Phone Switch

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One week and three days.

One freaking week and three days and I can't believe I'm still agreeing to be his fake girlfriend.

Why did I have to play this part for him? Why couldn't Tanya do it? Most importantly, why did I even agree to it?

He had my phone and I needed it back. I'm not going anywhere without a fight.

On Wednesday, we were the topic of the whole school's conversations. Jessica absolutely hated me. Tanya also despised me. On that day, at our lunch table, she came and sat on Edward's lap. I was there looking of course, while everyone gasped.

I honestly didn't care. I hated Edward. I wasn't as jealous as everyone thought I'd be. In fact, I wasn't jealous at all. Heck, go ahead and kiss her in front of me. See if I care.

Everyone who sat at our table knew we were in a false relationship. They didn't understand why Edward wanted me to be his girlfriend or why I was actually agreeing to this. Neither one of us would answer.

This table consisted of Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and me.

I didn't usually sit at this table everyday but I did it for two reasons. One, Edward forced me to, saying the relationship would look more realistic if I sat there. Two, Jessica and Tanya sit at the table that I usually sat at and they hate me.

I felt bad for Angela though. Besides Alice, she is my best friend. I wanted so badly to ask her and Ben, her boyfriend, to come sit with us but I didn't want to impose on this group. It wasn't fair to them. Angela didn't seem to mind too much that I was sitting here. She reassured me that it was always fine to sit with the boyfriend. At her table, she talked to some people we both knew from Spanish class.

It was now Thursday and I was getting ready to go to lunch.

"Bella, anytime we'll be seeing you at lunch soon?" Mike Newton asked with Eric Yorkie at his side. They both usually sat at my regular table. I didn't talk to them much even though they always tried to start a conversation with me.

Suddenly, someone coughed behind me. I turned to look but was stunned to feel a pair of hand at my hips. "Sorry, guys. Maybe I'll be able to share some other time."

Mike and Eric look frightened and nervous at the same time. "Oh yeah, no problem, man."

The guy whose voice I immediately recognized as Edward nodded and guided me through the cafeteria and to his lunch table. "Get your hands off of me, Cullen. They're my friends. What do you think you're doing?"

"I understand that, Bella. I just like to show you off in front of them," He answered.

What? Was I just some prize now? Was I just some piece of ass that's put on display?

I don't think so.

"You inconsiderate two-face," I sneered as we sat down at our table.

Emmett snickered and Alice laughed.

"Some nice way to greet your friends, Bella." I heard a soft, familiar voice say. I immediately looked up to have Angela sitting directly across the table from me. My scowl soon turned into a huge grin while I ran to the other side of the table to sit next to her.

I hugged her first and apologized for ditching her.

"Yeah, it wasn't much fun sitting next to the Lindsey Lohan wannabes over there." She nodded her head toward our usual table. She then proceeded to talk lower so that we were able to hear. "Luckily, your boyfriend was nice enough to invite me and Ben over here."

I shook my head and widened my eyes in disbelief. "No, I'm sure it was Alice."

"Nope, it was all Edward. When we came over here the others didn't even know what was going on until Edward explained it to them."

I looked at Edward to see him laughing at something Jasper or Emmett said. He did look kind of cute when he laughed...

I shook my head several times, trying to get the thought away from my head.

Sheesh, Bella. You're disgusting.

Angela continued, "When he invited us over he was so considerate of your feelings. He was telling us how uncomfortable you looked when you sat here. He's a real keeper, Bella. I approve."

I feigned a smile to her then looked at Edward who noticed my discomfort.

He sent a reassuring grin my way which I returned.

Holy crow. Edward and I smiled at each other. At the same time. And it wasn't even because we were mocking each other. Huh, so we can get along. Surprise, surprise.

I ate in silence and watched everyone in the lunchroom interact. Alice, Rosalie, and Angela were now talking and getting to know each other. Edward, Jasper, Ben, and Emmett seemed to be scratching the back of Ben's phone with a fork for some unknown reason.

I looked at everyone else. That's when I noticed Jessica and Lauren coming towards our table... once again.

Tanya was wearing a mini dress. It barely covered all the necessary parts. Why would she be wearing a dress? It was raining today. What an idiot.

Jessica was wearing a jean skirt that reached mid-thigh. It had wholes in it that looked like it was cut with a pair of scissors. She also wore a vest; just a vest. It showed her stomach and parts of her breast.


They sported hairstyles that were weird to me though. The top half was spiked up like a Mohawk and the bottom half was in a messy bun. It looked ridiculous but I was wondering if it was only me who noticed the peculiar ness.

They were here for Edward, from what I can tell. This unusual feeling took over my body, while I felt the urge to stop them dead on their tracks and slap them.

I just watched them come closer and closer though. Then again, they were nothing to me. I didn't care if they were here for Edward.

I kept repeating that but my conscience told me otherwise. I wouldn't let it win.

"Edward!" Tanya and Jessica screamed at the same time with their inevitable squeals and annoying nasal voices. It was as if they rehearsed the way they spoke, what to say, and when to speak.

After she was done ogling Edward's face, she turned to us. "Others."

"Hello, porcupines," Rosalie answered. Everyone at our table was trying to muffle their laughs but it was obvious that it wasn't possible.

They narrowed their eyes at Rosalie and then sat at the edge of the table on either side of Edward.

"Hi, um, what are you guys doing here?" Edward asked. I'm sure Edward and about everyone else in our school knows why they came here. It's not exactly rocket science.

"Well, Jess and I were just wondering if you would like to go out to the movies with us."

Like I didn't see that one coming. I put the side of my face in one of my hands in boredom.

"Oh, you didn't hear? I actually have a girlfriend now, Bella!" He said with enthusiasm. When I heard my name my head popped up and I at least tried to look interested in the conversation. "Baby, do you mind coming here?"

What the hell? I'm no one's baby, for your information, Edward.

"Oh, no it's fine. Bye, Eddie! Maybe next time. After, she's gone." They said looking at me. I was pretending to give them a sweet smile which I'm sure didn't look so sweet.

As soon as they left I started to whine. "Edward! Out of all names why do you have to call me 'baby?' Isn't that some stupid pet name?"

"Aww, Bella, I think its perfect for you guys. I totally see him calling you 'baby' and you calling him 'babe'." She blurted out randomly.

Everyone at our table stopped talking and looked at Edward and me.

I blushed and looked down. I completely forgot to tell her and Ben that this was a fake relationship.

"Uh, actually, Ben and Ang, well this whole date thing going on between me and Edward? It's fake." I tried to explain.

I heard Ben and Edward bump fists and Ben saying, "Dude, nice. How'd you manage to do that?"

"But he... and then... you...but...Why?" she stuttered, ignoring them.

The warning bell rang meaning we had to go to our lockers and start getting ready for our next period.

Ah, the perfect saying: saved by the bell.

Everyone said a quick goodbye.

"Bye, baby," Edward mocked. I groaned.

"We have biology together, remember?" I said in my matter-of-fact tone.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks catch you later." He said and I rolled my eyes on my way to my locker.

After I gathered my books, closed my locker, and headed to biology the second bell rang meaning everyone had to get to class.

By the time I got to my class, the hallways were starting to become empty. My class hadn't started yet.

As I was going to sit down in my usual seat someone called my name. "Bella!"

I looked up and around for anyone who was also staring at me only to see Edward with his hand raised.

"Baby, you can sit next to me! I saved you a seat!" He yelled across the classroom and looking pointedly at the seat on his right.

Everyone was staring at me. Some of the girls were even glaring. The whispers soon began and I heard my name in some of the conversations. Surely, there was another girl with the nickname Bella.

I looked around the classroom for a possible 'Bella' but found no one.

Edward was still waiting for me. On instinct, I blushed and was on my way to the chair next to Edward.

As I was walking I start to think of names… Gabriella, Melanie, Kristina, Jillian, Leila, Isabella… damn that was me.

I pouted.

Once I reached him, I looked up to see him smirking.


"Edward," I hissed. He shrugged me off.

I was going to threaten him but Mr. Banner started the class. I glanced over at him but he kept staring at me. I sent him a glare. I think he didn't notice. My eyes soon softened as I gazed into his green eyes. Noticing what I was doing, I snapped my head to the board and continued to write whatever was written on the board.

I could still feel eyes on me but didn't bother to see who it was. If I did that I would be wasting a good ten seconds that I could've spent writing. I might've even wasted a minute if I continued gawking at him.

It was in the middle of class when someone threw a paper ball at me. I was taking notes. When Mr. Banner turned around to write on the board, it thumped me on the forehead and landed on my desk.

I groaned and the whole class turned to looked at me. I blushed and slouched into the chair. Right at the moment, I wanted to be a puddle of water and not the class' attention. Mr. Molina cleared his throat and continued his lesson.

I immediately looked alert when I felt Edward's eyes on me.

"Read it!" he mouthed. I glared at him and didn't pick up the scrap of paper. Then, I went on to writing the rest of the notes.

A few minutes later, curiosity took over as I reached for the ball of paper and opened it up, hoping it would be about something interesting.

My curious face turned into a frown as I realized I embarrassed myself in front of the class just to read this.

Totally not worth it.

In his perfect script writing was written:

Baby, you look hot when you're concentrating like that.

I wrote back: you're a sick asshole.

He was watching me the whole time with a smile. I threw the aiming at his face, but it missed his face entirely. My smile faltered but his smile grew.

He picked the paper up off the floor, read it, smiled, and wrote his reply.

This time when he threw it, I caught it with one of my hands.

C'mon don't be like that.

Then don't call me that. I wrote back, balled it up in a circular shape and threw it back to him.

After trying to catch up with what Mr. Banner had written on the board, the piece of paper was flung onto my desk and I opened it up.

I think I just heard my heart skip a beat and then flutter.

But, you're my baby. You're very fragile and I could never and would ever hurt you :) By the way, you can call me babe anytime.

This time, when I turned to see his face, he was looking down and fiddling his fingers as if nervous.

I'm not letting his boy-ish charm get to me that easily.

There are no chances that that's going to happen so don't count on it. I wrote and passed it back.

As he was about to write something, the bell rang and students were rushing out the door. I stood up and turned to pick my books off the floor carefully so I wouldn't drop anything.

I felt someone else behind me and noticed the scent. It was Edward. He smelled like Axe body wash, cinnamon and something else that I couldn't put together. It was just... Edward.

I could tell his lips were right by me ear because I could feel his breath when he talked to me. "So, were you thinking of thanking me for bringing over Angela to our table?"

I was silent but nodded.

"No words needed, but I think some actions would be nice."

Oh, what a pervert. Watch me give him a taste of his own medicine.

I nodded and turned around. I was leaning in looking at his lips. It was a sin to have lips that damn tempting. He was starting to lean it too. Just before our lips connected, I put my lips to his ear and said a quick thank you.

Then, I ran. I ran because there was nothing left to do. If I hadn't I would've kissed his all too damn tempting lips.

As much as I wanted to do that, I-

No wait. He's Edward Cullen. His lips aren't tempting. He was just trying to get into my pants.

You almost got me there, Cullen.

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