Her seventeenth birthday was meant to mark the beginning of a wonderful life. They both had made a promise to Harry Potter that they would wait until Tess was old enough date Regulus freely without the threat of Azkaban looming over his head if they were ever caught. Tess had dreamed about this day since she and Regulus began their relationship, but what was to be her day of freedom was instead a day of misery. He should have been there celebrating the day with her, but he wasn't. He was long gone and she had to face the reality of a future without him. Regulus Riddle was not coming back for her. She watched sadly as her twin sister, Alice happily unwrapped the package that her long time boyfriend, James Potter had given her. Her face lit up, when she pulled a cloak out of a boxful of tissue paper and wrapped it around her shoulders, almost disappearing as she did. All that was visible was her head and a beaming grin.

"This was your father's wasn't it?" she asked, her grin suddenly turning serious. He nodded, wispily. "But why give it to me?"

"Well since you'll not long be a Potter, it will be as much yours as it was supposed to be mine and you're going need it in your line of work."

Tess was leaving the Burrow far behind after she graduated Hogwarts to become an actress in movies. James, who had followed his father's footsteps and became an Auror was transferring to the U.S. to be with his fiancée.

"James, you don't know how much this means to me, knowing where it came from and what happened to him." A wave of sadness washed over their faces. Tess scurried away, wanting to be alone. Harry Potter was the reason, Regulus wasn't going to be there to celebrate Tess' birthday. Her reggie struggled everyday with the voice of his father ringing in his ears. It wasn't the first time Regulus had attempted to kill Harry Potter on that stormy night in Knockturn Alley.

Tess remembered the time when she had watched Regulus lift his wand arm to perform the unforgivable curse. Harry had been too quick and disarmed him instantly, saving himself from death.

The second attempt at Harry's life had been the last fateful one. Harry Potter was now dead and Reggie was doomed to a lifetime in Azkaban for killing him. While the Potters, the Longbottoms and every other family, whose lives he'd touched mourned his death, Tess could feel nothing but anger. Harry had gone looking for Regulus, that night, so that he could destroy the final remaining Horcrux. He was going out to kill Regulus, but Regulus was quicker that night. He had seen him coming and knew from the expression on his face, what he was about to do. He apparated behind Harry in the smokey dark alley, wand out to strike. Felling his presence, Harry had turned around to face him and fumbled for his wand. There was no time. Regulus under the instruction of his father had performed the Avada Kedavra and the green light had shot from his wand into the man's chest. Regulus sunk to his knees, hot tears of anguish and regret flooding his eyes. That was how they found him, crouched beside the body of Harry Potter, howling his father's name and the name of the man he'd killed. "WHY!" he screamed his cries cutting into the night.

George Weasley and his muggle wife, had heard the cries and had gone to see what the commotion was about. George's young wife had crouched down beside Regulus to comfort the young man, but George hissed at her to get away from him. "He's a murderer Cilice. He killed Harry Potter. With his wand he dragged Regulus to his feet. "You will pay for this, Riddle. Mark my word, you will pay."

When the Aurors arrived, George had gladly handed Regulus over and knelt down next to beside Harry. "Don't worry, Mate. We'll make sure he pays for this."

Regulus had not put up a struggle. He was too much in shock. He was angry at himself, for letting his father win. Harry was a good man and Regulus knew it. He had never forgotten Harry's leniency when he had discovered Tess staying with him in his apartment. He could have turned him over to the ministry that night, but he hadn't. Harry Potter had a good heart, which he had shown to the young man. He knew that for Harry it was nothing personal when he had strode through Knockturn Alley and was about to round the corner into Diagon Alley and he was prepared to die, but his father had taken over and Regulus was powerless to stop it.

Being the son of vicious killers, Regulus received the trial he was expecting, a not entirely fair one, in which his father's name was tossed around the courtroom along with the phrase, "Tarred with the same brush". He had been sentenced to spend the rest of his days in Azkaban, never again to see the light of day, or his one true love; Tess.

That had all happened over a before her seventeenth birthday. She lit the fireplace in her room and curled up in a ball in the chair before it. All she wanted was the one thing she couldn't have and if she could have Regulus, she didn't want to celebrate her seventeenth birthday and watch her sister parade around in the invisibility cloak, reminding everyone of the events of the previous year.

Two year old Bella, chose that moment to run, giggling into the room. As she approached the chair by the fireplace, Tess scooped her daughter up in her arms. She buried her face into the only thing she had left of Regulus. "Don't cry, Mummy." The little girl's voice was angelic. This only made Tess cry harder until both mother and daughter were asleep in the chair.