Spinning Whirlpools


Naruto at a young age finds out her has a bloodline that was thought to be a lengend, to protect himself he had hidden it, but when he must protect his team on the Wave Mission, he has no choice but to use it.

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Pairings: SasuNarubut it won't be until they are older...

Chapter 1: The Boy That Spun The Water


His blue eyes stared as the water turned faster and faster in the small lake, he moved his hand above it, making it go faster and faster as he watched the water twist and turn, he smiled before stopping and the water stopped moving. His eyes were full of wonder, excitement, and questioning…

He got up and ran, ran to the Hokage's office to show the Old Man what he could do. The six year old boy ran into town and ran by the people that glared him, the boy completely ignored them, to excited about what he could do to even care. He ran to the tower and ran up to the office.

When he reached the door, he opened it yelling out "Hey! Old Man! You have to come see this!!" the 3rd Hokage stopped reading the papers he was looking at and saw the smiling, excited blonde, he gave a soft smile and said "See what Naruto?" Naruto's eyes brighten much as he spoke "The water! It moves around and around like a whirlpool at the lake!"

The Hokage looked at Naruto for a moment and asked "What do you mean?" Naruto then said "I was kicking in the water and then I decide to put my hand in but then all of a sudden it started to move around and around and around, so I decided to move my hand around too and the little swirling water started to get bigger and it moved faster and faster! And when I stopped it stopped too!"

The Hokage eyes widened a little but then said in a calm voice "Really… Naruto come here…" Naruto titled his head but nodded, when he walked close to the Hokage he saw the Hokage look into his eyes, when he did the Hokage eyes grew wide and he was stunned, Naruto wondering what was going on had asked "What's the matter Old Man?'

The 3rd then said as he pointed to a mirror in the far side of the room "Naruto… Go look in the mirror over there and tell me what you see…" Naruto nodded and did as he was told, he stood in frot of the mirror and was about to say nothing was different until he stared at his eyes, his eyes widened as he saw them, in the mirror he saw himself but not just that, his eyes, his blue eyes were swirling around and around like the whirlpools itself. Naruto took a step away and asked out "What? W-Why are my eyes doing that?"

The Hokage then spoke "Naruto… Your bloodline has been awakened…" Naruto quickly looked back to the Hokage and said with his eyes widened "Bloodline? I have a… Bloodline?"

Bloodline… I have a Bloodline?


Naruto woke up and saw a ceiling in front of him. He closed his eyes and muttered "I haven't had that dream in years…" as he slowly got up he noticed the room was dark which meant his team was asleep. He smirked to himself and stood up before heading to the door to go outside. As he opened the door he felt the moonlight hit him, he smelt the cold air as it rushed at him. He took few a steps forward and said to himself "This place would be prefect for my kind…" he then saw that if he took one more step he would fall into the water.

He smiled and put one foot on the water not sinking at all. He moved forward and kept walking until he was not to far from Tuzuna's house. He put his hands in front of him and moved them around and around, two small whirlpools soon started to form under his hands as the water of the lake started to spin….

He smiled like he did when he was child, he was the boy that spun the water…

But he didn't notice the wide eyed woman standing near the railings of her house. She watched as the water spun around more and more as the young blonde boy moved his hands…

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