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4 Years Later


"I can't believe we have to do a concert on our only child's third birthday. How is that even fair?" I whined, plopping down on the dressing room's couch and giving up on picking out an outfit.

"It isn't fair, but there is nothing we can do. It's our job. However, after the concert everyone is going to our house and we'll celebrate. We really should just be excited that the concert is in Seattle, so getting back home is not as hard. I really don't think Coop will be too put out, he'll be with his two favorite aunties in the whole world," Edward replied, sitting next to me.

I sighed and nodded in agreement. I rested my head on his shoulder. "I can't believe he's getting so big," I sighed.

"I know," Edward chuckled. "It feels like it was just yesterday you, well not exactly you, told me that I was going to be a daddy."

I smiled, remembering it vividly.


I wrung my hands nervously backstage. I could hear the crowd cheering loudly for an encore from outside the curtain. Alice shot me a supportive smile. Emmett and Jasper came out of nowhere and stood on either side of me.

"You ready for this baby mama?" Emmett asked, beaming.

I sighed and thought if I actually was. "No, but yes," I conceded.

Jasper patted my shoulder. "Bells, you know he's going to be thrilled. Don't be nervous. This is just a fun way to tell him," he told me, calming my nerves.

I nodded, the butterflies slowly going away. The boys and I walked out on stage. I knew I had limited time before Edward came out. I smiled at the cheering fans. I walked straight to the microphone as Jasper and Emmett took their places for our encore. I quickly got them to quiet down so I could make my announcement.

"Hey guys, before we do one more song for the night, I need a big favor. I recently found that Edward and I are expecting." I paused as people cheered. I smiled and continued, "Thanks guys. Now, Edward doesn't know, so when he gets out here let's all greet him with a big 'Hi Daddy'"

They laughed and I thanked them again as I went back with Emmett and Jasper to help them get everything set. I saw a flash of bronze hair behind the curtain and I stood up straight. He came out to us looking mildly confused and the arena boomed around us "HI DADDY!"

I watched his expression, biting my lip nervously. He caught my eye and had a curious expression. His eyes traveled down to my stomach and back up to my eyes, his emerald orbs open wide.

I smiled shyly and nodded. His mouth exploded into a huge grin and he crossed the stage to me, picking me up and spinning me around. I could distantly hear the audience, but the only thing I was really registering was my husband. He set me down and kissed me deeply.

"I take it that you are happy?" I said, smiling.

"I am the very happiest man on the planet," he told me, honesty burning in his eyes.

He kissed me once more. Emmett started up the drums and we were knocked out of our perfect little world. Throughout the whole song, he kept his eyes on me.

End flashback

"I have to say, just seeing you so confused was pretty great," I told him, grinning.

He flashed a crooked smile. "I was very confused. I had no idea. I'm very impressed that you came up with that," he said appreciatively.

I smiled proudly.

All of a sudden, an annoyed pixie barged into the room. "You two, need to be ready in five. Let's get this over quickly so we can celebrate my nephew's birthday. And Bella, get your butt up and get dressed," she ordered.

Edward got up and saluted, leaving the room to see the guys I guessed. "What shall I wear Miss Fashionista?" I asked, standing up.

She rolled her eyes and picked out a pair of dark faded jeans, a pair of gray converse and a purple graphic tee. "I suppose you can be comfortable tonight. But I get to pick out absolutely anything I choose the next show."

"Deal," I agreed, pushing her out of the room so I could change.

After I slipped into the clothes, I traveled around backstage. Once I got to the small room in the back, I slipped inside quietly. It was the one soundproof room and where I found Alice, Rose, Edward and Cooper along with my niece and nephew.

"Mama!" Cooper cheered, forgetting about his coloring books.

He jumped out of his seat and flew at me. "Hi there little man!" I said excitedly, picking him up and hugging him. "How's my birthday boy?"

"I am good Mama. Auntie Rose, Auntie Al, EJ and Emma are coloring with me."

"That's great buddy. Make sure to be good for them while Mommy and Daddy go sing okay? After we sing we are going home and the whole family is coming over," I said excitedly.

He cheered and hugged me again. Edward smiled at me from across the room and I smiled back at him. Our little family moment however was interrupted by a man opening the door and telling us that it was time. I sighed and kissed Cooper on top of his head. "Okay little man, we'll be back." I told him.

Edward came over to us and kissed Cooper too. "Love you Coop, we'll see you in a bit," he said.

"Okay," Cooper said, frowning a little bit. "I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy." He blew us kisses as we went out to start the concert.

Edward draped his arm around my shoulders as we walked through backstage. "Are you ready love?" he asked me.

"I am. Are you?" I asked, nudging him to turn into a corner off of our course to the stage.

"As long as you're up there with me," he replied sweetly, kissing me.

I smiled into the kiss. "Of course I'll be up there."

He took my hands in his and as usual they fit perfectly together. I looked down at them and caught a glimpse of our matching silver rings. The sight of them made me smile and brought me back to the day when I officially became Mrs. Cullen.


"You ready Bells?" my dad asked me, his voice breaking with his emotions.

I nodded and promptly the doors swung open and the wedding march began playing. My eyes traveled the room on their own accord as my arm gripped my dad's tightly as we made our room down the aisle. I saw Alice and Rose in their rose colored bridesmaid dresses. Alice was only barely showing even though she was almost four months pregnant.

My eyes traveled across the aisle to Jasper and Emmett in their matching tuxes. Both of them were smiling at me widely. Emmett looked moved but I knew he'd never admit it.

Finally, my eyes rested on Edward, who in mere moments would be my husband. Just the thought of that made me smile. He was wearing his tux and a green tie that made his eyes pop. His appearance made me gasp slightly. His eyes were glued to mine and he was wearing my favorite crooked smile.

As we took the last few steps to Edward and my new life, my dad whispered how proud he was of me and that I finally got the only man who would ever be good enough for me.

My dad took my hand and handed it to Edward, who walked me the rest of the way to the alter. "I love you so much Bella," he whispered to me. "You look absolutely stunning."

I smiled and whispered back, "I love you too, so very much. And you don't look too bad yourself."

Soon the priest started speaking and I was lost in Edward's eyes.

Finally it was time to recite our vows. Edward held my hands and looked straight into my eyes. We decided to stick with the traditional vows, yet Edward made it sound like he came up with them. He spoke with so much passion that he moved me to tears. I had to get myself together before I recited the vows back to him.

After that, we exchanged rings. He picked them out. It was my first time seeing them and, like him, they took my breath away. He slipped mine onto my finger and kissed it before I did the same with his. Finally, the priest pronounced us husband and wife. We shared the most passionate, loving kiss we had ever experienced and finally began our lives together.


Edward's voice broke me away from my thoughts. "What are you thinking about love?"

"The day we got married," I told him, smiling.

He smiled and rubbed my ring finger. "That was one of the happiest days of my life," he admitted.

"Mine too," I replied.

"There you two are!" Emmett yelled, coming around the corner.

We looked up towards him. "Jeez guys, you are cutting it close. We go on now. Come on."

We followed him to the stage where we could hear screaming people. We stopped before the curtain where Jasper was standing, looking distantly through the crack in the curtains. "I found them," Emmett said, snapping Jasper out of his thoughts.

"Well it's about time," he chuckled.

I smiled sheepishly at him as he rolled his eyes. "Alright guys, let's rock their asses," Edward said as he did at every concert.

We nodded together and went out on stage to be greeted by an uproar of applause. I smiled and waved at them.

The concert was like every other one, but at the end, we sent someone to get Cooper from the back.

"Okay guys," Edward announced when Cooper was in my arms. "It's Cooper's third birthday today, so if everyone could join us in singing to him, that'd be great!"

Cooper smiled but buried his head into my shoulder.

I walked up to the mike next to Edward and we started together. The entire arena was booming, singing to our little boy. Once we finished, we waved and went backstage. Alice took Cooper from me and I went with Edward to go change.

After we changed, everyone met up in the back and took separate cars back to our house. Cooper was bouncing up and down the whole way there. I tried to tame his hair during the ride home, even though I knew it was impossible. He had Edward's messy bronze hair, not that I was complaining. In fact, Cooper pretty much was a mini-Edward. He had the same eyes, same hair and was just as sweet.

As we pulled into the driveway, I saw that everyone else was already inside.

"Edward, I think you've gone soft. You drove really slow," I teased.

He smiled and rolled his eyes. He took my hand as we walked inside behind Cooper.

The rest of the day was spent all about Cooper. He was given so many gifts that I had to glare at my family for spoiling him. After the gifts, Cooper looked angry instead of happy like he should have been. He kept shooting Edward and I angry looks.

I looked at Edward and raised my eyebrow. He shrugged, looking just as lost as I was. I stood up and excused the three of us as everyone else continued talking and, in the kids' and Emmett's cases, playing.

We took Cooper into the kitchen and I set him up on the counter and Edward and I stood up in front of him. "What's wrong bud?" Edward asked.

"I just didn't get the one thing I wanted for my birthday," he pouted, crossing his arms.

"You got lots of other gifts honey. You should be grateful," I said sternly.

"I am but I wanted something else!" he said angrily.

"What did you want Coop?" Edward asked gently.

"I want a little brother or sister," he replied, looking down at his green converse, blushing.

I looked at Edward, shocked. He chuckled a little bit and whispered, "Who would've thought? And you were worried."

I shot him a glare and lifted Cooper's chin to look up at us. "Hey buddy," I started, softly, "Mommy and Daddy actually wanted to talk to you about that…"

He looked up expectantly and I hesitated. "Mommy is going to have another baby Coop. You are going to be a big brother soon," Edward finished, smiling and putting a hand gently on my stomach.

"I AM!" he yelled.

I smiled as we tried to shush him. "Inside voices Coop," Edward corrected.

"I am!" he whisper yelled.

I giggled and ran a hand through his hair. "Yes, buddy, you are."

He grinned and hopped off of the counter. "Does everyone else know?" he asked excitedly.

We shook our heads. "I'll go tell them then!" he cheered and ran out of the kitchen.

"Guess you don't have to think of how to tell them now, do you?" Edward mused.

I smiled and replied, "Yes, this sure makes things much easier."

He took my hand and we walked out to the others where Cooper was enthusiastically telling them that he just got the best birthday present ever. When he announced what the gift was, all of the adults and Emmett slowly looked towards me and Edward.

Alice was bouncing in her chair and kept her eyes glued to me. I nodded and they congratulated me.

The night ended and everyone eventually made their ways back home, which was much more convenient now that we all lived back in Forks. Cooper finally fell asleep surrounded by mounds of toys. I rolled my eyes once more at my family spoiling him.

Edward picked me up after we tucked Coop in and carried me to our room. We changed into our pajamas and lay down in bed. I faced him and kissed him gently. "I love you," I said, "I always will. Just thought you should know that. Oh, and you are a pretty great dad."

"What makes you say that?" he asked, smiling.

I shrugged, smiling at him. "Well, you are a pretty great mom too. And, I love you more."

I giggled and rolled my eyes at him. "Sorry baby, I love you too very, very much," he said, traveling down and kissing my small baby bump.

When he was in front of me once more he kissed me again.

My eyes slowly closed as he hummed the music to Out of My League. His arms wrapped around my waist and I fell asleep in his arms, where I belonged.

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