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Chapter 10: Droplet Memories


Alone, that's what he was meant to have, nothing but being alone… His brother and sister now feared him, his father hated him, and his uncle… Tried to kill him about a year ago and he was now dead.

Gaara, age eight, sat alone, on a swing in the park and stared at the children who was heading into the park, but once they had noticed him, their eyes widened and they ran out screaming.

He ignored them and looked around noticing no one was in the park but him now. His 'mother' spoke "Ignore those fools my little one… It's better to be alone, they fear you because of me and they are fools…" suddenly though his 'mother's' voice stopped, he was now confused but heard "…He's near…" and before Gaara could ask his 'mother' whose near, Gaara noticed something or someone was walking into the park area.

Gaara watched as a boy with blonde hair walked slowly into the park, he was wearing a white T-Shirt, and orange shorts with normal shoes, he seemed to be around his age. He also seemed a little lost by the way he was looking around and by the look on his face, but he stopped looking around when he noticed Gaara sitting by himself, Gaara thought he was going to scream and run away like the others but suddenly, a smile appeared on the boy's face and he ran over to Gaara.

Gaara thought for sure his Sand was going to attack or something but it didn't, the boy grew closer and Gaara could now see the boy had strange whisker marks on each side of his face, soon enough the boy was standing close to Gaara and he spoke "Hey, names Naruto Uzumaki, can you help me?" Gaara stared into the most stunning blue eyes he had ever seen in his life…


"So Gaara-Nii, has that idiot Shukaku been causing you trouble again?" Naruto asked with a pout and folded his arms, Gaara let out a small chuckle and said "No, he hasn't. Are you still mad at 'mother' from all those years ago Naruto-Otoutosan?" Naruto's face glowed red and a pout appeared on his lips, he then said with a glare "YES! What he did was not cool, it was embarrassing Gaara-Nii!"

Sasuke, down below, was irked at what Naruto said and by the look on his face. Gaara chuckled again as he said "Now, now, 'mother' said he was sorry… And that he wouldn't try anything again until you were older…" Naruto's face grew bright red and he nearly glared at the Sand Jinchuuriki.

Both Sasuke and Sakura never saw Naruto act this before, it was like his emotions were running around crazy and he had no control over them. They watched as Naruto blushed and glared at the redhead who was still upside down on the tree, before he said "Gaara-Nii I want you to tell that idiot Shukaku that I will not hesitate to harm him if he tries that again…" it wasn't a threat but a promise.

Sasuke and Sakura just watched as Gaara chuckled softly and shake his head for a moment before glancing down at the Konohamaru Crops. Sasuke and Sakura. He stared at them before saying in a very cold voice "You are friends of Naruto-Otoutosan are you not?" a scared nod came from them, that voice, it didn't sound right. "Gaara-Nii…" Naruto spoke softly not liking the way he said that, Gaara glanced at Temari and Kankuro who watched him nod and when he nodded they did to.

Gaara looked at them and said "If that's true than you'll never betray him, because if you do, than I will not hesitate to kill you all…" everyone shivered softly and Naruto shook his head knowing how protective his friend/brother was of him, suddenly Gaara looked at Temari and Kankuro saying "Me, and Naruto-Otoutosan have much catching up to do, meet us at the hotel when you are done apologize to the children Kankuro, Temari make sure he does…"

Both nodded and everyone watched as both Naruto and Gaara disappeared in a whirl of sand…


"Gaara-Nii what was that all about?" Naruto asked not liking the way his friend threaten his teammates and the others, Gaara glanced at the blonde boy before saying as he looked out onto the rooftops of Konoha "Because they must learn that if they try to hurt you, I will not show mercy to them…"

Naruto sighed a bit before looking to the rooftops of Konoha along with Gaara, both sat on Gaara and his siblings hotel rooftop. They had reached the hotel not long ago and both went to the top to watch the village from there. Gaara looked out to the sun as it was nearing sunset, but before Naruto could respond a man appeared, he had a long white piece of cloth hanging over his face and had a Sand headband on.

Baki stared at Gaara. He nearly froze by the look of calmness on Gaara's face and how relax Gaara was now. "Baki… What do you want?" Gaara said not liking the fact his time with Naruto was cut in. Baki looked at Gaara before saying "I was just wondering why you and your siblings ran off to in such a hurry. You all kind of ran off when we got into the village gates…" his uncovered eye landed on Naruto who was happily sitting next to Gaara.

Gaara noticed Baki was staring at Naruto, and Gaara spoke up "Baki… This is Naruto Uzumaki. An old friend of mine when I was a child. Me and my siblings are closely connected to him and when we heard the Exams were being held in his home village we were excited to see him again…" Gaara looked at Naruto and said as he pointed to Baki "Naruto this is my Jounin Sensei Baki."

Naruto smiled sweetly at Baki and said "Its nice to meet you Baki…" Baki nodded in response not sure if what he was seeing was real. Was this boy really a friend of Gaara's? He watched as Gaara look at him before going back into a conversation with the blonde, he nearly had a heart attack as he watched the blonde smile sweetly at Gaara and Gaara smiling softly at the blonde.

Suddenly though, two more figure's appeared, Temari saw Naruto and hugged attack him again saying "Hi Naru-Otouto! Sorry it took us a while, those teammates of yours kept question us. Does that pink haired girl live under a rock or something? She didn't know that the Exams are being held in Konoha…"

Kankuro smiled and walked over patting Naruto's head saying "Yeah, and that black haired brat kept asking me why did Gaara take you away from them, I didn't answer him because he's a stuck up brat…"

Both of Gaara's older siblings stopped and asked out "Are they really your teammates Naru? They act like idiots…" Naruto's answer was a uneasy chuckle.

Baki only watched as Temari and Kankuro began to talk to Naruto making the blonde pout and smile, but the thing that nearly made him have a heart attack was when was Naruto hugged attacked Gaara and Gaara actually smiled softly at him.

'Who the hell is this kid?' Baki thought as he watched Naruto laugh and Gaara just smile softly.


Naruto waved goodbye to Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro as he walked out of their hospital room, it was nearing dark now and Naruto needed to go home and make dinner for himself.

As Naruto walked quietly home, he closed his eyes and thought about how things were going different now for him, mostly around Konoha and his team. Even though he was getting treated a little better than before, he couldn't help but feel like something bad, something life changing, was going to happen sooner or later… What that something was, he didn't know… But he knew it was coming soon…


Naruto got home just after the sun had set around him, he walked to his door and opened it, he gave a little sigh before walking into his apartment and unslipping his feet from his shoes, he needed to rest. He softly kicked the shoes off before walking around his apartment front room.

He had just returned from Gaara's hotel and he had just seen Haku and Zabuza, Naruto had stopped by to say hello to the two who kindly let him into their apartment room.

He went to the kitchen and made some dinner. It was ramen, he was to lazy to make anything else. Naruto sighed a bit before something caught his eyes, his answering machine message light was blinking which meant he had a message.

'That's weird…' Naruto thought as he stood up from the chair he sat in and walked calmly over to it, he looked at the flashing button before pressing it. A loud beep was heard and the automatic voice spoke out in the room.

"You have five new messages…

Message 1:

Naru-Otouto pick up! Its me Temari! Come on! I just want you to know me and my brothers are in Konoha for the exams and we really want to see you! I'm using a payphone right now… Man I bet your training right now aren't you. Naru pick up!… Fine… Well anyway bye Naru, see you soon!

Time: 9:30 A.M"

Naruto blinked a few times before coming up with the collusion that she sent this message when he was with his teammates and was away from the house, and since he didn't come home until now he didn't hear it until now. He shook his head at how Temari was so excited to see him again.

"Message 2:

Naruto, its me the Old Man, we need to talk tomorrow. I have gotten a message from Gaara, you know that boy you grew close with when I took you to Suna with me. We need to discuses something very important tomorrow morning and I need your help.

Time: 10:45 A.M"

Naruto blinked again, it sounded important but the Hokage did say tomorrow so it shall be.

"Message 3:


Time: 5:40 P.M"

Naruto cringed and was sure most of the apartment was awakened by that yelling from Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi "Ow…That hurt…"

"Message 4:

Naruto pick up, answer your phone you dobe. I want answers and I want them now, just who was those Sand Ninjas and how the hell do they know you.

Time: 5:45 P.M"

Naruto blinked confused, why the hell did Sasuke just call him? He never gave the Uchiha his number so how the hell did he reach his house? Before Naruto could continue his thoughts the message went on to the last message.

"Message 5:


Time: 6:00 P.M

End of final messages…"

Naruto cringed more than when Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi yelled out, he could hear people from the room above hitting the ground and yelling out "STOP MAKING THAT RACKET!" Naruto whispered a "Sorry." to the people and sighed, he couldn't help but think 'Sakura… Your voice can be very loud at times…' Naruto shook his head at the messages before heading to his room, it was time for sleep, but still things were bothering him, something just didn't seem right…


"Gaara-Nii! You're the Kazekage's son?" eight year old Naruto yelled out as he stood next to the Old Man of Konoha, Gaara looked up surprised to see Naruto standing next to the Hokage of Konoha.

It was only a days ago when he had first met the blonde, and Gaara had the best days of his life. During those days he had met the blonde who was lost and looking for the tower, for the first time ever his Sand did not attack the blonde at all, causing Gaara to freak out a bit, but after a while the blonde forgot he was lost and had asked Gaara to play with him, causing once again Gaara to freak, but soon enough his 'mother' told him to play with the blonde which nearly gave poor Gaara a heart attack.

But due to the fact that Gaara always obeyed his 'mother' he had done so, and playing with the blonde was like playing with a long lost friend. Something in Gaara's once cold heart was something warm, something he never felt before. But while playing in the park, swinging on the swings, a group of kids came in and watched in horror as someone was playing with the 'demon' of their village, in panic the kids ran over and pulled Naruto, who was pushing Gaara on the swings, away from him. Naruto yelped in pain from their tugging and yelled at them to let go, that was until one kid yelled at him saying "You have to stay away from him, he's a demon! He'll kill you!"

Naruto had stopped and stared wide eyed at Gaara who stiffened, his Sand began to swirl, and he was ready for Naruto to run away and scream, but that's when Naruto did something that shocked him and the other children, Naruto turned back to the kid and punched him in the face, causing the other kids to stop and stare wide eyed, Naruto was looking down and holding his fist yelling in anger "GAARA IS NOT A DEMON SO DON'T YOU EVER CALL HIM THAT AGAIN UNDERSTAND! HE'S AS HUMAN AS YOU AND ME!" the kids didn't say anything as Naruto went over and dragged Gaara away from the playground.

The entire time Naruto was looking down and pulling Gaara around, Gaara was just staring at Naruto, not sure what to do now, his 'mother' wasn't talking to him and there was a strange feeling in his chest, a feeling he had never felt before. Soon enough both young eight year olds stopped and was now standing in a empty area, nothing was there, only Sand and the Winds.

He watched as the blonde look up to the sky and sigh, calming himself down until he heard the blonde ask out "You… Have a demon sealed away don't you Gaara?" Gaara once again stiffened and was ready to attack the blonde if he had to. He watched the blonde turn to look at him and Gaara's eyes widened at what he saw, the blonde eyes were swirling around in them, like a whirlpool would, he watched at the blonde smile softly and say "Funny… So do I…"

After that Naruto told Gaara he had the Kyuubi-No-Kitsune locked away within him and could talk to the fox from time to time, he also told Gaara that he understood how it felt to be treated like the way he was treated, and that he knew about Gaara's demon since he had entered the village, Kyuubi told him that someone had a demon locked away in them and being his curious self he was, he went to go find the container.

Gaara didn't know what to do when he heard those and found out that there was someone like him, someone understood his pain, and someone knew what it felt like to carry the burden of being a host to a demon.

After that both demon containers sat down and spoke among each other quietly, and when the day was gone, Naruto asked if Gaara would like to met here again, causing Gaara to nod almost instantly, he felt calm, he felt safe, he felt different when he was with the blonde. When he had nodded Naruto smiled brightly and said "Alright see you tomorrow afternoon Gaara-Nii!"

When Naruto said those words Gaara's eyes widened more as the blonde hugged him and waved goodbye before walking off. He was stunned that Naruto had called him Gaara-Nii…

A few days went by and each time the two containers spoke among each other, each time growing closer like family, a family Gaara would like to have, a family Naruto always needed, then by the fourth day Gaara had started to call Naruto, Naruto-Otoutosan, they had even got to see the other ones demons because they were told about a mind link between demon containers.

When Gaara met Kyuubi-No-Kitsune, he was imitated by the great nine-tails, the strongest demon of the tailed beasts was right in front of him, Naruto even joked and angered the beast by calling him fur ball which caused Gaara to stare at his new friend and little brother like he was insane and that was a lot coming from Gaara. Then after meeting Kyuubi, Gaara took Naruto to meet his demon, Shukaku, which wasn't the greatest thing ever. Shukaku was a bit perverted to the young Uzumaki causing Naruto to nearly die from blushing so much, before they left Shukaku smirked and yelled out "I can't wait to see what you look like when your older kid, I'd have to remember to have some time alone with you!"

Causing Naruto to yell out in embarrassment, and causing Gaara to want to kick his demon's ass for saying stuff like that, the only reason why Shukaku didn't do much to the poor Uzumaki was because Naruto was still a kid and that the fact Kyuubi kept sending his 'I am going to kill you if you touch my kit again' glare.

Anyway, after those few days, Naruto and Gaara gained a bond that didn't go unnoticed by the people in the villagers of Suna. But just not to long ago, Naruto told Gaara the bad news, he was leaving in the next morning with his Jiji so he could return back to his village, Konoha. At first when Gaara heard this he wanted to beg Naruto to stay but understood that Naruto needed to go home, and for their last day together, Naruto and Gaara spent it together, almost never leaving each others sight, when the day ended Naruto said goodbye and had left Gaara in the park by himself.

Gaara had sighed and went back home, only to find his brother and sister waiting, he was a bit confused because Gaara had been living alone ever since he had killed his uncle and his siblings feared him since then. Then Temari told him they were going to a dinner party to meet the Hokage for the first time, all of them were to attend, even Gaara. Gaara was surprised that his father was allowing him to come to a dinner party and was then given clothing by a fearing Kankuro.

Gaara only blinked a bit more confused but did as he was told which scared his sibling much more because they had never seen Gaara act so calm before, the only reason he was calm was because he had made a true friend who understood him. So here he was at the dinner party meeting the Hokage for the first time, only to be shocked to see his best and first friend standing and talking to the Hokage.

He was so surprised that he nearly ran over and asked him "Naruto-Otoutosan, what are you doing here?" causing everyone there who knew about Gaara's demon to freeze and stare disbelieving at Gaara, Naruto had stopped talking to the Old Man and turned to Gaara surprised to see him there too, that was until Naruto had pieced that Gaara was one of the Kazekage's sons he was told about from the Old Man, he smiled and said "Gaara-Nii! You're the Kazekage's son?"

Then Gaara did something that shocked almost all of the people in room, Gaara went over and hugged attacked the blonde, causing Naruto to blinked confused by what Gaara did. While most of the people in the room yell and freaked out, the Kazekage looked at the Hokage with a pale look asking "H-How come is Gaara hugging that young lad?"

The only thing the Hokage did was smile softly and say "Oh, Naruto has a way of making friends…"


Naruto woke up from his dream and stared at the ceiling above him, he blinked before smiling softly at the old memory of him and Gaara becoming friends, and how both of them freaked out more than half of Suna Village back then. He chuckled a bit to himself and slowly rose from his bed, he couldn't help but think to himself 'If I didn't become friends with Gaara-Nii, who knows how he would had become…'

Naruto stopped when he started to hear a strange sound in the room, Naruto blinked a few times before looking over to his bathroom door that was wide open, dripping off the faucet sink was small drops of water, dripping once, twice, three times. Naruto blinked a bit before getting up from his bed and walking over, he went into the bathroom and turned the handle to off on the water, he watched as the water stopped before one last droplet hit the bottom of the sink, he smiled softly at this for some reason.

But still something didn't seem right to him, it felt like something horrible was going to happen soon, not now but soon…

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