Post-Axiom Renaissance

2815 A.D—4415 A.D

Foreword from Dr. Roland Doyle, chancellor of Sequitur academy and former historian.

Man...War... Greed... The poisons of a doomed world. What else has he? There was nothing more defining in him than his savagery. It was not until a noble but naïve force rose to free a species of it's eternal curses. Dooming them to a life of nothing but drunkenness and ecstasy was but a crippling disfavor. What has he to learn? What purpose? What meaning has his life now that it ends?

1,200 years, two elders. Humanity's only means of reclaiming their former glory would rest in the hands of them. It was him who taught the first humans to push aside boulders of a reborn planet, to pulverize the falling temples that only served to remind them of their ancestor's greatest failure and sin. It was her who united the children of her forefathers and bestowed upon them the gifts of a fruitful civilization, doing what she was born to do. The two wise elders, free from the weakness of men, and yet they were human. Free from their nature, and yet blessed with the one thing that makes an horrid species equally beautiful. Emotion... Love...

Humans and machines have come so far in the last 1,200 years. The changes that swept through the old Earth were beyond anything the humans had ever achieved. To stop and think of these things would overpower minds and challenge the wisdom of old men and machines, and no document can help create the connection of an event that restored the Earth to its ancient glory. Whatever they indicate, they can never truly depict the sheerness of the Earth Renaissance. The Earth Renaissance, more than just dire times for humans to redeem themselves from their sins and secure honor for their ancestors. It was a time in which humans and machines found their purpose. They became stronger and far more useful for a species, regaining their instinctive resourcefulness as much as the less noble aspects of their nature.

The first humans to land would task themselves with cleansing the Earth of the rubble and contamination still saturating the land. For new shelters and ambition to grow they would need space and resources. Most production began in their old home Axiom, and it was not until they rapidly expanded that newer centers of production began to sprout across settled lands. Humans would begin exchanging products and services once more.

But aside from the need of motivated humans, strong machines, and resources, they needed discipline. Humans and machines needed a leader. Captain McCrea became the instant figure of authority. For a reign of 200 years, he ruled over the growing humans and robots that reclaimed the lands. His curiosity for past human history and knowledge helped him in making well-thought decisions his fellow brothers needed to resolve. He would retire at the old age and lived for 279 years. He died knowing he was a part of an ancient movement that would change countless futures, and ultimately the Earth herself.

Humans would begin to spread across in greater numbers. They manufactured more machines to ensure both species would fill the earth and cleanse it. Together they tamed and ruled over the beasts that emerged from their sanctuaries once the Earth became a planet capable of sustaining vast life. Much had already been achieved when the captain died, but it was merely the beginning. The city Wall-e inhabited for 700 years was rebuilt in 72 years. It and the neighboring communities were declared historic sites, to be remembered as the first areas humans reclaimed and where the resources to claim distant lands would come from. It was now that humans and robots began to grow more and more independent, and greater in numbers, and after establishing their universal center of resources, recolonization and expansion became a new objective. New leaders were needed.

During this time humans appointed some men McCrea had recommended, but they were nothing more than incompetent fools, afraid of taking on new endeavors or embarking on perilous journeys necessary to help their people grow. Most were the same corrupt men of their ancient time, taking many resources for themselves and their friends and leaving little for those who commissioned them. This caused division among those who supported and opposed these leaders. Tensions grew as humans longed for power and authority. Unity among humans began to crumble. All humans were going down the slope of their ancestors; a road their predecessors had struggled to avoid. Something had to be done. A new leader was needed.

An unprecedented move, but seeing there was no choice, Eve offered to lead the humans and machines. Uniting them was all she wished for.


EVE was compelled to help them. She could not stand and watch the children of her creators threaten each other with death. She had seen their behavior before and learned its vicious grasp on their human minds. Some humans and machines favored the idea, but others opposed it. Those who favored her potential leadership claimed her to be a selfless and competent being who, along with her lover Wall-e, saved humanity and machines from an uncertain future just living out our lives in the vacuum of space. Her persistence to find the key to save Earth and us only showed a bit of what she may be capable of. Her opponents believed that humans should only govern humans, and they did claim she lacked experience. Her massive number of supporters couldn't disagree. Eve lacked the leadership experience for humans. She had taken the road in leading her fellow machines, but humans would be a far more challenging task.

Determined to have their Eve become the leader of the tribes, her supporters sought to give her the necessary experience. She was allowed to govern a fairly large city called New Winds that needed desperate reconstruction, from its crippled infrastructure to uncivilized citizens. If she were to restore the city to a minimum functioning level, her candidature would be granted. She was given fifteen years years to prove herself.

To the surprise of millions, EVE rectified the town in twelve years. This was unlike anything ever witnessed. The town was a powerhouse of resources, manufacturing many goods and services that would prove invaluable to the future expansion into the unknown. The uncivilized had been removed from the depths of the city and the corrupt stripped of power. In their place were now motivated citizens active in the development of programs and innovations for the expansion into the unknown. How was this possible? Even to this day historians are unsure how to explain the phenomenon. The inhabitants admired their Eve, even the reformed criminals. She devised effective resolutions to the many problems present in the city, but made sure they were fair. This was a major blow to Eve's opponents, and so they gracefully stepped down and allowed her to become leader. But she never planned to be in power forever, only temporarily. She thought humans should learn from her. However, they wanted her to remain in power, and since she had a tendency to give in to their demands, she became the ruler of the lands and the expansion into the unknown. She would be aided by humans and Wall-e to help her govern the millions of citizens. Now her challenges to change the world began and lead her to her present life.

I cannot emphasize the incredible changes Eve and Wall-e brought to Earth. The many things she helped make possible are too numerous for me to simply list. We can look around and marvel at our present lives, and let us be thankful for their and the sacrifices of our post-Axiom ancestors and their unyielding resolve to find a purpose, to give us a chance to live a life of meaning. Had Wall-e not made the choice to pursue a new meaning in his life, to hang on to that ship returning to the Axiom, we may still be floating in chairs and doing absolutely nothing for ourselves. Perhaps worse. There are many things outside this Earth of which we may never know, many mysteries—threats, and to have idly hovered around and sipped chemicals out of a cup was to beg for disaster.

I thank Wall-e, and I thank Eve. I thank our ancestors, because now, 1,200 years later, this is where we stand...

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