July at Shell Cottage


Chapter 1


"Fleur!" Gabrielle exclaimed as soon as she emerged from the mantle. The name sounded like a quick gasp in her heavy French accent. The two blonde sisters ran to embrace each other as Gabrielle dropped her heavy luggage onto the rug.

Hermione felt awkward, like an outsider, as she watched them hug each other tightly, both clad in skin-tight summer clothing. Gabrielle was babbling rapidly in perfect French to her sister, commenting on Fleur's tan, from what Hermione could understand. Fleur responded by admiring her sister's physique. The conversation slowly melted into the more excited, sensational tone of gossip, and Hermione began picking French names out of the conversation. The girls giggled girlishly, and it was only then that Fleur remembered Hermione, standing nearby in shorts and a t-shirt.

"Oh! Gabrielle, you remember 'erhione, no?" Her French accent was more pronounced after her recent immersion into it.

Gabrielle turned toward Hermione, her long silvery ponytail swinging behind her and brushing against her back. Hermione's breath hitched unexpectedly when the young girl's eyes fixed on hers. They were brilliantly blue, almost artificial in their brightness and clarity. The two perfect sapphires of her wide, innocent eyes were framed perfectly by elfish features and a sweet expression.

"Of course!" she exclaimed as she bounced over to where Hermione stood. She wrapped her soft arms around Hermione, enveloping her in a sweet, light fragrance. Hermione suddenly felt self-conscious with her frizzy hair swept into an untidy bun and a light layer of sticky sweat coating her skin. She felt disheveled and unattractive next to the two sisters. "Eet iz so nice to see you again. You will tutor me in Potions and Eenglish, oui?"

"Er … English?" Hermione only remembered agreeing to tutor Gabrielle in Potions, though she was both willing and able to take on the additional subject.

"Oh, oui, I almost forgot! My parents want me to be more educate in Eenglish. Zey wanted me to geev you a letter…" She dipped a hand into the back pocket of her shorts and pulled out a neatly-folded note on sturdy parchment.

Hermione read over the note. It was written in neat, sloping handwriting and it asked her in brief if it would be possible for Hermione to tutor Gabrielle in English. An additional sum of money was offered, and it was signed by the girl's mother. Hermione tucked the note away, making a mental note to reply later.

"Of course, I'll be happy to."

Both sisters beamed at her, flashing brilliantly white, straight teeth behind full, pouty lips.


They had a pleasant, light, quiet lunch on the veranda, in the shade, after which Fleur left for the local market in a gauzy white summer dress and a wide-brimmed hat. Gabrielle and Hermione lay out in the fresh, bright grass with some Potions textbooks. The leafy tree overhead provided a dappled sort of shade, and summer birds sang musically in the background. It smelled like freshly-mowed grass and flowers. The ocean rustled invitingly in the distance and gulls squawked impatiently near the shore.

"So, what would happen if you put too much mallowsweet into a sleeping draught?" Hermione quizzed her pupil, who was sprawled out in the grass in a most unprofessional manner.

Gabrielle rolled over onto her stomach lazily. "I don't know," she grumbled. "Let's take a break, oui?" she suggested, looking out toward the white, powdery beach just down the hill. "We will study later," she promised. Again, her sapphire eyes bored into Hermione, and she lost her ability to think coherently for a moment.

"Er … yes, all right. I suppose it could improve your concentration," Hermione reasoned. She too was drawn to the rolling blue ocean and the bright sunshine.

They made their way down the grassy hill and onto the beach. Fleur led Hermione along the shore and into the place where tall, sheer cliffs bordered the ocean. They walked ankle deep in the ocean, where the white foam around the edges fizzed gently against Hermione's skin.

Gabrielle moved through the water and sand with a certain ease. She had released her hair from its tie, and it streamed down her back like molten silver. She never stumbled or hesitated or stubbed her toes, and somehow Hermione couldn't take her eyes off the younger girl's graceful movements. Her eyes wandered appreciatively over her slim waist and full breasts, assuming that Gabrielle didn't notice her gaze.

Gabrielle stretched her arms above her head. "I want to suntan a leetle. Come wiz me?" She left the water in favor the sand and, when she found a good spot, peeled her tank top off. Hermione had to restrain a gasp when Gabrielle's smooth, flat stomach and firm breasts were suddenly exposed. Though she wore a bikini top, there was little left to the imagination. Her nipples even pressed very slightly through the thin fabric.

Gabrielle pulled her shorts down next, exposing a perfectly rounded arse and long, smooth legs.

What surprised Hermione most, however, was when Gabrielle undid the clasp of her bathing suit and removed it. Hermione watched as her nipples hardened, entranced. While she didn't consider herself a lesbian in any sense of the word, she was finding it difficult to control her body's response to Gabrielle's perfection. "What are you doing?" she breathed, looking around for any passers by who might see.

"What?" Gabrielle asked innocently as she settled into the sand. "We have many nude beaches in France. We are only women here, non?"

Somehow, that logic made sense to Hermione. She dropped into the sand and inhaled the ocean air, still engrossed by the younger girl's flawless body.

"I wish to begin my fist Eeglish lesson," Gabrielle said.

"All right," Hermione agreed, slightly confused. "I don't have any books here, though. I have to send for them—"

"We do not need books," Gabrielle assured her. "I just want to ask a few sings."

"Go ahead," Hermione said.

"What are zeez?" Gabrielle asked, cupping her breasts gently in her palms.

Hermione blushed when her gaze lingered too long on Gabrielle's flesh. "Breasts," she whispered, looking up into those brilliant eyes.

"And zeez?" Gabrielle asked softly, running her thumbs very gently over her light pink nipples.

Hermione gulped. "Nipples."

"And zeez?" She placed her hands on her hips.

"Hips." Hermione's voice was getting hoarse.

"And, um, zis?" Gabrielle's hands edged toward each other and toward the juncture of her legs.

"That's, uh, that's a vagina." Hermione's cheeks burned. She wasn't used to discussing these things, especially not with those who she didn't know well.

"But zer are ozer names for eet no?" She was smiling brightly, rubbing the insides of her thighs with her fingers.

Hermione chuckled. "Yes, a few."

"Wat are zey?"

Hermione blushed deeper. She looked out over the ocean. "Er, well, I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate."

"Go ahead, tell me. Eet's just a lesson," Gabrielle whispered sweetly.

"Well, one would be, erm … I can't believe I'm saying this," she said with a chuckle. "One would be … pussy."

Gabrielle leaned in toward Hermione. "Say it again," she breathed.

Hermione's brain raced in an attempt to make sense of the situation. "I'd rather not." Her eyes were fixed Gabrielle's full lips, which were not just inches from hers, and she felt the need to explain things quietly slip away. All she could hear was Gabrielle's even breathing and the ocean sighing in front of them.

"Come on, say it," Gabrielle repeated. She didn't give Hermione a chance to obey the request, though, because in the next instant she pressed her lips to Hermione's.

Hermione had kissed a boy before; two boys to be exact, but Viktor was too rough and Ron too stiff and nervous. Gabrielle's lips were softer than either man's, and Hermione didn't feel the need to think or work in order for the kiss to work. Her lips flew open in rhythm to Gabrielle's and her tongue met hers smoothly. It was an electric feeling that Hermione had never quite hit with anybody else. Gabrielle was so smooth and soft and sexy, and Hermione didn't stop to think whether this was right or wrong. All she could feel was this soft yet passionate kiss.

Gabrielle pushed Hermione down against the sand, flat on her back, and lay on top of her, supporting her weight strategically with her knees and elbows. Hot arousal spread out from between Hermione's legs as Gabrielle began kissing her neck, hitting sensitive nerves with light licks.

The girl's mouth traveled downward, toward Hermione's collarbone, where she began sucking on her skin. Hermione arched her back slightly, her shoulders pressing against the scalding sand as Gabrielle's soft, feminine hand found the inside of Hermione's thigh and moved upward.

Gabrielle cupped Hermione's sex through her underwear gently and went back to kissing the space below her ear. Her hand was warm against her and Hermione was suddenly desperate to have Gabrielle dip her hand inside her underwear. Before she could stop herself, a barely-audible whimper escaped her mouth.

Gabrielle smiled against Hermione's neck. She nipped Hermione's earlobe gently and whispered in her ear. "Do you want me to touch you?" she purred in mock innocence.

"Yes," Hermione breathed. Her clit was throbbing, and Hermione was desperate for somebody's touch.

Gabrielle kissed Hermione on the lips again, her warm tongue touching Hermione's bottom lip. Her fingers quickly worked under the waistband of her underwear and finally found the small bud of nerves at Hermione's center. Like a puppet on a string, Hermione instantly arched her back and moaned softly against Gabrielle's soft mouth. She was beginning to sweat in the heat, making the white sand stick to her skin.

"You're so wet," Gabrielle whispered hotly. She pushed a finger inside Hermione, still rubbing her clitoris gently with her palm. She curled her finger up and Hermione saw stars. Gabrielle had found a spot that Hermione didn't even know existed, but somehow she was probing at something very sensitive. Gabrielle slowly drew her finger out and began to reenter her with two.

Suddenly, Gabrielle's touch felt intrusive and uncomfortable; she couldn't insert more than a few millimeters until Hermione whimpered softly.

Gabrielle pulled her angelic face back from Hermione's and stared at her in surprise. "Are you a virgin?" she whispered.

Hermione nodded once. She didn't care anymore about how she looked or what she was doing; she was lost completely in the feeling of Gabrielle's touch, and all she wanted was to have that sensation back. Instead of going back to work, however, Gabrielle's lips curled up coyly. Her hands pushed Hermione's dress up around her waist, then pulled her underwear off.

The warm, summer air felt cool against Hermione's wet folds. By instinct, she sat up for just long enough to pull her dress up over her head. Gabrielle settled in between her spread legs and placed a soft kiss on the inside of Hermione's knee. It was the single most erotic moment of Hermione's life, vulnerable and displayed before another person. She had never been more aroused in her entire life.

Gabrielle's kisses worked their way upward, closer and closer to the aching juncture of Hermione's thighs. Finally, her mouth hovered just above Hermione's sex, and Hermione was panting softly in anticipation. She looked down, straight into Gabrielle's crystal eyes, and then Gabrielle eased her tongue out of her mouth.

The feeling was incomparable to anything Hermione had ever felt before. Gabrielle's tongue was hot and wet, and it manipulated her clit like a finger never could. Hermione came violently in seconds, screaming as pleasure more powerful than a lightning bolt ripped through her. Her orgasm seemed to tear her off the ground and into the air wildly. Hermione arched her back dramatically, as though her body was too small a vessel for the feeling charging through it. She felt like she had been electrocuted, and she shook violently as she came down from her high.

When Hermione's eyes could finally focus on any one thing again, she sat up weakly and looked at Gabrielle, who was sitting next to her coyly. Hermione's breathing was still ragged and irregular, and Gabrielle looked very proud of her work.

"Want to cool off?" she asked sweetly.

Hermione chuckled through her panting. She actually was sweating and the orgasm seemed to have eliminated all her energy. "That actually sounds quite good right now."

"Come on." Gabrielle pulled Hermione up on her feet and led her toward the vast, blue ocean.


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