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"We did it!" yelled Edward, smiling at me widely and catching the hat that was high in the air just moments ago.

And we did, we finally graduated Forks High School. I shot a smile at him, although it might have been more of a grimace. To anyone else graduating would be extremely exciting, but not to me. I am borderline depressed. This was going to be the group's last summer together before we go our separate ways.

The girls, Rose, Alice and I, are going off to college together, but the boys aren't. The boys would be Emmett, Jasper, and then there is Edward. Emmett is my twin brother, but you would never guess it by looking at us. We have the same brown eyes and curly brown hair, but his height of 6'4 towers over my measly 5'4. Jasper is Rose's twin brother. They are the same height, 6 foot, with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. Rose is drop dead gorgeous, even to other girls; I swear she could be a supermodel. She has been going out with my brother for three and a half years. They really love each other. Edward, oh Edward, is Alice's twin brother. Alice is a very short pixie, standing at 4'10 with short black hair and emerald eyes. Alice is also gorgeous and she has been going out with Jasper for two years now. Edward is a tall 6'2, very well built and has bronzy copper hair, that screams to be touched, and deep emerald eyes that you can get lost in. All of us are very pale, thanks to living in the rainiest place in the continental United States. We all have been friends since we were born because all of our birthdays were just a few months apart. Edward and Alice were born on May 11th, Jazz and Rose on July 15th, and Em and I on September 13th. Our parents all wanted to have kids together and they lucked out and got two each. Weird right?

Edward, Em, and Jazz are all in a band and they are going to try and get recognized instead of going to college. That shouldn't be hard for them because they are great. I would know I'm their manager and have been for 4 years now. That's all going to change once summer is over, I'm heading to college. I would love to manage them while in college but there's really no way that can happen and I'm not skipping college. They really have it together,with Em being the drummer, Jazz the bassist and Edward the vocalist and lead guitarist. Also, they all can play the other instruments. They taught each other so that they could all have a chance to sing. They'll have no problem finding a new manager and getting a deal,they are really great.

But that isn't even the most depressing part. I can handle them all leaving if it weren't for the fact that I'm completely and utterly in love with Edward. I haven't told him though. I'm way too chicken to tell my best friend (since we were babies) that I love him. I don't want things to be weird between us when I find out that he doesn't feel the same way. Because he probably wouldn't. I mean, look at him, god-like with his Adonis like perfect body, perfect eyes, and his beautiful messy hair. Then, look at me, a Plain Jane with dull brown eyes, and dull frizzy brown hair. We aren't meant to be together, no matter how much I wish we were.

"Come on Bella, we need to get ready for the graduation party!" said Alice shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Right," I replied, shaking my head to clear it, and followed the pixie.

I waved goodbye to Edward who gave me a sympathetic look, which made me smile. He knew how much that I hated getting made up by his sister. I gave my parents, Renee and Charlie, Alice's parents, Esme and Carlisle Cullen, and Rose's parents, Sally and Joe Hale, hugs and told them I would see them tomorrow at brunch. Then Rose, Alice, and I walked out to Alice's yellow Porsche to get ready to go to the graduation party with the boys. I noticed Rose looking at me funny. "What's wrong Bella?" asked Rose worriedly.

I shrugged and said, "Aren't either of you sad that we won't be with the boys after this summer?"

"You should just tell him Bells, I know that he feels the same way you do. I know my own brother," sighed Alice.

"I would if it would even make a difference. Even if he did feel the same, which he doesn't, I'm going to college. Him, Em, and Jazz are going to get famous and meet gorgeous famous girls. You guys won't have to worry about Emmett and Jasper, because look at you guys. But Edward wouldn't stay with me because I can't compare to the girls that he'll meet. I'm sorry to have brought it up, let's just get ready for this party and get it over with."

"Whatever," they mumbled while shaking their heads. When we got to Rose and Jasper's house, because Alice and Edward's is where the party was, they shooed me into the shower. I stood under the hot water that was washing away my stress. I scrubbed my favorite strawberry shampoo in my hair and lathered myself with my freesia body wash. Then I figured that I had put off the dreaded makeover long enough, and got out and dried off. "Finally," Alice said, hands on her hips, "I laid your dress on your bed, go put it on, no complaints, and then come see Rose and me for H and M."

I sighed and went to get changed. When I saw what was on the bed, my jaw dropped and I almost threw a fit. I realized though that it would accomplish absolutely nothing to yell. The dress was pretty, but there was no way I could pull it off. It was a navy blue spaghetti strap dress with sparkly silver beads all under the bust. The neck line was a bit low for my liking though. It was pretty and would reach just above my knees. The worst part though were the shoes. They were silver and sparkly and 4 inch high heels. Those paired with my clumsiness is equal to absolute insanity. Alice is absolutely insane.

I slipped the dress on without looking, liking the way the material felt, and carried the shoes with me. I went and found Alice and Rose who was both dressed beautifully. Alice was in a pretty knee length emerald dress that matched her eyes, and had her hair pointing in every direction. Rose was in a pretty scarlet dress with a neck line that only Rose could pull off that also ended before her knees, and her platinum blonde hair was pin straight. They smiled at me and sat me down in the torture chair facing away from the mirror. They then began the torture with Rose tugging at my hair and Alice doing my makeup.

After what seemed like hours but was really only minutes, they finished. I put on the stupid death traps and stood up facing them while wincing at these so called shoes. They gasped in unison. I turned and started out the door. Alice ran ahead of me, in 4 inch heels mind you, and stopped me in the doorway while tapping her foot. She asked, "And where do you think you are going?"

"Well by your gasps, I figure that I was right, I can't pull off this dress. So, I'm going to go home, change into comfortable sweats and skip the party. I'll just meet you and everyone else at brunch tomorrow."

"You, my dear, are sadly mistaken," Rose sighed, "We gasped because you are absolutely stunning. Look."

She turned me so that I was facing the mirror, and I too gasped. My usually dull hair was a pretty color and in pretty waves cascading down my shoulders and back like waterfalls. My eyes looked like a pretty chocolate brown and were very vibrant thanks to the makeup. I was completely shocked that I could look so good. I wrapped my arms around both of them into a big group hug and whispered, "Wow. You guys have definitely outdone yourselves. I look pretty. Me."

I smiled and said in a playful voice, "But, I still don't look half as good as you two. You look great! Rose, my brother won't know what hit him. And Al, Jasper won't know what hit him either."

They both smiled and nodded. Alice started jumping up and down while squealing. She suddenly stopped and put in, "My brother also won't know what hit him when he gets a look at you, you know."

I smiled and shook my head while laughing. Rose then came up behind us and linked arms with both of us walking us toward the driveway and out to Alice's Porsche. Then she giggled, "Well let's not keep them waiting then."

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