Phone Switch

Author's Note: Hello, all! This is my first story. I've been thinking about this for a while now, so hopefully it becomes as successful as I hope for it to be. This plot is one of the many things that popped into my head as I was watching the Disney Channel movie: 'Stuck in the Suburbs'.

Enjoy your read.

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"Jerk!" I shouted across the room.

"Know it all!" he retorted.

The teacher angrily interrupted, "Swan, Cullen, to the office, now!"

Mumbling of ooh's were heard as we gathered our books and stomped our way out of the classroom. As soon as we shut the door to the classroom, we started to shout; this time we shouted in a whisper as we walked. "This is your fault," I pointed to him accusingly.

That 'him' would be the King of all idiots, Edward Cullen.

"Well," said Edward, "If you learn to keep big bazooka shut, we wouldn't be in this mess, would we?"

"Bazooka?" I muttered to myself. He's so lame.

We entered the office before I even had the chance to respond to what Edward said.

"Ms, Swan, I heard you from a mile away!" The secretary, Ms. Cope, exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. Oh yeah, blame the one who whispered and not the one who shouted. Stupid old lady needs to find a husband and not hit on high school boys.

Edward and I sat on chairs near the principle's office. He pulled out his iPod player, positively sure he wouldn't get in trouble. As for me, I didn't pull out any electronics, but put my cell phone in my back pocket. After, I continued to glare at the wall.

The secretary called out, "Mr. Patterson would like to the both of you now."

Edward stood up with his earplugs in his ear and passed her. Having more manners, I said a 'thank you' and followed Edward. I stopped as soon as I heard my name.

"Isabella, have you not heard the rules of this school?" Ms. Cope asked me. I stood there confused. "I believe I'm going to have to take away your cell phone until after your meeting with Mr. Patterson," She confirmed.

Of course. This would only happen to me. It sucks to be me.

I searched my back pockets and took out the cell phone. She held her hand out and I gave the phone to her, stubbornly. She took it and sat down in her own little desk.

I turn around and walked quickly to Mr. Patterson's office. The little witch held me up.

"Where is -" A strong voice came on.

"I'm right here," I interrupted, opening the door quickly, " Sorry."

Mr. Patterson nodded and signaled us both to sit down. Once we did, he started to lecture us on the importance on fighting during class.

"Traffic?" Edward mumbled to me quickly.

I waited for Mr. Patterson to turn his back until I replied, "Sort of; It was one of you're fans pulling me over, one of the older ones, the really older ones."

We both smiled. Mr. Patterson turned around and we wiped the grins off our faces.

Fifteen minutes later, the topic on fighting during class hours soon changed to bullying. I relaxed on the chair a little and stared at the ceiling. It seemed like the ceiling was getting darker. It seemed like there were rings on the ceiling, too. I didn't really notice how sleepy I was until my started drooping. I tried my hardest to stay awake but darkness overtook and I fell into slumber.

A few minutes later, a loud slap on wood was heard and I opened my eyes and straightened my posture. Panic washed through me.

"This is the importance of no fighting in school," Mr. Patterson said powerfully, "This will not be accepted in this high school!"

An impact of relief hit me. Wow, I thought I was going to get in trouble. C'mon Bella, let's not zone out anymore.

Next to me Edward was muffling a chuckle. I turned my head and gave him the strongest glare I was capable of. His eyes though, showed a hint of amusement.

Moments later Mr. Patterson announced, "You are dismissed. Please do not let this happen again."

I smiled, nodded my head, and headed towards Mrs. Cope's desk. Once I approached her I frowned.

She was checking my text messages.

"Um, excuse me?!" I said to declare my arrival. She didn't care at all.

She looked at me and shoved the cell phone in my hands. She then said, "You really shouldn't be text-ing in school."

I shrugged and ignored her. "Very nice phone," she started, "What kind is it?"

I was going to ignore her again until I suddenly grew interested in the topic. Proudly I said, "Samsung Behold"

She gave me a quick fraud smile and returned to her computer work.

Jealous much?

Author's note: Extremely short chapter but let me tell you that this is the only chapter with the length like this. I promise you there will be longer chapters. Oh and you'll get to know the characters better in future chapters. I don't want to gather it in one chapter.

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