Obsession Part 2 – Chapter 3


A/N: Dear readers, you'll notice that my writing style for this story will/has changed considerably since I last left off (which was awhile ago, sorry!). Space: Above and Beyond will always have a special place in my heart; however, I've moved on and I've decided that this will be my final story for the series. I will be concentrating more on my other fanfics from here on out. Now, I won't give anything away, but I did originally imagine this story to end a lot differently than how I'm going to write it now. I really want to thank anyone and everyone who's read my S:AAB stories and for anyone who gave a damn about this awesome series that ended before it was even given a chance. So without further adieu, I give you the final chapters, enjoy!


Back aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga, the remaining 58th members practically stormed through the corridors until they reached Colonel McQueen's quarters. Vansen knocked and announced herself a few times, but there was no answer. After searching awhile the squad gave up and decided that they needed to approach the matter to someone higher and with that they knew Commodore Ross would know where Nathan and Colonel McQueen had disappeared to.

"Sir, may we have a word?" Vansen asked as the rest of the squad followed her into the briefing room the Commodore was currently stationed at.

"Very well Captain, what's on your mind?" Ross answered her with a nod.

"Sir, Captain West is missing and so are his belongings. We were wondering if he has been transferred sir." Vansen asked.

"He has. It was effective immediately." Ross answered vaguely, but Vansen wouldn't give up.

"Sir, do you know where to? It's not like him to just leave without a warning or a goodbye." Vansen pressed.

"It's classified, Captain Vansen. All of you listen: Captain West has been transferred to another unit. He was needed elsewhere, now drive on – you're Marines so stop acting like a bunch of high-school girls. You're dismissed." Ross said in his annoyed voice. Though deep down he wanted to tell them the truth but couldn't for their own good.

"Yes sir." Everyone replied in unison.

"Sir" Hawkes suddenly turned around and asked.

"What is it now Lieutenant?" Ross asked in an even more annoyed tone.

"Sir, we're looking for Colonel McQuecen do you know his whereabouts?" Hawkes asked.

"He's in a meeting with INTEL right now and won't be back for a few days. Now if that's EVERTHING, I'd like you all to return to whatever it was you were doing. Oh and mission briefing tomorrow at 0530, now go." Ross answered vaguely again.


Nathan woke up in a cold sweat. He was in instant pain when he tried to move, not that he could since he was restrained. Trying to remain calm, he took a look at his surroundings. It looked like he was in a factory of some sort, but he couldn't be sure. It was cold, damp and dark. He then looked upwards and saw that his hands were tied above his head to a pole and that he was kneeling. The last thing he remembered was trying to get away from Snyder but that obviously had failed, but that wasn't the worst part. Not only didn't he know where he was or what Snyder wanted with him, but no one else knew either. And at that instant, he came to the realization that if he was going to make it out of this alive he would have to rely on faith. The sad part was: he didn't have much of that these days.

"I see you're finally awake Captain West. I hope you enjoyed your rest." Snyder said menacingly as he walked towards Nathan. Nathan answered with a look of pure hatred and remained silent.

"I have to say, you're people did a very bad job trying to hide you. In fact, I don't even know why they even bothered; it would have been a lot less messy." Snider continued, but being who he was Nathan hated the fact Snyder was beating around the bush – taunting him even. He wanted to get to the point.

"You would have killed me if you wanted to by now. What do you want from me?" Nathan asked bluntly.

"Aren't we impatient? By the way, that's something we'll need to work on – not one of your best traits. But I'll tell you what, since I'm intrigued by you, I'll let know why I chose you." The Snider model began.

"Chose me for what exactly?" Nathan asked while it took all of his Marine training to keep himself calm at his current situation.

"You know I've been watching you for a long time now and you've made me realize something. Did you know I was originally designed by Aerotech as a way for comatose patients to be revived?" Snyder explained as Nathan suddenly looked up confused.

"It's true, Aerotech was trying to do some good and make up for the AI wars and that's why they invented me. See whenever someone is in that state their body is no longer functional and doctors do whatever they can to preserve brain function but it decreases gradually as a patient remains in a comatose state. But what if they could temporarily transfer those brainwaves somewhere else while the body heals?" Snyder explained as Nathan looked intrigued.

"I was originally created to help comatose war veterans have a second chance. See while doctors would help with the physical healing, their mind would be transferred to me thus preserving the brain while decreasing the chance of brain damage by 99.8%. Meanwhile, loved ones would be able to see and talk to that person. I guess you could think of me as an AI without any of the hard wiring." Snyder then added.

"Are you going to arrive to a point to your story anytime soon?" Nathan asked mockingly. While Snyder just smiled.

"53-4678-4421." Snyder replied vaguely.

"I don't understand. What does that mean?" Nathan asked.

"That was my serial number when I enlisted in the Marines 6 years ago." Snyder answered.

"I didn't think the corps accepted psychotic robots." Nathan mocked this time earning him a head slap.

"You know, for someone as intelligent as you are, you're pretty stupid. Let me spell it out for you, my name is Captain Yale Derns: I was part of a black ops unit who was sent to eliminate a high Chig official on the planet Xerxes. It was simple, go in eliminate the target and get out; the only thing we didn't count on was a bomb. My entire unit was killed and I was comatose. In short, there was no confirmation of the kill so it was decided that they would try an experimental process where everything that was associated with my mind would be downloaded into this "vessel". It was successful, but there was one set back, I couldn't confirm the kill when they half brought me back, and I became a liability when they realized that I had the ability to hack into any system just by thinking about it." Snyder explained.

"They were going to kill you weren't they? That report of you being a superior breed of AI was just a cover story so that Aerotech wouldn't be liable for creating something dangerous again. And that lab I first saw you in, that's where they did this to you isn't it?" Nathan finished for him.

"Exactly, and I've been hunted ever since. It took me awhile to figure out who I was again but I eventually remembered and I escaped. They were going to eliminate me, just like they did to my body when they figured out that my mind couldn't be placed back into my body again. The experiment was irreversible so they decided to get rid of any evidence that could tie them to this. I gave my life to my country and to earth and I was repaid like this." Snyder said bitterly.

"Why does all of this have to do with me?" Nathan asked.

"I wasn't just studying your behaviour Captain, I was looking for a solution to my little predicament, and for me to do that I needed to know everything there was about you. You and I are a lot alike, we both gave up everything for something or someone and we've both literally had everything that was important to us taken away. The difference is I'm willing to fight to get it all back, while you sat there and sulked." Snyder answered and smiled evilly as Nathan realized in horror what the AI wanted.

"Oh my God. You've found a way to get out of that body haven't you?" Nathan said in horror as Snyder walked closer to him.

"I'm not only going to replace you Captain, I'm going to be you. Look on the bright side: both of us won't be in pain anymore." Snyder said as he injected Nathan with an anaesthetic solution.


Colonel McQueen was worried. Nathan and his guards should have arrived at the safe house by now, except they hadn't checked in. Right now, he was on his way back to the Saratoga and was going to see if there was any news on Nathan yet. However, McQueen couldn't help but feel that something went wrong.

And something did go wrong.

It hadn't been a minute yet when McQueen was finally back on the 'Toga before Commodore Ross had personally come down to drag him into his quarters for a meeting.

"Snyder's got him Ty, I'm sorry." Ross said.

"How the hell?..." McQueen began

"We don't know yet, the SUV he was in was found ripped apart near a hill side and all of his guards were found dead – shot execution style." Ross answered.

"Do we know where he is now?" McQueen asked

"INTELL is triangulating the Nano-GPS-Bug we implanted into him. Snyder shouldn't be able to track it; it's so heavily encrypted that even he couldn't sense it." Admiral Ratner said as he approached the two men.

"Sir, if you don't mind I'd like to be frank and as say that there seems to be a lot you're doing to protect Captain West." McQueen said bluntly.

"Colonel.." Ross interjected as he knew what McQueen was getting

"Unless of course there's some sort of ulterior motive here and the whole point of all this isn't to protect a Marine, but use him as bait, sir." McQueen said in a stone cold voice. He could also see that Admiral Ratner flinched when he called him out which proved he was right.

"Secure a briefing room now – we need to talk." Ratner said as Ross and McQueen followed him.


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P.S. I hope some of you could see where I got the name SNYDER from :) It's an anagram: SNYDER = Y. DERNS or Yale Derns.