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Esme's POV:

Saturday afternoon. It's very quiet inside the house. Rainy. As usual. I stared out the window from the kitchen table. Its always this quiet when Carlisle is away at work. Sometimes I go with him, but not today. Today I wanted to stay home and think. Think about what I really wanted.

I thought I had everything I wanted already. I had Carlisle for the rest of eternity. I had a wonderful home. I had an immortal body. What more could I possibly need? Or want for that matter?

I wanted something that could end the quiet days. Something that would always keep me company when Carlisle was at work.

The answer clicked in my head like a light bulb turning on. Kids. I wanted kids. I never got to be a mother and I've always wanted to be one. It would be perfect. I could adopt children from the local adoption center. I had just seen an ad in the newspaper a few weeks ago saying that they were getting over crowded.

As if like clock work, Carlisle entered the kitchen like always. He flashed me a quick smile. "Hi honey." He whispered, before pecking me on the cheek. I smiled up at him. He must have noticed something different because, he gave me a curious look.

I motioned to a chair beside me with my hand. "Sweetie, could you sit down for a second? I'd like to talk to you about something."

Carlisle took his black wool gloves off and set them on the table. He pulled the chair out and sat down silently. His eyes looked at the table for a minute before wondering up to meet mine.

"I was thinking about maybe improving the house." I started. He gave me a confused look.

"Improving the house?" He asked. "Esme, don't you think we put enough money into this house? But… if it makes you happy, we can add on or whatever you want."

I sighed. "No, honey. I didn't mean that kind of improving." Again with the confused look. "I was thinking that maybe kids would be the perfect addition to the house."

Carlisle looked stunned. He scratched his head for a second. "Um. Esme, dear. We can't have children. Did I forget to mention that to you before you were turned?" He started rambling on to himself. "I thought I told her everything."

I touched his arm, to make him stop. "I know, Carlisle. That's why I was thinking that we could adopt children."

His expression changed and I could tell that he was thinking. Considering his options. The minutes went by slowly, before he finally spoke. "Alright." He answered. "If that's what you want." I smiled cheerfully at him. He stuck his pointer finger up. "But. We have to make sure that we'll be able to control ourselves."

I made a face. "Don't be ridiculous. You work with blood all day and have no problem."

"Yes I know, dear. But will you be okay with it? After all, they will be human. I won't be able to change them until they are older and its what they want." He explained.

I nodded. "I know I can control myself, Carlisle. This is what I want. I've never wanted anything so much before for us."

"If this is what you truly want… then I see no problem with it." He replied. "So when would you like to go to the adoption center?"

I was already out of my seat. I picked up his car keys from the counter and wiggled them between my fingers. "Right now!"

Carlisle sighed and I didn't wait for him to protest. I was already out the door and heading for the car.


The adoption center was like heaven for me. Tons of kids running around and just having a good time. I loved it. I glanced a look at Carlisle. He didn't look as thrilled. "The things I do for love." He mumbled. I swatted his arm. "Knock it off!" I whispered through my teeth.

A tall and skinny woman greeted us. "Hello. My name is Sherry. Can I help you folks?" She held her hand out. I had no choice my to take it. She flinched a bit at the cold touch. "Hi, I'm Esme Cullen. This is Carlisle." Carlisle shook her hand next.

"Of course! Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. Welcome!" She smiled a wide smile.

I tried to relax. All of this was so new to me. Carlisle put a comforting hand on my back. "Could you show us around?" He asked.

"Certainly. What age group were you thinking of?" Sherry asked.

Carlisle looked at me. "Around eight years old." I answered.

"Right this way." She announced. We followed her down a long hallway. "Brace yourselves." She breathed before opening the door.

The room was a mad house. Children running around everywhere. Playing and screaming. A small blond girl was the first to catch my eye. Sherry noticed and she motioned the girl over. "This is Rosalie." Sherry introduced. "Rosalie, this is Esme and Carlisle Cullen."

"Nice to meet you." Rosalie whispered.

"Hi sweetie. You have the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. You look very pretty." I commented.

This brought a huge smile to her face. "Thank you very much."

I looked over at Sherry, who was still smiling. "Rosalie is… well, let's just say that Rosalie is very independent."

"What about him?" I pointed to a bigger boy, who was drawing on a chalk board.

"That's Emmett." Sherry replied, with less happiness. "Emmett is a handful. He doesn't like being told what to do."

I shrugged. Oh well. I liked him. Next was a small tiny girl. She was playing baseball with a boy, who also caught my eye. "What about those two?"

"That's Alice and Jasper. The two are inseparable." Sherry chuckled. "Alice is the life of the party. Jasper is quiet. He almost never leaves Alice's side."

We went down the row of children until I noticed a young boy, sitting in the corner. He was playing with a bunch of cars. I noticed that Carlisle was interested in him too. "That's Edward." Sherry whispered. "He kind of keeps to himself. His mother died a few years ago. A terrible disease."

Edward looked up. "Hi Edward."

He smiled a small smile. "Hello." He replied.

"Edward has a lot of potential." Sherry informed. She placed her hands on her hips. "So, any of them really jump out at you?"

"Yes!" I beamed. "All five of them. Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Edward. I want to adopt all five of them! How soon can we adopt?"

Sherry nearly dropped her clipboard and Carlisle's mouth almost fell to the ground. I put my hands on my hips and smiled. "The sooner we get to take them home, the better!"