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One Night Love

Fuji Syusuke stood in front of Kikumaru Eiji's desk. He leaned his head to the right then the left then back to the right. He smiled gently and began to speak. "What are you writing, Eiji?"

"It's nothing," he continued to scribble on the paper.

"Hmm…well, if it's nothing, lets go."

Quickly, Eiji looked up. He stared at Fuji with hide big, sapphire colored eyes. "Let me finish. If you're so eager to go, leave without me."

"May I read it?" Fuji pulled his long right arm across the desk and moved Eiji's hand away from the paper. Taking the off-white paper, he began to read it.

"Wait! Fuji! Don't read that!" Eiji became flustered. He didn't know how he could get the paper away from his best friend.

"Take me, break me. I don't care. Love me and then leave me there. Let me be with you just this one night," Fuji's words gently flowed out as he spoke.

Eiji's face started to turn red. "Please, Fuji, stop reading it."

"Make me cry. Make me scream. Make me do anything. Hold me close. Don't let me go. Escaping from the reality that we know."

"Stop…please…" he pleaded. Tears began to form in his eyes from embarrassment.

Fuji took hold of Eiji's chin and peered at him with his bright blue eyes. "Who do you want to love you?"

"F-Fuji…" Eiji shifted his eyes and focused them out the window. "Just forget you read it."


"That wasn't meant to be seen by other people…especially you."

"Why's that?"

Eiji looked back up at Fuji. His eyes were glossed over by the tears he was trying to hold back. "Because, I know that you'd never accept the way I feel!" He quickly stood up and began to walk away.

"How do you know?" Fuji's voice was demanding. "If you never tell someone how you feel, how could you possibly know that they won't accept them?"

"I just know you won't."

Fuji pulled the boy's left arm to bring him close to him. "Don't say things unless you know they're true."


Before Eiji could finish his sentence, Fuji leaned in and let their lips make contact. Pulling away, he noticed that Eiji was uncontrollably blushing.

"Fu…ji…" he uttered.

"I'll love you for more than one night," Fuji promised as he kissed Eiji on the cheek. "Lets go."

Eiji intertwined fingers with Fuji as they walked out of the empty classroom and made their way home.


NOTE: Thank you for reading this little fic. It's just something that randomly came to me. I hope that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading it~!