Characters belong to Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen. Not me. Story line does though.

Fury dropped the mail bag on the table, Bad Horse and FTJ being the only two that didn't groan along with the wood. None of them ever understood their leader's reasoning behind reading the applications of the wannbe evil-doers. But they did as they were told, never asking why. It was Tie-Die's turn to open Bad Horse's letters, getting up at an ear-flick to take out the DVD and put in a new one. Applicants sent in envelopes with videos and forms as to why they should be in the ELE. No one ever got in, anyone that the others thought worthy were sent to Bad Horse, who turned them down.

Video tapes, DVDs, even USB sticks were sent in with people bragging about how great they were. Each of the board members had a computer with a VCR set up to watch them. Fake Thomas Jefferson hated these. Even more so, he hated this one. Three years, he had been seeing the same envelope for three years. It was a plane white envelope, no video included. Not worth his time. Taking the entry he tossed it, unopened, into the trash not far from him.

"Thomas." The politician jumped as his name was nickered in his ear. He glanced up, finding Bad Horse looking pointedly at him. Here, in the board room, as the only place that the cowboy henchmen were not speaking for their leader. There was no reason too.

"What is that that you threw out?"

"A letter sir, nothing of importance."

"A letter. For entry to the League?"

"…Yes, sir." FTJ hated when Bad Horse did this to him. They were friends, long time co-workers... Thomas helped the mare birth the evil thing! He was the one that taught the horse everything he knew. Or, kind of. It seemed that after forming the League that the horse was showing brains that Jefferson hadn't given him.

"Let me see it." Swallowing, the fake man retrieved the letter, opened it, and put it before his master. For that's what Bad Horse was now. Not a friend, not a co-worker, not a partner in crime. He was their master.

The brown and white stallion's eyes scanned the page. Everyone watched, waiting to see what was going to happen. After the hours of sitting and reading the dull applications, watching the stupid people gloat like they were trying to get from the Hero Book and upgrade to the Hero Guild, anything even slightly interesting was worth rapt attention. And a collective shiver went through the group when a smirk crossed the steed's lips.

"Put this in my file. Jefferson, type this address into the computer for me." Jefferson? Thomas hated it when Bad Horse called him that. They had known each other for so long, why resort to that name?! At least he didn't call him Fake. But this was fascinating. The most feared man… creature… in the world wanted this applicant on file?! Doing as he was bid, the long-time shadow stalker looked at the paper, at the highlighted sentence, and typed in the web address provided. Then as the page loaded, put the messy hand-written application into the filing cabinet.

"Who's it from?" Bowie drawled, standing and looking over the horse's shoulder, leaning on his flank. A twitching shake made him stand on his own.

"Doctor Horrible." Jefferson frowned as the name left a taste in his mouth less than desired.

"Pish." Snake rolled her eyes. "Sounds like a child's name."

"Like you should talk." Professor Normal snapped, going back to his paper but not truly reading it. Behind the thick lenses he watched the reactions to whatever Bad Horse was waiting for.

"Oh, right, like your name is any better." Tie-Die snarked.

"STOP IT! You act like foals, truly a name has no matter, it is what fear it strikes that counts."

"Right you are m'lord!"

"Shut up Fury."

"Yes sir." Never take him lightly.

"Click that link there, the one that sais last page. I think I found my new RSS feed." Clearly the page had loaded.

"Sir, you can't be serious!" FTJ protested, resisting the urge to cower under the table when he was glared at, long ears so far back that they were hidden in the brown mane. With three soft clops the big horse, Bay Clydesdale that Thomas' father had been so proud of, the cross horse that liked to call himself a Thoroughbred though it was so far from the truth, was nose to nose with the man that had brought him into the world of evil.

"Thomas Thomas Thomas, Doubting Thomas should have been your namesake. Click, the, link." Giving a slight nod, the man did as he was told. Bible names was not something good from the iron shoed equine that was only inches from ruling the world. He clicked on the link. Hours later, Bad Horse had watched every video on the blog, all the applications had been read and thrown out, and they were all watching the wheels turn in the steed's mind.

"Professor Normal." The cyborg snapped to attention. "Send this man, Doctor Horrible, a letter of denial from the League."

"But, Bad Horse, we've never sent a letter of such nature before."

"I am well aware of that, Normal."

"Of course, I will have it in the mail by noon tomorrow."

"Good, meeting adjourned." Bad Horse was the first one out of the room. Leaving a very confused Board behind him.

Bad Horse loved his phone. He had it in a small pouch, and he had taken to wearing it on his halter after the letter from Dr. Horrible. The board still didn't get why he was so interested in the looser. But he had put a feed on his phone with a special ring-tone. When it went off, he would whisk away to his computer to watch the newly uploaded video, normally with the board watching. He liked the days that there was an early post, because that meant that there was going to be a heist going on, and normally an evening video as well. Bowie had made a comment once about how you could almost set your watch to this Horrible character.

"He's rather stupid, isn't he?" Tie-Die muttered, watching the newest video with Fury and Bad Horse. "I mean really, he puts information on his blog about his heist, then gets beaten to a pulp by Hammer. He hasn't figured out that the tool is watching his computer?"

"Clearly not." Fury snorted, munching on her popcorn. She rather enjoyed these sessions with the horse. Then again, pain to any male figure was fun to watch. Except pain to her boss, as Bad Horse may be male, but was a horse, and therefore not human, and didn't fall under her hate. "Though I have to admit, I'm interested in that poor girl he's interested in."

"You are truly wise, Fury."

"Say what?!" Tie narrowed her eyes, looking up at the long face above hers.

"That girl is the key."

"Key to what?" The hippy never quite liked that gleam in his eye.

"Bring me that girl. Find out who this girl is, and bring her to me. Un-harmed."

"We don't know anything about her!" Fury stepped back as the cold eyes turned on her.

"Then I guess you'll actually have to work, won't you?"