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Authors Note: Cant remember, or if it was ever known if Temperance writes her books on a typewriter, or computer.


She wrote the dedication after she finished the last page of her next bestseller. It was four months ago that Booth had been shot and killed by a gunman. She wasnt there when it happened she was at work. They called them with the news and had gone to his funeral. His little boy Parker and his mother were there both with tears in their eyes.

To my best friend Sealy Booth who was a wonderful man and who will be missed.

She saved the documents, printed them and then shut off the computer. She would turn in the manuscripts tomorrow, but tonight she was tired. She quickly got dressed for bed and fell asleep. The next day she took the manuscript to her publisher and then made her way towards the cemetery. She had promised that she would talk to him if and when he died and here she was in front of his tombstone.

I dont know what to say because I never did something like this, but I will try. I just handed in my manuscript to my bestseller. I dedicated this book to you and it will be my last book. I dont want to write anymore because you wont be there anymore. I want you to know that I will miss you.

She wiped a tear from her face and then turned towards her car. She would be back another time, but right now she had to get to work.


Months later.

She made her way towards Booths tombstone.

I told myself that I would come back when the book was out. I know that people lay flowers on tombstones, but I am not going to do that. She laid her latest bestseller in front of the tombstone. You are missed Sealy Booth. You were a brave and caring man and you are missed. She ran a hand over the tombstone and then turned away.

She wondered if she would be back. She didnt know if she wanted to be back, or not. She got back into her car and made her way to work.

The End