Chapter Three In the Darkness Alone

Well, this was how it went. Hidan grabbed his scythe and cut the ropes. As soon as he did, Hinata got up and ran toward the door. Hidan just laughed as Hinata found that she couldn't escape. The rock was covering the door. Hinata turned to run in a different direction but Deidara had already grabbed her by her right wrist. "G-get away!" Hinata stammered. Deidara didn't listen. "No-now!" She tried to pull away but Deidara's grip tightened. She used her left hand to grab her right arm and pulled and that was it. Deidara tightened his hand into a deathly grip and then there was a "CRACK!" Deidara let go and Hinata fell to the ground. Her hand was broken. To tell the truth, Hinata was a little more frightened then hurt. Deidara laughed. "I don't think she'll try to escape again, yeah." He said and turned to Sasori. Sasori came over and picked up Hinata and started toward the back of the cave where they kept their chamber.

When they got to the separated part of the cave they used as their chamber Sasori put Hinata down. Hinata looked around, trying to find an escape but as soon as she got up her hand started to hurt immensely and she fell back to the ground where she had been sitting. Hinata was about to stand up again but Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu came to stand beside Sasori. There was no way out. Everyone was blocking the way. And then Tobi came up behind them. "Leader-sama said for you to stay behind, hm!" Deidara said. "Oh. Tobi woln't do anything." "Okay, Tobi, just don't get in the way of our jutsu." Tobi nodded and stood in the corner. Deidara looked at the others and they all took their places around Hinata in a square. They all put their hands together in a jutsu form. Suddenly a wall of blue chakra appeared in front of Hinata. Hinata stood, ignoring the pain in her hand. She stared at it for a minute until another wall appeared behind her and then one on her left and right. And then, to finish it off, a chain appeared and hooked onto Hinata's leg. It was connected to the wall on the other end. Hinata ran to the wall in front if her. She slowly put a finger on the smooth chakra wall. At the touch a shock ran through her body. The wall had electrocuted her. Deidara grunted and then turned to leave, the others following not to far behind, except for Tobi. After the others had left Tobi walked to stand in front of the square walls. He stared at Hinata for a moment and then Hinata thought she saw his black eye turn red with strange lines and circles on it. Before she could take another look it faded back to black and he left.