I've done a free verse "I Am" poem for Esme, and received good feedback, so I managed to make one for Carlisle this evening. Enjoy!

I am the caring soul.

I wonder when the world will be free of pain.

I hear the devotion that radiates from my wife.

I see the good in everyone.

I want nothing more, I already feel blessed.

I am the caring soul.

I pretend to be human every single day, but I wish that I could do more.

I feel that everything has a purpose.

I touch my wife Esme carefully, she's my beautiful flower.

I worry about leaving her alone too much.

I cry out for what is right.

I am the caring soul.

I understand the fear of my patients.

I say that we are not damned.

I dream of always being there for those who need me.

I try to make the most of what I have been given.

I hope to keep the peace.

I am the caring soul.

Once again, if you do like it, please let me know. I love the feedback and it's what is keeping me working on the poems for the rest of the characters. Thanks! =]