Ok this is a first ever 2 person fic meaning that 2 people are doing this fic. This fic will be done by yours' truly and HotRodimus who I have the pleasure of knowing and writing with ^^

This is the prolouge to our fic about Elwood obtaining his driver's license; obviously this is way before the movie(s).

So the usual people : no bashing, no flaming, no rudeness, and such. Enjoy ^^

Elwood Blues belongs to Dan Aykroyd/Universal
Jake Blues belongs to John Belushi (may God rest and bless his soul) / Universal
Bluesmobile belongs to Universal

License to Crash

By: Sora-M-Jigen and 3LW00D




With age comes maturity and with maturity comes age; nonetheless, both are inseparable. this is true and such as humans develop from their younger lives into their older lives. as young boys and girls grow into teenagers and soon young adults, they all acknowledge that they must learn an awesome skill in life: how to drive. For everyone has a different style of driving; it could be dangerous, cautious, or even polite if one is willing to go the extra mile to allow a person to take a turn or let the ambulance pass by.

However, one brother of blues had developed his driving from car chases as he escaped from cops with his older brother. His driving style was reckless, sometimes true to the rules of the road but when captured in a chase it was as if a mad man took control of the wheel as he stormed through buildings and malls with his Bluesmobile.

Nonetheless, this boy too had to learn how to drive properly - not to be a gentleman of the road (if he chose this) but to drive like a normal, sane person but then again what would be considered normal as people have different views of it? This boy, this Blues Brother, had to respect the road as well as the very vehicle he drove and owned but in order to do that he would overcome the biggest obstacle of his life: his driver's ed test.

With a crazy brother who enjoyed beers, women, music, and a good time it became a question of wonder as to where Elwood Blues would ever receive his license to crash.