cabinet.

Harry Potter stood in shock beside a large cauldron, a dirty rag in his hand. He had been cleaning the cauldron for detention as ordered and he had been nowhere near the cabinet. "But, but, Professor Snape! It wasn't me! I was just doing as you—"

With an angry flick of his wrist, Snape drew his wand and accio'd a small hand broom. "Out Potter. I do not wish to see your face until Monday. Ten points from Gryffindor for your sheer stupidity." Not sparing Harry another look, the man stalked over to the mess to begin cleaning, muttering in a mix of Latin and English as he did.

Rather than argue the points and lose more, Harry just set down the rag and took up his satchel before escaping the classroom. As he made his way out of the dungeons towards the stairs, he heard the echoing drawl of Draco Malfoy. "Goyle, you stupid lout, I told you to hex Potter not the cabinet! He may be my godfather but it doesn't mean I'll get off scot free…only dark spells can counter those wards and Potter wouldn't know that!"


Thank you for reading! Any feedback would be appreciated.