I sighed as I looked at the sign that signified our entrance into the tiny, rainy, small, did I mention tiny, town of forks. Edward squeezed my hand as he drove. It was the middle of the night...we were planning on staying in the Cullen mansion...funny..I wonder if this was how they felt moving back to Forks for the billionth time. We had just moved back from Italy. Edward pulled into the drive way and thengot out to help me out of the car..even though I didn't need the help. He got Anthony and I got Apollo from the backseat and we carried them into the house. We ran up the stairs at vampire speed and tucked them in, We kissed both of their foreheads and Edward kissed mine and then we headed downt he stairs to the living room. Rosalie caught me on the bottom stairs.

"Bella...I need to talk to you. Someone just called.." Rose said her tone was omnious.

"Sure." Edward kissed my hand once and then allowed Rosalie to lead me from the room.

"Carmen called."

"Yes..and. What's up Rose.? " I asked I was getting impatient.

"She asked me if you knew a man named, Jafan."

"Yes I do..why?" I asked my voice going to a monotone. I hated Jafan...well not hate, severely dislike, he was one of my enemies/

"He and his mate are coming to Forks."

"No!" I whisper yelled. My head was spinning, everything had been so perfect and now it was going to be ruined.

"On your thirtieth week, the sisters of Erasia are coming to get us...they're taking us to someplace called Navera..and you have to go back to Italy. She said it was upon your request that the sisters come to get us. I know we haven't been so close in the past but I love you like my sister...and I am not going to leave you!" She hissed.

"Rose I'm doing this for your guys' good. I didn't think Jafan would ever come back he's been dormant since I was a kid." I told her. She looked at me disapproving. I hadn't noticed that we had gained an audience. THe cullen's looked at me. THeir faces were blank.

"We're not abandoing you." Edward said his voice sounded final like he had made a choice,

"Your not. Your just moving somewhere safe until I can get this figured out." I said.

"No way!" Emmett boomed. "You are not denying me this. Your my little sister"

"Ditto." Jasper said. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Tahj's number.

"Hey Sis." He said answering his phone.

"We have a slight problem Tahjie." I hissed.

"Yes...we do. Jafan is on his way there right now!" I growled a furious growl and then shifted between a tiger and then back to my vampire form. The Cullens were unphased.

"Carmen told us. Do you realized what this means?" I asked.

"The witches of the seven seas are back. And they've come to take you as their jewel." Tahj said slowly. I clenched my fist which caused my phone to break into tiny pieces.

"That's never going to happen. Your not going anywhere...mom." A voice said from the darkness, it was too familiar, I never thought I would ever hear this voice again.