Tempting The Kyuubi

Chapter One Kyuubi

"Leader-sama, when are we sending out the group to capture the Kyuubi?" "We aren't, Deidara. We'll never be able to find that Kyuubi Kid." "But Leader-sama…" "No, there is no way."

"Leader-sama!" Sasori ran past Deidara and straight to their leader. "There is a way to capture the Kyuubi." He said breathlessly. "Yes?" Their leader asked. There was an excited tone in his voice. The Akatsuki had captured every Bijuu, or chakra being, except for the Kyuubi in their plot to make the ultimate weapon. The Kyuubi was just too hard to catch. The Kyuubi is Uzamaki Naruto.

"My plan is that we capture someone who is precious to him." Sasori explained. "Then the Kyuubi will come straight to us." Deidara thought he saw a sparkle in there leader's strange Rinnegan eyes and a smile split across his face but it was hard to tell because he always kept himself covered in shadow.

"Yes, that may work, hm." Deidara said. "But who is precious to a Bijuu. They have no friends. They're monsters, yeah." "But this one is different." Their leader's deep voice rang around their hideout. "I will send out a group tomorrow. Their job is to capture Hyuga Hinata."