I awoke to my alarm going off. Damn, another day of school. I slammed my hand on the off button and got out of bed. Last night's party was very intresting. It was my best friend/band partner's party, Jasper. He decided that our band need to play at the party. We did fucking awesome! Rose is our singer, Jasper is a guitatest, and Emmett plays the bass guitar. I'm the drum player. To why he decided to have a partyu on a Sunday night blows my mind, but he did. Of course everyone got drunk, even Jasper which is a first because is toloerence is usually ZERO! He kissed me last night and I loved evey minute of. But I can't date my friend it's just to weird.

The hot water spray hit my back loosening all the tense muscles. I could smeel the smoke from last night still in my hair. I washed my twicw just to be safe. I moved to Seattle when I was a freshmen. My dad got a job for the Seattle Police Department and is on the elite S.W.A.T team and he also has ZERO tolerence. My dad may be in his late fortys but he is healthy as a horse, and always makes sure I'm in check. My mom is a local artist and owns a muesum. Were not like mega rich, but were well off.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my hair in a towel. Thank God my room has it's own bathroom. I stepped into my room still naked and wet. I went to my closet. I decided on skinney jeans and my favorite Save Ferris shirt. I turned my iPod on and put on No Doubt. Rosealie loves to do No Doubt cover songs when were just playin at gig, which is fine with me cause I love them. I slipped on a pair of underware and a bra and went back to my bathroom. I let my hair fall out of the towl. Looking at myself in the mirror, i felt somewhat satisfied. My cheeks were flushed just a tiny bit. My brown hair cascaded still wet and wavy just 2 inches below my shoulders. I smiled, and looked at my white straight teeth. I am very blessed I thought. I was just going to let my hair air dry. I pulled my shirt over my head and put my jeans on. My shirt was white with green leteering so I decided on my white and green Vans. I know so classic! I loosly braided my hair and let it sling over my shoulder. I applied some carmex and a squirt of perfume and of course deoderant, grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. I reached into the pocket and grabbed my iphone that I payed for my self after spending the summer working at Starbucks out of the side pocket. My parents were against buying me new technology. I walked in to the kitchen, my dad already in his uniform sitting at the breakfest nook sipping coffee and reading the paper. My mom was still in a red sliky robe sipping hot tea and reading her lastest favorite authors book. My parents lightly holding each others hand. I smiled at them, after 20 years of marriga they were still madly in love. I opened the fridge and grabbed a yogurt.

"Good moring honey, there's toast in the toaster." my said smiling sweetly looking up from her book.

"Ok, Thanks" I said and headed to the toaster and smothered my toast in apple jelly and took a bite.

"How did you sleep Bells?' my dad asked still looking at his paper.

"Ehh so so how bout you?" I asked eating my yogurt now.

"Great until I heard my daughter trying to sneak in at 2 in the morning" I looked down hoping to God that the policmen doesn't come out.

"I'm sorry it won't happen again" I said and threw the yogurt container away.

"Your right, it won't your curfew has been moved back down to midnight." he said sternly and got up to put his coffee mug into the sink.

"Yes sir" I mumbled

"Have a good day sweetie, and make good choices" he said and went kissed my mother goodbye and grabbed his coat and head out the garage door. I flet my mother's hand under my chin, she lifted it up so I was looking at her.

"He means well" she says and kisses my forhead. I smile and grab my backpack.

"We have band pratice so I'll be home around 7 is that cool?"

"Of course have a good day hun" she smiles and goes back to her reading.

I head out the garage and get into my huge muddy jeep. It's practicly my baby. A terrible car for Seattle but I do love her. The egine rumbles to life and I pull out of the garage and head to high school hell.

I pull into the parking lot and immeditly see Jasper, Rose, and Emmett. I hop out and walk over to them.

"Hey guys" I say and knuckle bump them. I blush when I look at Jasper.

"New Meat" Rosealie hisses and I look to where she is staring and I see two peopke I've never seen before getting out of a silver Vovlo. The girl is short and has black spiky hair, she reminds me of a pixie. My breath hitches when I see the guy. He is gorgeous. The only thought that runs through my head at that time was I must have in...now.


So this idea popped into my head today and I had to write it! hope u like it!