I slowed my pace as I walked human speed towards death. I stepped foot onto the place I come to known. A lot of memories flooded into my brain, remembering the moments I had spent with my family here, a place that I found to be special to me.

The clearing.

I stood at the edge of the forest. I took a few moments to stare at the empty and dark clearing without anyone or anything to be seen. Despite the amazing memories that were shared here I couldn't stop the chills that ran through me. Fear for my life started to kick in. I thought about turning around to make a run for it. I didn't as I reminded myself once again why I have to do this... because I'll regret it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER ONE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I relaxed at La Push beach, feeling the wind gently rock the hammock back and forth as I studied the clouds, watching them start to break apart before they enclosed, not allowing the sun to show. Nothing but the clouds. I hadn't seen the sun much since we moved back to Forks, I thought to myself. I was getting really frustrated, desperate to feel the sun's warmth beam on me. I then inhaled inwardly, finally accepting that there's no hope for the sun... at least not today. It took me awhile to realize this. Although, I still hoped.

There's always room for hope. I should have known from the rain we had earlier.

Breathing in deeply though my nose I could smell everything around me. The Mildew, the wetness that created the mud, the dry dirt beneath the mud that has not yet been hit with water. All familiar smells that I could either pick up individually, or all together creating its own unique smell. I took another long sniff of the nature around and then closed my eye lids shut. The nature has its own way of calming me.

Trying to relax, I suddenly felt a rough jerk of the hammock. I opened my eyes to find Jacob lying down next to me, a smile already placed across his face. My heart now started to react to the sudden surprise.

"Hey, Ness!"

I love Jacob Black. He's my best friend. But it seems no matter what I do or where I go he always has to be there. Here I am trying to relax and he rudely jerks the hammock. I hid the irritation I felt best I could. I placed my hand on his hot cheek.

Jake, I'm trying to relax. I tossed at him as I flashed him pictures of how relaxed I was until he came along before pulling my hand away.

"You've been relaxing all day." he complained.

I placed my hand back on his cheek, showing him how he would disturb me every twenty minutes throughout the day. I made sure to add as much detail as possible.

His lips curved downward before he spoke. "Today is the last day we get to spend together because tomorrow you're going to start school—what am I going to do with all that time tomorrow?"

A couple of moments later his eyes light up as a grin slowly stretched across his face. I already had an idea to what he was thinking... I better warn him before he dares, I thought.

"No following me all day tomorrow." I warned. "I mean it, Jacob."

He sighed, his lips curving back down. "Damn."

I watched as I felt his overgrown self get up off the hammock and then walk away. I didn't think it would be that easy to get him to leave.

I sighed. I better enjoy it...

I turned my head, facing the sheet of clouds before closing my eyes.

I could hear several different birds chirping near and from a distance. I listened to them all chirp while it created its own music along with the wind blowing the trees back and forth. Suddenly, I heard thumping of something running against the ground... A dear? No, it sounded too heavy for a dear, I thought, hearing the running get closer.

Before I even could guess what it could be I felt the hammock jolt forcefully. I opened my eyes to find myself flying in the air and then in someone's arms. It all happened fast.

I looked up to find that I was in Jacob's hot arms as he launched out a loud laugh.

"The look on your face was priceless!" he laughed some more, cradling me.

Anger ran through me, but of course it didn't last long as I continued watching the laughs echo from his lips, causing me to laugh with him. It's so hard to be mad at Jacob. When I am mad at him it surely doesn't last long and realize it isn't worth the time to build any form of anger.

His index finger traced the smile placed on my lips before then pulling away and back to holding me with two arms. "You're smiling. Something I haven't seen you do all day."

"I can't help to smile when I'm around you." I stated, feeling the warmth of his body burning into mine.

Who needs the sun's heat when you have Jacob?

"That's what I'm here for," He said smiling back and then kissed me on the forehead. "to make you happy."

I tried getting out of his arms, but he held me tighter, not letting me go.

"Where are you going?" he asked like he already knew my answer.

"Back to the hammock." I tried breaking free out of his arms once more... he still wouldn't let me free. "Jake?"

"No more hammock for you."

I reached my hand out to touch his long hair, feeling the smoothness run between my fingers, something I feel the urge to do out of nowhere at times. "You can put me down now."

I kept struggling, trying to break free as he smiled amusingly. "It's funny to know that I could do this forever and you would never be able to get out no matter how much you try."

"You eventually have to sleep." I reminded.

"You too."

"I won't go to sleep."

"I won't go to sleep either." He said, expanding an even bigger smile. He's really loving this little game, I realized. "What do you have to say about that?"

A smile drew across my face; I could feel it. No matter what I say he will come back at me with the same thing.

"Okay, you win. Now put me down."

I felt his chest move as he took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. "You don't seem happy just lying around—I can understand that because it does look pretty boring and plus it makes you lazy."

"Maybe my laziness will make me fat and you won't want anything to do with me." I joked.

"More to love and I would still show you off to the world. But I don't think feeding off of blood will make you fat." he grimaced.

I rolled my eyes. He knows I haven't had any blood for almost a month now... but he still continues to crack jokes about it. The only annoyance about the whole thing is when feeling my stomach growl and the burning in my throat at the same time. I've been surviving off of regular food only because it seemed to bother Jacob when I was on the other diet... I don't know why I suddenly made choices based on Jacob.

"You're eventually going to go back to the blood—I know it." He smiled. "Once a blood-sucker always a blood-sucker."

I laughed to his joke. I find it funny when he teases me with the names, especially when there's no purpose for them anymore.

"I won't go back." I promised. "Now let me down."

He finally let me down feeling my bare feet hit the ground. I felt cold the moment our bodies separated so I instantly hugged him to feel his warmth, but it wasn't the only reason why I hugged him. I always loved the way it felt to have someone so important in my arms—especially Jacob.

"You can stay with me." I offered, realizing how much I didn't want him to leave now after spending a little time with him. I knew I would miss him if he left. "Please?"

He smiled brightly to the invitation as he picked me up in his arms and then set me back on the hammock. Then he laid out next to me as I warmed up in his arms, spending the rest of the day with him doing nothing at all, but the fact that I was with Jacob made the day special.

"So, no following you all day tomorrow?" he asked while I still lay in his arms.

"That's right." I nodded. "No stalking me."

He pursed his lips together, fighting a grin. "Okay."

"I'm serious Jacob—promise me, no stalking me all day." I demanded.

He just let loose the grin he held as I just sighed.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, I thought.