Summary: Derek and Casey are both trapped in an elevator and decide to play truth or dare. What will happen? Will either of them will finally be able to admit that they have feelings for one another or will the kill each other instead?

"Derek! How could you?" Casey yelled.

"How on earth are you blaming this all on me?"

"I don't know. I guess that there is no on else to blame it on."

It wans't Derek's fault. It actually wasn't anyone's fault. Elevators stopped all the time trapping people inside. But it was just in Casey's nature when things went wrong she blamed Derek. She knew that it wasn't his fault, she just hated that thought that the two of them were stuck together in the little room, for how long neither one of them knew. Just hopefully that they were both still alive when they gotten out.

"So what are you saying that you just go a blame everything on me even when it isn't any fault of my own." Derek said, almost hurt.

"No, I just sort of paniced that's all. I just needed to blame someone for being here all alone with you in the first place."

"What do I make you nervous?" Derek said, smirking.

"That isn't what I was saying, and you know that." Casey said that, but deep down that she knew that Derek was right. He did make her nervous a lot. And it scared her to even think that she was having feeling for him like that. He was her step-brother, but still she was still human and had eyes. In the past few years that they have been living together under the same roof and all she just couldn't help but have feelings for him. And unknown to Casey, Derek was feeling the exact same way.

Derek sat down on one end of the elevator as Casey did the same thing on the other side."So how long do you think that we will be stuck in here." She asked him.

"Don't know. I remember dad saying one time that he got stuck in one of these thing for almost five hours."

"Five hours??? Thanks for making me feel better Derek. What did he do to kill all of the time. It's not like there is so much to do in here." She looked around at just the two of them, and Derek's hockey gear that was sitting on the floor. At least it was the two of them, she didn't even want to imagine how it would be if the elevator was full.

"We could play truth or dare."

"Your on Venturi."


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