The room was dimly lit by a gas lamp fastened to the wall in the far corner of the room. The sun attempted to push through the cracks between the door and the door frame but it did little to illuminate the room. Penelo blinked rapidly, rubbing her eyes forcibly; the transition from bright day to dark shade was one of the most difficult to adjust to. She remained where she was, afraid of tripping on something if she attempted to enter further into the room. Opening her eyes wide, she began to make out vague outlines. There was a large oaken table in the center, surrounded by plush velvet chairs. Lining the walls were chests and chests of expensive clothe, gold, jewelry, and everything else valuable enough to steal but not too dear to be easily recognizable by those of wealth. On her right, there hung a large gilded mirror, slightly worn around the edges; it was an old mirror, one who had frankly stared back at more than one maiden. Now, it was looking back at Penelo, reflecting her wide eyes, her golden hair that shimmered in the dark, and her frame slightly bent in an awkward stance, as if she was waiting for something.

In that, the mirror was true, for she was waiting for someone. That someone now came striding out from a doorway beyond the mirror. His name was Balthier, and he was a notorious sky pirate and thief. The chests lining the walls were filled with testimony to the fact, as were his richly decorated clothing. His precisely tailored vest was stitched with golden thread and his shiny boots clicked musically on the stone floor. His confident swagger added even further to the theatrics.

When he looked at Penelo, his mouth twisted into a half smile, the wrinkles on his face adapting to the well known expression. A spark lit beneath his brown eyes, one that fought more powerfully against the darkness than the flickering flame in the corner of the room.

In a few quick strides he was near enough to Penelo to grab her, and he did, wrapping an arm around her waist. He brought his lips down on her smiling mouth and eagerly kissed her cheeks and her neck.

A cart rolled by noisily outside. The gas light sputtered. Not that Penelo or Balthier noticed.