I could kill Emmett. He was so lucky that no cake got on my dress.

"Your majesty," One of my servants called to me from my seat next to Edward who just couldn't seem to stop smiling.

"uuuuh, yeah?" I turned to him.

"We wanted to unveil a few of your new videos for the entertainment of your audience." I smiled, he was one of my best and brightest.

"I'd love to." I smiled. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Every heart, Cinderella, and..." He trailed off. I smiled at him.

"Battle field." I smiled. His face lit up. HE ran off happily. Moments later the lights dimmed. I smiled. The picture of the house appeared, it was Every heart. I made some adjustments. Since the Cullens came back into my life. My children, and the cullens were put into thhis music video. Anna was actually going to play the piano for this, he long caramel hair fell to shield her face from the camara. I wandered around the rooms reaching out to the fading images of my family. Edward was the last one. I reached out to him and he disapeared. I pulled back my hand to my chest and I fell to the ground and the camara gave a 360 view of what was going on and one by one they re appeared. Edward was next to me his arms wrapped around me and we looked up at the sky together. as the night turned to dawn. Everyone applauded at the video. I looked down as Edward kissed my cheek from beside me.

The next video appeared. I was wearing a tattered beautiful gown that came to my knees. It was pure white., Battle field.I knew this song well.I was laying in the middle of a field with my hair fanned out around me, breathing hard. Words flashed across the screen, She fought, she won. She faught, on the battle field of love. A man stepped out of the shadows. touched my dressand it turned into a long silky ball gown. He wore a tuxedo, and we began to waltz at the beginning. Then the music started. As the song played I was dancing?fighting. the movements were fighting styles but I was told to make them flow into dance movments. Mean while clips of a silent argument between me and different guy were going on. The guy "hit" me and I fell backwards against the wallI was glaring as I got up, about to fight back, whe he grabbed my raised arms we stared into each others eyes he tried to kiss me and I backed away and packed, ready to leave. while flash backs of the good times what we had appaeared. Then onto the battle field towarsd the end. There would be freeze frames of me fighting. and when the bridge occured, IT was I re appeared in the middle of the field a new man appeared and we waltzed again. Another roud of applause. Edward had tensed when he saw me fighting because he'd seen it before in real life, or so he'd thought. He now, kissed me on my hair smiling into it.

We decided to save Cinderella for another day. I felt like dancing with Edward.

"I love you Mrs. Cullen." He smiled as we danced.

"As I love you Mr. Cullen."