Area 97

Level 22

The cargo lift slowly went down the shaft leading to the depths of Area 97, aboard it were a dozen squads of soldiers, HAZMAT marines, and engineers. All of them were ready for what was ahead. Or so they thought.

"Okay people! Scramble code Zulu Four! Keep your mouth's shut, and eyes wired, we have no idea what happened here!" Sarge was the first one off the lift, followed by Baker and Blair, with Stevens and Jones filling the rear, with them, an engineer team tagged along. The other squads moved out to other areas.

Blair hefted his twin rifles with a grin, this was the first time tried out the latest model pulse rifle. And the wide corridors of the underwater facility were perfect killzones. Baker took a moment to make sure his grenade launcher had a frag round in it, something was making him suspicious about something. He didn't know what.

"We'll need to divert to an auxiliary lift to get to level 66." Said Sarge. "Quarantine locks are preventing the main lifts from getting down that far." the squad provided mere nods in reply. Behind the squad, in the engineering team, Kieri suppressed a curse as her grip on the med-kit she carried slipped for a mement. They all kept getting heavyer and heavyer with every new medical advance.

"Having trouble?" As ked a voice near her.

"Karso, I don't need you talking right now." She hissed under her breath.

To her side was a young red-headed man dressed in a security officer's uniform. He wasn't actually there, however. She knew it was an illusion made by her own mind. This was further justified when Jones walked through him.

"Damn, I hate it when people do that!" Yelled Karso, only to be heard by no-one.

"Well suck it up, and go away." Whispered Kieri again, taking a break as the two teams finally reached the auxillary lift.

"Hey, I can't help it, I AM the personification of your anxiety at the moment."

As the two began to quarrel silently, neither of the two squads were aware that they were being watched. And not by living eyes.

And for a moment, Blair thought he heard something. A voice.

.gnivilnu eht fo tsaef eht ot, snamuh emocleW



///Log_KZT 09///

///Initate Log///

///Audio Only///

???: Who are you?

Marks: The name is Marks.

???" Marks huh? Another spook here to question me?

Marks: Yes, and I'm sorry for Daniel's behavior. That was complete violation of what we stand for. We DO hold ourselves to standards you know. We aren't monsters.

???: And yet you tried to dissect my body and brain.

Marks: I know, that won't happen anymore.

???: Please. You have no intention of helping me. You only care about yourself.

Marks: Actually, your wrong.

???: Hm?

Marks: Your gift is something valuable not just me, but to humanity, heck, to the universe.

???: Yeah right.

Marks: If you don't believe me, look at this.

???: What the-?

Marks: This is beyond me. Beyond us. We face annialation, dear, and your power might buy us some time.

???: ....

???: I'm listening.

Marks: Let us do some minor brain scans, monitor your bodies reaction to varius effects of the Marker. In a minute way of course.

???: Fine, on one condition.

Marks: What?

???: Where are my friends?

Marks: Ah, you mean Weller and McNeil. Don't worry, they're okay. They just need more time in sickbay.

???: I'll take your word for it. For now.

Marks: Heh, at this rate you'll be a black ops in now time Miss Murdoch. Now, let us begin.

///End Recording///