He tried. Tried and succeeded at something, for once. But really, sometimes Antonio would do something and Lovino would just want to fall into the other laughing.


"You're joking!" Whether he was joking or not, Feliciano laughed. Half from the hilarity of it all. The other half was the incredulity of the things his brother was serious about.


He said he had work to do because it was the truth. He was serious all the time because that was what he was. Ludwig would give anything to laugh. Feliciano could make him smile and he began to believe it was not impossible.


He was proud of his brother. As proud as he could be, considering. As much as Gilbert called himself Prussia, he laughed as the wall between them came down, allowing them to become brothers once more.


She hated him, that was an absolute truth. At the same time, Elizaveta could think back on when she and Gilbert were friends and laugh at the irony of life that she would hate him so much now.


She knew him inside and out. At first, he did not think he wanted that. Then there was a part of himself he remembered when she was there. There was the day Roderich's beautiful wife tickled him until he was out of breath and all work was forgotten.


No one would hear him say otherwise. They had never been friends. It was harder to deny when Roderich would say something, an inside joke so old, that made Vash laugh until he cried while no one else made a sound.


She was quiet and she did not mind. She did not laugh loudly, but she laughed often. Living with her brother tended to make her think she was loud. He told her different, but Heidi was certain of it.


"Oh my God, you didn't!" But she had, so he would treat her to a day shopping. Heidi might have been a bit more conservative than Feliks, but they liked the same things. He never felt restricted with his laughter, but it was certainly different with her.


He was annoying. He had once been so shy. At the same time, as the blond rambled on a story which sounded so similar to one he had heard more than once, he found himself laughing. In different places. Feliks said he was weird. Toris would laugh harder.


The sound of broken bones was never accompanied by crying. He would always listen, waiting for the tears to become loud, for the accusations to come. His dear Toris. Ivan knew it would be the perfect melody to his laughter and still dreaded the day it would finally come.


They could both be so lonely. Unlike others it was not choice. Deep, deep north, in the snow drifts, the only sound Matthew could hear was lonely laughter from another part of the world. It was easy to laugh as well when he realized Ivan was not so far away.


It was a father's charge to make their child laugh. He went there in mind of doing that. Then war, peace, and more war followed. Francis was appalled to realize by the time he remembered to go back to Matthew, his boy was now too quiet.


He bottled up all feeling inside except for anger. It made it easier. But when circumstance found them both red faced, half undressed (somehow), and shouting at each other, Arthur found it easier if he just laughed first. Laughing before Francis meant he won that battle.


Ranting and raving, he never really got tired of hearing it. Certainly he never did what Arthur told him to, he laughed more often around him then not. He would never tell him that. Alfred was afraid of losing what they had now. Again.


No one could make sense of that nation. Asked why he bothered being friends with Alfred, he could not always answer immediately. He made him laugh sounded like a hollow excuse sometimes.

Until Kiku laughed. Then it sounded perfect.

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