Aaah, sadness! I mean the story HAS to end (it probably should have many chapters ago. I had actually planned it out in my head to have it stop at 20. As you can see that didn't work out), but it's still sad for me, because now I have nothing to waste my time with instead of doing my work. I mean this story was fun to write, I don't know if its any good, but I think its made me a little better at writing. Plus I don't finish things all that much so I'm way excited. I'm moving on to a Hades and Persephone story, the first chapter is up (and will soon be redone because it's hideous and needs to be reworked), so I guess I can move onto that. I just want to thank all my readers and reviewers, you guys make my day, and this wouldn't have been completed without you :)

On to the story!


"How did you get here?" Hook demanded as they began to search frantically.

"Can you focus on finding our daughter at the moment?"

"Can you answer the damn question?"

She groaned, "Charlie left a note years ago on how to reach him to get to Neverland, just in case. I never kept it for him, I kept it incase something happened to Jane…" she looked around, the trees and vines hung dangerously close, obscuring her precious child from view.

Hook sighed, shaking his head, "You contacted him?"

"I didn't have a choice seeing as how you left me behind."

"To keep you safe!"

"Sometimes it's like you don't understand me at all."

"Sometimes it's like you don't understand me. I didn't want to loose you again, I'm not… I just couldn't do it."

Frustration was edged in his face and Wendy's own annoyance fell.

"I'm sorry. But I couldn't stay not while you and Jane were in danger."

He nodded, not looking at her, "How did you get on the island?"

"Oh," she shrugged acting to nonchalant, "Charlie brought me."

"If it seems so innocent then why is it so pressing we find her before he does?"

"Because she made me a promise."

They both turned to see Charlie, his eyes gleaming, and Jane, trapped in his hold.

"Let her go Charlie," Wendy said calmly, "We're coming."

"What's going on?" Hook growled.

"Nothing," Wendy said quickly, "We have to get back to London. Come on."

Hook grabbed Wendy's arm, "What's wrong?"

"She said nothing," Charlie said, "Come on, I'm taking you back. You don't have any other way home, do you?"

Hook let go slowly, and Jane was released.

"Mother! Father!" she ran to them, and both of them rapped their arms around her, relief spreading, "I remember," she whispered, "I remember!"

"I think it's broken," Hook said, "Wendy you stopped it."

She nodded, tears in her eyes, and Hook realized they weren't tears of joy, but sadness. Something was wrong.

He gave her a concerned look and she just smiled, "Let's go."

When they reached the ship the crew watched in awe as Hook stepped aboard, and it was like he owned the planks around him once again. He expected command, and that's what he was given.

"Daddy looks different," Jane whispered to Wendy and Wendy just nodded, but he looked so familiar to her, this was who he was when she met him.

"Get ready to sail men!" Charlie called, and Hook looked at him with an amused expression.

"What's so funny?" Wendy asked.

"Nothing my beauty," Hook said kissing her head and then his daughter's.

"Now," Charlie turned around, "When we get to London, Hook you and your child may leave peacefully, and I hope we won't meet again."

Hook suddenly realized what was happening, and cursed himself for not being on his toes. So long away from battle and he had forgotten the way of pirates already.

"You're not keeping Wendy," Hook growled.

Wendy turned away, "Smee!" she said trying to sound cheerful, "Take Jane for me please?"

Smee, looking the same as ever nodded, worried, and took the young girls hand, "Let's try to find some dolphins."

Wendy turned back, "I had to James, I didn't have a choice."

Hook's eyes were turning a bleeding red, his mouth set in a thin line.

"She had a choice," Charlie laughed, "She could stay on the ship with me willingly and find her daughter, or unwillingly, and hope she was found."

Wendy took a desperate step towards Hook, but Charlie pulled her back, "Not anymore."

Hook felt the rage wash over him, but he didn't move. He was waiting.

"You don't deserve her Hook," Charlie continued, "This is how it should have been. It's better this way, I couldn't continue to steal kisses from her forever."

"Oh my God Charlie will you just shut up?" Wendy cried, "You're a complete idiot! Do you understand me? I don't even like you, you just sit around and complain about how some girl doesn't love you when you could just move on and find someone who does! We've never had anything together, ever. I don't know what happened to you to make you think so, but we have nothing, we never did."

Charlie rounded on her, "We do! I love you, and one day you'll love me back!" he grabbed her hair again and did the worst thing he could ever do in front of James Hook. He kissed his wife.

Hook lunged at him, knocking him to the floor and pounding his fist as hard as he could into Charlie's face. Charlie cried out and tried to push Hook off, but he continued, cursing like he'd never cursed before. Jane, who had never seen her father in a real rage, watched wide eyes, and Smee had a hard time dragging her away.

"James!" Wendy cried, "Watch out!"

Charlie had pulled out his sword and slashed at Hook, who finally fell back. Wendy ran, falling next to him, "Oh no, no, no, James…"

"I'm fine," He said pushing her off gently and starting to get up, but she pushed him down.

Turning towards Charlie she glared, "Get up."

Charlie did as he was told, though he could never figure out why. Wendy pulled out Hook's sword and Hook grabbed her wrist, "Don't."

She touched the area near his wound tenderly, the blood flowing from his chest, and kissed him chastely before pulling away. Instantly he understood, words didn't need to be spoken.

"I'm not going to fight a woman," Charlie scoffed.

"Afraid to loose?"

Charlie rolled his eyes and half heartedly moved his sword only to have it knocked out of his hand, Wendy's lips curved in a smile, "Want to try again?"

He had never had such a hard time keeping his dignity. She was good, still very good after years, and Charlie had such a hard time concentrating on anything else, he didn't realize Hook had moved right behind him. Hook grabbed him, pressing his metal claw to his neck. Charlie froze, and Wendy grinned widely.

"Never leave a wounded enemy unattended," Hook hissed.

Wendy looked around at the crew and smiled brightly, "I think we're supposed to be going to London?"

Peter flew down and landed next to Wendy then, looking like he always had, young but this time he held a little sadness.

"You killed the queen."

She sighed, "I had to."

"You used metal?"


Peter sighed, heavy, much too old for him.

"You shouldn't have. She was nice. They'll bring in a new one now, and I'll have a hard time with remembering that one. The magic isn't broken though Wendy just weakened. All of Jane's first born girls will come back, but they'll all leave, just like you did."

Wendy nodded in a serious movement, and Peter shrugged, flying away.

"He'll forget," she said to herself, "He always forgets."

Hook cleared his throat and she turned back. Jane was running across the deck laughing, her eyes bright.

"I saw so much of the ship!" she cried jumping up and down, and then saw what her parents were doing, "What's happening?"

"Nothing Janie," Wendy kissed her cheek, "Why don't you go back with Mr Smee?"

Jane looked her suspiciously and walking away slowly, glanced at her father, who looked uncomfortable. Charlie took this moment to wrench free from Hook, who merely twisted him around until Charlie was face first against the deck.

"Don't try that again," Hook hissed.

"Wow," Jane said appreciatively, "Can you teach me how to do that?"

"Certainly," Hook replied smiling.

"Okay that's enough," Wendy ushered Jane back with Smee who looked embarrassed at loosing the girl.

When they got back to London Wendy and Jane stepped off first, waving good bye to the other men. Hook let Charlie go, who looked extremely dejected and walked back to sulk in his cabin.

"You seem like a happy man Captain," Smee said.

"I am Smee," he nodded.

"You love her."

Hook didn't know how to respond, Smee had never crossed boundaries like this before. But then he wasn't captain anymore, and there were no boundaries.

"Of course."

Smee nodded this time, "She loves you too."

Hook cleared his throat, "Of course she does, she wouldn't be able to put up with me if she didn't."

Smee smiled, "That little girl is something."

"Too much like her mother."

"It was an honor serving with you Captain. I hope I never see you back in Neverland."

"Me too Smee. It was a great honor."

They shook hands and said goodbye for the last time.

Hook returned to his family and hugged Jane and his wife. At home they both put her to bed, and she fell asleep immediately, tired from her adventure.

Hook and Wendy watched her, sleeping soundly in the nursery that had once been Wendy's and then suddenly Hook stood up and took Wendy's wrist, pulling her out into the hall.

"What's wrong?" she said worried.

He just pressed her against the wall and kissed her so passionately that she gasped, which only made him press up against her more. His tongue traced her lips and he gently bit them.

"What…?" she began but he kissed her again and then answered.

"I'm wiping the taste of him out of your memory," he said smiling slightly.

"Oh really?" she laughed, "It has nothing to do with my outfit?"

He gave an appreciative look at her clothing, "That helps."

The wrapped her arms around his neck and dragged him to their bedroom where they fell onto the blankets, immersing themselves in their love.

To end the story here would be kind as it seems to keep a magic feel to it. To end the story at their deaths would be morbid and cruel.

To end the story where they are happiest would mean that it would never end, because throughout their lives happiness and adventure would flow throughout their lives, Wendy writing her stories and miraculously, as if the fairies had put a curse on her before, having more children, Hook finding that though his life had been hard and worn, it was now completely perfect, and Jane would watch her own daughter fly to Neverland, and also see her return.

For now, Wendy and Hook lie in each other's arms, perfectly content in everything they have.

The End