This is a NoCo Story.

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"Who ever knew Chris was nice enough to throw us a prom after the show" Geoff said while slurping down a pina colada.

"I don't know there has to be a catch." Cody said while watching the sexy dream-walker get out of the pool, water dripping down their chest. Cody got a hard one while watching but easily hid it.

"Dude, have some faith in the man. Sure he totally humiliated us but wasn't he the one who referred to us as a community… 'Like a school'" the blonde boy said referring to the 'behind the drama' interview "and every school does have a prom!"

"AHH!" Cody screamed as the party man dropped his pina colada all over him. "CRAP! Sorry man!"

"It's cool I was gonna hit the showers any way, the codester has to smell fresh for the la-dies tonight!" Cody said as he was wiping off the coconut/pineapple blend off his swimsuit

"Hey are you gonna ask Gwen or Beth?" Geoff asked as he handed Cody more napkins

"Neither, Gwen is going with Trent and despite her love for me Beth gives me chills. I'm just gonna with DJ or Ezekiel and hang with the dudes" Cody hopped off his seat

"Righteous man, I'll see ya there!"


On the other side of the pool Noah was drying off staring at the cutie leaving the bar as Lindsey approached him with Beth.

"Whatcha staring at Noah?" Beth asked as she watched the hottie Geoff get out of his seat

"No one, I mean nothing." Noah snapped back to reality

"Sure…" Beth said giggling and rolling her eyes

"Are you ready to go, Ned?" Lindsey asked as she fixed her bikini.

"Its Noah, Lindsey, and are you ready to go?" Beth asked as she spat onto Noah.

"Yeah…Sure…" Noah left the pool

Leaving behind his book


Cody jumped out of the steamy shower and put on his finest clothes: His black skinny jeans and his purple tee with a white undershirt and a leather jacket. He was looking really fine. His sparkling blue eyes really completed the look. He could pick up any one he wanted.

"Hey Good Looking--What's cooking?" He was staring at himself in the mirror

He turned up the music to practice his dancing skills. He knew somewhere in his heart that his soul mate was an excellent dance. "Now lucy looks sweet cause he dresses like a queen But he can kick like a mule its a real mean team But we can love oh yes we can love" He sang along to his favorite song All the Young Dudes. As the door opened it was Ezekiel and Harold.

"Hey man what are you doing? Dancing? Laughing my ass off!" Ezekiel said

"Shut up! What are you doing here anyways?" Cody asked as he turned off the music

"Came to tell you I am going with Beth, eh." Ezekiel said while eating something he found in Cody's room

"What the? Beth? Ew! And what are you eating!?" Cody asked while picking up some underwear

"And I am going with LaShawna" Harold said "She is sooo bootilicious!"

"you blowing me off?" Cody's big blue eyes grew larger. Crap! I am going to be all ALONE! Aghhhhhhhhhh!

"Sorry man but what ever we gotta get ready"

And they left, not only Cody's room but him alone without friends to hang with that night. Time to call Noah! He picked up his phone


Meanwhile on the other side of the island Noah was shopping with Lindsey and Beth for dresses they needed a boy for advice on how cute they looked and they offered to buy Noah anything he wanted from Barnes n Nobles so he had to agree.

"How Do I look?" Lindsey came out wearing a red gown with a whiter bow. She looked so beautiful.

"Excellent." Noah said he had to be nice they were buying him books "Tyler would love it, Beth who are you going with it"

"Ezekiel, Cody rejected me a million times, Ezekiel was like last resort" Beth stepped out wearing such a stunning dress even Noah's jaw dropped

"Oh my- YOU LOOK AMAZING!" Lindsey giggled "Okay Nat we can go to the bookstore if you want"

"No its cool we can go tomorrow you guys have to get ready for the prom, and its NOAH!" Noah became fairly close with the girls over time despite Beth's annoyingness and obsession with his best friend Cody and Lindsey's dumbness he really cared about them like a sister brother relationship per say.

The faster were falling, Were stopping and stalling. Were running in circles again

"Hello" Noah picked up his phone

"Hey man, Zeke and Harold blew me off wanna hang tonight like come to the prom with me?" Cody sounded nervous OMG!!!!

"Sure, I will pick you up at 8" Noah hung up he had the propensity to come to places early.

"WAS THAT A GIRL!?" screamed Lindsey and Beth in unison

"No it was Cody." He said putting his phone back in his pocket

"Ohhh…" Lindsey winked "That's SOOO CUTE!"

"Yeah Gay Couples are the cutest!" Said Beth!

"We aren't a couple!" He screamed!

"But he asked you out" Beth said

"So? Doesn't mean we are dating" I wish it did. I mean me and Cody!

"Not yet"


Back at Cody's room. I can't believe it I actually asked him out! Is it a date in his eyes too! I don't know I am so confused! Cody watched the clock. 7:58 he got anxious. 7:59 he got jumpy. 8 and Noah walked in dressed in a blue shirt with a black tie and dark blue jeans with a black jacket. You look amazing my love. Cody thought…

"Are you ready to go?" Ready as ever. Cody was thinking

"Ready Freddy!" he jumped

"Who are you Lindsey?" He asked

"It's a common phrase" Cody said while picking up his key. And they Left

Okay that's Chapter one of Who Knew? It kinda sucked but I am working on it! :D Please Enjoy