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Chapter 1

Kagome closed her locker door. Her half demon best friend stood behind it. He was wearing a baggy red hoodie with a white t-shirt underneath and jeans. His hair was silver and he had silver dog ears.

She smiled. "Hey Inuyasha."

"Hey," he said.

"Where's Miroku?" she asked. Sango, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagome were all going out to a restaurant to eat lunch. They were all seniors.

"He's getting Sango." Miroku had a thing for her. Kagome was worried about Miroku going to get Sango alone; he was a pervert. Where Inuyasha was Kagome's best friend, Sango was her best girl-friend, and Miroku was Inuyasha's best guy-friend.

Kagome knew Sango liked Miroku more than she let on, Sango had told her. But Sango was annoyed that Miroku always groped her. It was also a bit uncomfortable, Kagome knew from a first hand experience. She remembered when Inuyasha had introduced Miroku to her.

Flashback begins

They had just entered high school. Inuyasha and Kagome only had two classes together, forcing them to make friends in other classes. Kagome had met Sango, but wasn't really good friends with her yet. Inuyasha wanted Miroku and Kagome to meet because he wanted them to become friends.

"Hey Kagome!" Inuyasha called, waving.

Inuyasha walked over to the table she was sitting at. Kagome saw a boy with black hair and dark eyes tailing along with Inuyasha. The boy's hair was tied back at the nape of his neck. It wasn't even a ponytail. His hair was very short.

"Kagome, this is Miroku. Miroku, this is Kagome," Inuyasha introduced them. The boys were on Kagome's side of the table. She stood up - not a good idea - to shake Miroku's hand. Miroku shook her hand, but his other groped her bottom.

Kagome froze for half a second then squealed jumping back. She slapped the side of his face leaving a red hand print on his cheek.

Miroku was smiling rubbing his cheek. Inuyasha was appalled. His mouth dropped open.

"Kagome! Why did you do that?" he exclaimed.

Kagome was blushing. "He - he groped me!"

That made Inuyasha mad. He grabbed the front of Miroku's shirt and pulled Miroku to him.

"Miroku.... don't touch Kagome," he growled through teeth.

Miroku was frightened. "I'm sorry! I didn't know she was your girlfriend!"

"What?! My - my girlfriend? N-no, she's not my girlfriend, she's just my best friend," Inuyasha stuttered. That was the first time Kagome heard Inuyasha stutter. He was blushing.

"But... you're so protective of her..." Miroku trailed off.

"That's because we practically grew up together," Inuyasha said. "She's like my little sister." He laughed. Then he ruffled Kagome's hair.

"Hey!" she cried. She tried to do the same to Inuyasha but he was too tall for her. She tried to jump up to get to his hair but he leaned back.

"Not fair," Kagome pouted, jutting her bottom lip out.

Both boys started to laugh hysterically. She sat back down, crossing her arms.

Flashback ends

Kagome sighed. She started to walk to the front door with Inuyasha where they were waiting for Sango and Miroku. When Kagome saw Sango and Miroku she laughed shaking her head. Sango was walking behind Miroku with her hands on his back, pushing him forward. Inuyasha laughed also.

They went to Inuyasha's truck. Miroku sat up in the passenger's seat with Inuyasha in the driver's seat. Sango and Kagome sat in the back seat.

They were all laughing when they walked into the restaurant. Miroku groped Sango again and she hit him so hard he stumbled.

While they were eating, they planned a camping trip for when the spring break let out. They were all going. The girls were sleeping in one tent and the boys in another. Spring break let out on Friday, and it was Monday. They started to discuss on where they should go camping.

"Oh! We could go to Bear Cliffs and camp there," Sango suggested.

Kagome was worried. "Isn't Bear Cliffs out past the hospital? Like, really out past it?"

Inuyasha leaned forward, toward Kagome, in the booth. "Kagome, Bear Cliff isn't dangerous at all. There are no bears there," Inuyasha assured her.

Kagome was still afraid and Inuyasha could sense it. He knew she was afraid of getting lost.

"Kagome, I won't let you get lost," he said quietly.

Even though Miroku and Sango have been hanging out with Inuyasha and Kagome for years, they were still amazed at the almost-telepathic bond Inuyasha and Kagome shared. Inuyasha always knew if Kagome was upset or frightened or hurt. Basically he knew if she was in trouble, and he always knew why or how she was upset or frightened or hurt. Kagome also always knew if Inuyasha was angry or annoyed and she always knew why. This bond has grown stronger over the years that they were best friends.

Kagome cheered up a bit. She knew Inuyasha wouldn't let her get lost. Even if she walked off by herself, Inuyasha would come looking for her and he always found her. She smiled at him. "Okay, Inuyasha."

Sango pulled at Kagome's sleeve. "Hey, Kagome, do you want to come to the bathroom with me?" Sango smiled innocently.

Kagome saw the desperation in her eyes. The boys looked at the girls curiously.

"Um... okay, Sango."

The girls got up and headed toward the bathroom in a rush. When they got into the bathroom Sango pulled Kagome into the far corner to talk in private.

"What was that?" Sango asked.

"What was what?" Kagome asked.

"You know what. The smiling and eyes beaming at Inuyasha. Do you like him?"

"Of course not! He's my best friend! We've known each other since, like, forever," Kagome exclaimed.

Sango gave Kagome a disbelieving look.

"Sango! You don't believe me! I would tell you everything! I tell Inuyasha everything too, but I keep things from him. Like that you have a crush on Miroku!"

"But you really would tell me if you started crushing on Inuyasha?"

"Always. I would tell you if I started crushing on anyone period," Kagome promised.

The two girls hugged. They were both smiling.

"Come on. The guys are probably waiting," Sango said, finally pulling away.

They ran out of the bathroom to the guys. The boys were done eating and ready to go.

The group walked to the car, got in, and drove back to the school. They went through the rest of the school day like always. At the end of the day Inuyasha drove Kagome home and then pulled into his driveway. Inuyasha and Kagome were next-door neighbors. Sango drove herself to and from school and so did Miroku. Since Kagome and Inuyasha were next door neighbors and best friends, they drove to school together.

When Kagome walked through the door of her house, she was greeted by her mother.

"Hello, Kagome. How was you're school day?" she asked.

"It was fine. We're planning on going camping over the spring break," Kagome stated.

Kagome's mom knew who the "we" was. It was the group. Shortly after Kagome walked in the door, Sota and Shippo burst though it. They were laughing.

When Shippo saw Kagome he ran and jumped into her arms.

"Kagome!" he cried. Kagome was practically his adoptive mother. She had found him all alone on the street. His parents had died, and he was all alone with no one to take care of him. She took him home. They've been together for four years now. She found him when she was a freshman.

"Hey, Shippo! How was school?" she asked him.

"It was fun like always. Me and Sota are partners for this project we're doing. So that would be fun."

"Yeah, and we have to get started. It's due on Friday," Sota added. "Come on, Shippo."

Sota and Shippo ran up into their room. Kagome watched them go, glad that Sota and Shippo have become such good friends.

Kagome headed up to her room to get started on her homework. When she was done with that she called Sango. She flipped over on her back on her bed.

The phone rang only twice. "Hey," Sango said.

"Hey, so did you finish your homework?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, did you?" Sango answered.

"Yep," Kagome said making a popping sound at the 'p'. The girls were bored.

"Are you gonna ask Shippo and Sota if they're coming?" Sango asked.

"Yeah, and you're bringing Kirara, right?"

"Uh huh," Sango said. She was also laying on her back, on her bed, in her room.

"We should bring our bathing suits and sneakers for swimming and hiking. You know the boys are going to want to go hiking," Kagome said and launched into an animated conversation with Sango.

They talked on the phone for about an hour.

"Kagome! Sota! Shippo! Dinner!" Kagome's mom called.

"I have to go Sango, I'll see you tomorrow," Kagome said.

"Okay, bye," Sango replied. They both hung up at the same time. Kagome put her cell phone down. She got up and ran down stairs.

Her grandpa was already seated at the table, as were Sota and Shippo. Sota and Shippo had their heads pressed together, talking about their project. Her mother was setting the table.

Kagome got to the table as her mother was sitting down. They ate in silence for a few moments.

"Hey, Shippo, Sota?" she asked.

"Yeah?" they asked in unison.

"Well, the group is going camping after school on Friday. We were wondering if you want to come?"

"Sure." Again at the same time.

"Okay then. I'll have to tell them," Kagome said smiling.

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