Rating: M- sexuality, BDSM, slash

Pairings: Jasper/Edward

I have, currently, another Twilight fic in the making, but I decided to make this story, alongside. I have yet to write a slash story, and so I thought I'd try it out, you know?

What you need to know for this story:

This story takes place in an alternate universe, where BDSM is the cultural norm. Due to this, male/male and female/female relationships (bisexuality basically), is completely acceptable, so 'homophobia' does not exist.

Also, vampires do NOT exist in this story. But humans do tend to live longer if they have succesful lifebonds...more on that later.

WARNING: this story is rated Mature for a reason: this will have VERY EXPLICIT sexual scenes in it, including spanking, dirty talk, sodomy (anal penetration), and other graphic lemons. You do not like? YOU DO NOT READ. Thanks.

Summary: Edward Mason has moved to a new school, and there he meets the popular, saught after Jasper Whitlock. Though he is natural sub, Edward has an attitude that keeps everyone else away...but not Jasper. Jasper makes it his personal goal to break Edward, but will Edward let him? And how does another domimant named James come into play?

This story is told through Edward's POV, in one-shots.

I never meant to really piss him off. He simply had been in the way, and I hadn't known who he was. Not that it mattered; even if I had known. For a submissive, I was a big jackass. No one had anything to do with me; I was seventeen and alone, and was destined to be that way forever.

Shit, I didn't care.

But then I had accidentally bumped into him. The royal dominant of this new high school I started a week ago. Jasper Whitlock was his name, and he deserved every praise I heard from the mouths of the other students.

Not that I'd ever tell him that.

Jasper was tall and muscular, but not overly so. He was lean and graceful, with his gold wavy hair falling into his eyes. He wore black bands on his left wrist, and his tight leather pants usually had a metal-studded belt in the waist loops. His right ear was peirced with a silver stud, as was his golden eyebrow.

All he had to do was look at you with his intense gray eyes, and you knew to back down.

Well, unless you were an idiot, or me.

No one controlled me; I refused.

So that fateful Thursday morning, I had been running late due to a hangover from the night before dealing with my crappy ass father, and was rushing to class. The American Lit teacher, Ms. Hirsch, was a cunt and prissy to boot; she was going to give me hell for my tardiness, I knew it.

So, as I said, I was running through the nearly empty halls, and turned the corner sharply. I hadn't expected to come into contact with someone.


The body I had collided into was iron hard and immoveable; so was I who toppled backwards and fell onto the floor, not the person I had ran into.

"Damnit!" I hissed, as my books fell from my grasp and spilled onto the floor. I looked up at the boy, to see him staring at me, his face void of emotion. His hands hung in his pockets. I glared. He was insanely handsome, and I felt my groin stir slightly, before I quickly ignored it.

Now was not the time for a freakin' hard-on.

"Thanks a lot, asshole!" I snarled, and grabbed my books. After I had grabbed them, I looked back up to see him giving me a measured look, and I couldn't help it; I shivered. His mere presence was domineering. I had to leave.

With reluctance, I turned my back to him and hurried away.

Hell, how was I to know then, that I'd pissed him off, and now it was his personal goal to break me?

Damn, I really have to work on my social skills!

Okay, so nothing in this chapter, but we'll start to see action VERY soon. All the chapters will be like this one, and at different intervals, so we will see a fast progression between the two.

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