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Note: The 'Harry Potter' Universe has been brought forward 19 years so it can match up with the 'Charmed' Universe. Quite frankly, I can't see the Wizards updating or changing anything in that time, so the only thing that changes is the year - as such, Aiden Lily Potter (the female 'Harry Potter' in my story) was born on the 31 of July, 1999. (Just a heads up to readers)

Chapter One


It started as a day just like any other.

A little girl with vivid auburn hair was trailing behind a woman who was dragging a very fat blond boy along behind her. The boy was obviously getting ready to throw a tantrum – his voice was rising as he demanded the sweets that they had just passed in the isle of the supermarket, and the woman was attempting to appease him so as to avoid the scene that he was sure to make in a few moments.

The shoppers all avoided the fat blond boy out of habit – whenever Petunia Dursley brought her son, Dudley, to the supermarket he would scream and yell until he got his way.

It was always very good gossip for the neighbourhood.

The girl was attempting to distance herself from the duo as well – she had slipped off to the vegetable section, where she was guaranteed safety from her cousin's tantrum and was now examining the greenery.

She had been tasked with collecting some potatoes and cabbage for her aunt so that she was out of Petunia's way. Just as she always was when they went shopping for one thing or another. Apparently Petunia couldn't suffer being seen with 'the freak' in public.

This girl was almost six years old.

She was reading the prices on the potatoes when she felt more than saw someone stand behind her. She ignored the presence – there were a lot of elderly women in Little Whinging that liked to coo over how cute she was and how grown up she acted.

And then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She spun around and her eyes widened at the sight of the man behind her.

He was wearing strange clothes – the small girl thought he was wearing a dress, or something very like one, as weird as that sounded. He had flat grey eyes and slicked back white-blonde hair and was wearing a sadistic smile that made the girl step backwards in a bid to escape, only to hit the potato stand and send most of them tumbling into the isle.

The tall man had pulled out a long piece of wood that he pointed straight at the small girl, resting it on the centre of her forehead.

The girl stared soundlessly up at the man with blank eyes, disregarding the wood that the man held in the same manor she had seen when someone was holding a gun.

The last thing she would ever see was the ice cold smirk of her nameless attacker as he said "stupefy."


Albus Dumbledore looked over his half moon glasses out at the empty Great Hall tables that had held students going about their daily business just days before. It always seemed so desolate without the chatter of students, even though most of the staff elected to stay at Hogwarts during the holiday months.

Minerva was seated next to him and was slowly working through her brunch, her having a fondness for sleeping in as much as possible when no students were around to observe the – dare he think it – normal behaviour that children seem to believe professors were incapable of.

A commotion was caused in the portraits and he turned to watch as Charles Versage, one of the few past Hufflepuff Headmasters of Hogwarts, shoving his way through the portraits and creating general chaos, sending objects flying everywhere.

"Albus!" The blond man shouted, having finally made it within shouting distance of the current Headmaster. "Albus! You've gotta come fast!"

Dumbledore practically jumped to his feet, the stirrings of panic encroaching upon his previously calm mind set. "What is it, Charles?"

The painted man turned back around and started pushing his way back through the chaos he had created, "Hurry, back to your office! The devices are going crazy! Something's wrong with the… er – you know the one!"

Dumbledore's eyes widened even more and his stride quickened noticeably.

McGonagall made to get up but Dumbledore gestured her to sit down even as he kept walking. He said, "Don't worry, Minerva. It's peeves – he has broken into my lemon drop supplies again. I have to stop him before he gets away with them."

Minerva's eyebrow arched as she shook her head in exasperation. She should have known that Albus Dumbledore would think it was an urgent situation when the poltergeist got into his candy supplies.

The only question was how did he convince Charles to look out for them?


Dumbledore reached his office in record time. When he got into his office, he was worried to see that the instruments tasked with monitoring the position of Aiden Potter were disabled – that meant that a wizard had either taken her under a concealment charm or performed the relatively hard counter to the spell that bound her to the monitor. The one that monitored her health was also flashing and whining, meaning that someone was using dark curses on her – extremely dark curses if it was to be believed.

He rushed over to the one that recorded her location and fiddled with a few of the dials. It looked like she had been taken off the monitor, which was annoying because it was impossible to set up without the informed consent and help of the subject or a blood parent. Now that wasn't good for his future plans.

He pressed a button and a line of glittering red text sprung from the enchanted object, and it spelled out, 'LAST SEEN IN SUPERMARKET IN LITTLE WHINGING, SLIDE-ALONG APPARATED AWAY TO UNKNOWN LOCATION.'

His eyes widened – this was not good.

He turned to Fawkes and held out his hand, asking for the phoenix's help.

The phoenix consented and lifted off his perch, swooping down to clutch the old Headmaster's arm and proceeded to fireflash them to a location in Little Whinging that was clear of onlookers.

He arrived in an alley that was near the supermarket and Fawkes left in another flash to avoid being spotted. He transfigured his clothes and stepped out of the alleyway.

As he approached the muggle store he noticed that there was a commotion – that meant that someone had probably seen the kidnapping and panicked because of the use of magic. He better clean this up fast before it got out that Aiden Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived, was kidnapped because he would be discredited and it meant that he might be prevented from putting her back with the Dursleys – she needed to be there for the greater good, so that she'd fight Voldemort in the future and be prepared to sacrifice herself!

The doors slid open and Dumbledore immediately spotted the contingent of Aurors that stood out in their wizarding robes, obliviating shocked bystanders.

It looked like this wasn't going to be able to be hushed up.


Girl-Who-Lived Kidnapped by 'innocent' Death Eater

The Daily Prophet, 28 June 2004

The Wizarding World was shocked yesterday when Albus Dumbledore and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement discovered that Aiden Potter, famous for her defeat of the Dark Lord as a one year old infant and her simultaneous survival of the fatal Avada Kedavra curse, had been kidnapped out of the muggle suburb of Little Whinging yesterday morning.

She had been in the care of her muggle relatives as protection against any surviving Death Eaters or devout followers of You-Know-Who. Wizards have always believed that she was adequately protected against retaliative actions but this was obviously not true.

The magic that the Death Eater in question used to subdue Miss Potter alerted the Department of Magical Law Enforcement due to the blatant and serious breach of the Statute of Secrecy, and the muggle-born member of the team, Hayley Sikes, suggested something that would shed some light on the crime. The DMLE squad surveyed the surveillance video (a muggle piece of technology that records situations) to find that none other than Lucius Malfoy, an excused Death Eater due to allegedly being under the Imperius Curse, had stunned and proceeded to kidnap the Girl-Who-Lived.

Massive public outcry against Bartemis Crouch and Cornelius Fudge's poor handling of the Malfoy case has forced the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the Wizagamont to review each and every arrest that was made in the aftermath of the war against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in conjunction with the mandatory use of Veritaserum and truth spells. Muggle-born wizards and witches have taken the places of many purebloods that have been recently uncovered as voluntary former Death Eaters that evaded Azkaban by bribing law enforcement officials. Trials are still in pending for current Azkaban inmates, but we are told they will all be held by the end of the month.

The huge mistakes in the trials of alleged Death Eaters have hit Minister Fudge hard, and Wizarding Britain is pushing for a vote of No Confidence at the next Wizagamont session to oust the obviously corrupt and negligent Ministry head.

All we can do now is hope that the Aurors find Lord Malfoy before permanent damage can be inflicted upon Aiden Potter. When they find him, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be punished to the very extent of our laws – nothing will be held back when prosecuting this particular piece of scum that dared to attack the little girl that made it possible for us to live without constantly having to look over our shoulders because we were at risk of being murdered in our beds due to some unfounded blood discrimination.

He will be made an example of as a warning to those who would follow in Voldemort's footsteps.

Britain will not tolerate terrorists.

Renee Gardner

Also of interest: 'Fudge's Farce – Why he's NOT fit to be Minister' by Kyle Frankston page 2, and Records of recent Death Eater trials, pages 3-18.





All that she had was the all-consuming darkness that had been her prison ever since she was taken out of the supermarket in Little Whinging.

Aiden had no idea how much time she had been where she was – it could have been hours or days; it was impossible for her to tell.

All she knew was that the blond-haired man had pointed that piece of wood at her and said a lot of nonsense words that had made her eyes burn and throb so that she could only whimper in pain. It felt like her eyes were burning out and though she could feel with her fingers that they were still there, but she had not been able to see anything ever since the pain.

There had been more pain after that.

Pain that had her screaming and begging for the torture to stop.

One word would be imprinted into her mind forevermore.

When that voice snarled 'Crucio' there was more pain than she could have ever imagined. It felt like hot knives were being stabbed into every part of her body and simultaneously being extracted before they were replaced, and neither part of the cycle brought anything but more pain. The pain had laced her spine and muddied her mind to the point that she could not remember who she was or that there once was life outside of the pain.

It never dulled like intense pain usually did after you had experienced it for prolonged periods of time; that first knife slashed just as harshly as the one after it and the one after that and unconsciousness was not offered as a reprieve.

Aiden learnt that the pain had no visible effect on her body apart from the total exhaustion that had gripped her when blessed with reprieve and the left over pain that was a dull ache compared to whatever happened to her when the cruel man had said 'crucio' – whatever that word was, she would always associate it to the all-encompassing pain that she had experienced.

Aiden was preoccupied with her lack of sight. She had pressed herself against a hard surface and curled herself into a ball, hugging her legs. The only thing she could count the passing time by would be the drips of something – she assumed it was water – falling in a steady pattern.

But her world was devoid of light. She spent a lot of the time thinking over the places and things she had seen – now that she may never be able to see again, she clung to those bright images in her mind and found that they helped against the void of darkness.

She was afraid to move lest she bump into something so that ruled out any escape attempt – she had learnt how to pick locks so she could escape the Dursley's cupboard to steal food from the fridge when she was denied – also the fact that she couldn't see the lock to pick it.

Hunger was a steady ache in her stomach but it wasn't bothering her overmuch; she was used to being hungry, she already knew that it was survivable.

No sound disturbed the steady dripping that echoed in the cold room.





Lucius Malfoy Caught and Kissed

but no sign of Girl-Who-Lived

The Dusk Edition of the Daily Prophet, 29 June 2004, 19.30

Wanted criminal Lucius Malfoy was detained just after two o'clock in the afternoon today at the Malfoy Manor at the cost of three lives – in a highly destructive magical battle, Malfoy murdered two Auror trainees who had only recently graduated from the intense three-year course. Jainey Blake and Greg Hopper were under supervision of veteran Aurors Michael Jiks and Greg Tibbs when Malfoy started firing off the killing curse like it was a tickling charm and the Jr. aurors were hit in the initial confusion.

The third casualty from the confrontation was Lucius' wife Narcissa Malfoy, née Black, who Malfoy reportedly held under Imperius in an attempt to Obliviate any evidence of his crimes from himself in a bid to plead innocent of charges. He murdered the Lady Malfoy when it became apparent that there was no way he would have the time and concentration to perform the memory charm successfully, only managing to wipe the details of the place in which he was holding Aiden Potter as a last gibe at Law Enforcement officials.

The trial that was conducted a mere half hour later uncovered the extent of the Malfoy's crimes against Britain, as well as the Wizagamont members he successfully bribed in order to escape Azkaban, all of which have been taken into custody for trials of their own, although it is unlikely they will make it to the notorious Azkaban prison, it being more likely they will be sequestered in the high security Flakarta Bay prison that is policed solely by centuries old spells, the most notable of which were cast by Merlin himself to ensure that convicted felons did not escape before their term ended.

The last Malfoy left alive is the young Heir, Draco, who is six years old and currently being cared for by Amelia Bones herself due to the lack of a clear next of kin. There have already been many offers from prominent pureblood families to adopt him, and this reporter speculates that they wish to get their hands on the infamous Malfoy fortune. Madame Bones has been noted of saying that all possible adopting families will be thoroughly examined to ensure that young Draco will not be put into the wrong hands.

Renee Gardner


There had been no one else for what seemed like a lifetime.

To Aiden, it felt like she was the only person in the whole world, like no one could intrude upon her own black void and reach her. A small part of her wished that someone – anyone would come and brake the total silence that was smothering her, even if it was to be the monster of a man that had taken her from little whinging.

The only sound was the constant dripping.

It was enough to drive her insane… if she wasn't already, that is.

She knew that she had slept a few times at least, and couldn't be sure how long it had been. She knew that she was cold, hungry, blind and hurting.

Not exactly looking good for her.

The reason she thought that she may be insane is because, even though she knew she could not see, the blackness was starting to look… weird. Pieces were becoming darker and other lighter, but still everything was black… it was extremely strange and the black seemed to follow the walls of the room. There was a piece of black shaped like a door handle, but that thing had a… 'sparkle' to it. The sparkle gave off the feeling of 'locked' (however impossible that seemed) and was a grey that swirled with hate and malevolence, just like she had recognised in that evil man.

The black shapes were coming into sharper focus.

A world of different 'types' of black and she had no idea if she was imagining it or not… but she knew that time was running out if she wanted to get out of this prison alive.


Sirius Black found Innocent!

The Noon Edition of the Daily Prophet, 2 July 2004

A shocking trial early today of convicted mass murderer Sirius Black, who has spent the last five years in the wizarding prison Azkaban surrounded by dementors, as innocent of the betrayal of Lily and James Potter as well as the murder of Peter Pettigrew. It has been found that Peter Pettigrew framed Black before transforming into his illegal animagus form – a rat – and escaping into the sewers. If anyone has had a common island rat that is larger than average and missing a toe, we urge you to floo call the DMLE after locking it in an unbreakable charmed cage. It has been speculated that he would be staying close to the Wizarding world to keep an ear out for the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and be careful not to alert him prior to attempting to apprehend him.

The wizarding public was shocked when truth came to light through use of Veritaserum at the Wizagamont trial. This case has become the shame of the Wizagamont. It has been found that Sirius – a member of the Ancient pureblood line of Black – was denied a trial and sent straight to Azkaban, even though he repetitively said that he was innocent of crimes.

This case, even more than the trail that Lucius Malfoy bribed his way through, has unshaken Britain's faith in its magical government. If Sirius Black, a member of a respected pureblood line, can be falsely convicted and sentenced to arguably the worst place on Earth – the high security section of Azkaban prison – without even a trial, what can the average witch or wizard expect to deal with when accused of a crime?

The wizarding population is in uproar against this serious miscarriage of justice and is demanding a better system of dealing with accused criminals. Recently appointed Head of the DMLE, Madame Amelia Bones, in conjunction with her second in command, Leonis Travers, have proposed amendments to the way we try accused criminals that are based off muggle systems and it is predicted that they will be passed with little protest because of the astonishing help that muggle creations had in determining Aiden Potter's kidnapper.

Hopefully, these amendments will update our justice system and remove the ease at which criminals could bribe their way through charges. It is predicted that the system will be fully functional within ten years.

On the subject of Justice, Sirius Black has been cleared of all charges, started on heavy potions and chocolate rehabilitation sessions to get him back memories lost to the dementors and granted a hefty sum in compensation, even though he has repetitively said that the only thing he really wants is for the DMLE "…to get off their lazy arses and find my God daughter!"

In relation to relatives, Mr Black has accepted the role of guardian of the last Malfoy and Heir to the Malfoy fortune, Draco Malfoy. As readers will know, Lucius Malfoy was captured the day after he kidnapped Aiden Potter, who has still yet to be found but is known to have been put through the cruciatus curse and the extremely dark locked blinding curse – a curse that can not be cured and basically irrevocably renders the victim's optical nerves useless through the destruction of key neural pathways that are required to get the message to the brain.

Aurors were unable to obtain the location of the Girl-Who-Lived because Mr Malfoy had ordered his wife to obliviate the information from him when it became apparent that his true loyalties were revealed to the general public. Regular readers will also remember the scandal that resulted just before Lord Malfoy was captured – he murdered his own wife, Narcissa Malfoy, along with two fresh Auror trainees, Jainey Blake and Greg Hopper. He was later executed through the Dementor's Kiss.

All this left Sirius Black as the closest blood relative of Draco Malfoy and despite other offers from pureblood families to take in the young heir, he has precedence. He has been reported to have said jokingly that he wanted to continue his own tradition of raising a Gryffindor out of a family that has been in Slytherin for generations, as he himself had been the 'white sheep' of the Black family.

Either way, the Wizarding World is demanding a full update of Britain's Ministry of Magic and this reporter thinks that it is well overdue.

Renee Gardner

For the current list of recently convicted Death Eaters, go to page 13

For a more detailed version of Sirius Black's trial, go to pages 16-23


Red wine swirled around the glass as long fingers tipped the glass up to drink. Eyes slid shut as the warm liquid trailed down her throat.

"It's going our way."

The wine glass was set on the table, and the woman leaned back in her chair languidly, humming in agreement. "We have been fortunate."

The man across from her nodded, "Yes, and the British Ministry of Magic is finally starting the process of updating and lifting out of the stagnate rut they have found themselves in."

The woman's lips moved down as she eyebrows creased into a frown, "It's just sad that the kidnapping and torture of a five year old girl was what we were able to use to set things into motion."

The man leaned across the two-person table and smoothed out the lines on her face, "Hush. We had nothing to do with that, and you know that this will make a better future for all wizards and witches in England. It was an opportunity that we could not pass up – the first time in decades that such a perfect window of opportunity had opened. They are finally starting the process of updating, and we all know that it will be years before the changes truly make a difference. We can only hope that Aiden Potter will be found alive."

Lips quirked and the woman hailed a waiter, "I think I'm going to need more alcohol."

The man sighed and leaned back, lightly rubbing his temple. He muttered, "Don't we all?"


The situation was desperate for our little five year-old.

Aiden was dealing with what she knew had to be a total hallucination, but at that moment she couldn't bring up enough common sense to give a damn – as long as she could get out and eat something she wouldn't care.

The 'World of Black' as she had taken to calling it in her head, had come into sharp focus. She just couldn't explain it – it was kind of like seeing, except it wasn't… ok, that just sounded bizarre. What she could… 'sense' was the 'shape' of everything – as far as she could tell – in the room. There was no light at all, the only way she could explain it would be parts of the black felt different – different strengths. It was strange as it didn't matter what direction she was facing, she could 'sense' everything around her, and she could swear that she could 'feel' outside the room and down the corridor as well. No one had passed if that was true.

The only reason she was considering moving was because she had stood up and moved to different parts of the room, feeling physically for the parts of the blackness that she could 'feel' in place of being able to see, and it matched up with the door handle and a few crates that were in the room.

She had gone insane, but it was hardly the right time to bemoan the fact when it could help her escape.

She was standing at the door, 'looking' curiously at the collection of 'sparkles' that was shrouding the handle. The sparkles felt warm to the touch.

She groaned and leaned against the door, allowing her head to fall against it with a gentle 'thump.'

She rasped to herself sarcastically, "Now if only I could just walk through walls, my insanity would be complete."

After she had finished that sentence, low and behold, she found herself squeaking as she 'pushed' through the previously solid door. She ended up flat on her back, sightlessly gazing up at the ceiling and could help but burst into hysterical laughter.

After managing to contain the highly inappropriate giggles, Aiden pulled herself to her feet and just followed the way that the black world 'showed' her was to the way out, and gained a bit of confidence when she felt the breeze through the room growing – maybe a door had been left open?

She totally ignored physical boundaries like the walls and doors, acting on the somewhat logical (for her situation) decision that since she had done it once, she could do it again – it was somewhat easier to accept the spontaneous talent of walking through solid objects that it was to 'see' a world that was totally leached of colour, that only offered a black oblivion and yet still somehow accurately reflected her surrounds and yet was beyond the limitations of actual eyesight.

With just a thought she could feel herself flitting through what the blackness showed her were walls on the most direct route to the outside.

When she was more or less certain she had made it outside of the large house that had been her prison for who ken how long she was momentarily shocked at what the blackness showed her.

She felt the warmth on her skin that indicated it was day-time but there was still no light to bleach the world of black that consumed her. But what she could 'see' with this new sense amazed her all the same. The world of black was sharp in the outlines of trees that she knew stood very close together. She also knew that there was an array of animals that inhabited the forest, from the small snake winding its way through the undergrowth five metres away to the large hawk that trailed in the sky, its eyes locked on a mouse that was making a frantic bid for cover about twenty trees north.

There was a circle of 'vision' in this world of black that would be about one hundred metres in diameter, and it seemed to be that the further away something was, the 'fuzzier' it was to her 'sight'. It was strange that she hadn't really noticed how far it went when she was inside that prison, but she could 'see' now that she house practically danced in sparks, each giving off a different feeling, most for hiding and misdirection – she had a feeling that could have muffled the blackness although she didn't know why.

She stumbled backwards when a sudden burst of sparks that resembled flames more closely (and felt malicious to her) appeared a few yards away. She knew there was no chance that she would have seen it had she been relying on actual vision – the blackness showed her there were large trees that blocked it from sight range. The person didn't feel normal to her, even though she had nothing to compare him against, what with being new to the world of black thing.

It was obvious to her that he came with ill intensions and Aiden span around and sprinted off in the opposite direction, her heart contracting as she 'saw' him quickly break his cover and sprint after her.

There really was no chance of escape.

The very tall man had very long legs that easily caught up to her short legs and he grabbed the back of her jumper, easily stopping her in her tracks.

Aiden saw the vicious sharp-toothed grin he shot her although her sightless eyes remained facing forwards. "Who a-are you?" She gasped out, feeling the exhaustion from her time imprisoned come washing back now that the adrenalin and shock of escaping had worn off.

Even a five year-old found that his response of "You're worst nightmare" was terribly cliché.


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