Wise King Vegeta: Chapter 1

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The king lay silently in his bed, waiting for death to take him. It had been a long, hard battle, but he had done it, he had beaten Freiza. He wasn't afraid of death, he was cursing it for taking so long. It wasn't because he wanted to die, it's just the pain, the excruciating pain. Not even the regeneration tank could do wonders, the infection had spread too fast. If only they would have gotten him there in time. It was no use worrying about what could have been done, what happened has happened and there was no going back. All he could think about was his son, his 8 year old son. Just a mere boy would soon be crowned King of Vegetasei. All he could do now was pray, pray that the boy would take into account all he had educated him, all the fundamentals of being a good king. "Nappa." He softly called to his best friend and general. They had known each other all their lives, they had fought side by side for years. "Yes my king, I am here." Nappa said knealing beside him. "Take care of my boy..guard him with your life..and love him as your own." The king said taking breaths in between. Those were his concluding words as death finally came and he had welcomed it with open arms.

That same day, an 8 year old prince, was crowned King of all Vegetasei. There was no celebration, the young king had declared that the rest of the day would be to mourn. It would be a great burden on any other 8 year old, but for this young king it was opposite. He had kept everything under control. Shortly after he was crowned he spent hours praying for wisdom and courage, just two things that would make him the greatest king that Vegetasei has ever had.

Ten years after the death of his father, his rule was already extended throughout the galaxy and his subjects included every sort of species that could be found. He had not taken them under his rule aggressively, it was purely his charisma, also he was the son of their hero. Of course, it would be plain stupidity if anyone had not agree with his treaties, being that he was the strongest in the universe. No one would dare question his authority, since he had reached the legendary goal of super saiyan.

Behind him, stood armies of elite soldiers and not to mention his body guard/sparring partner Kakarrot. When the only person that came close to being his protector, Nappa, had passed, he had to find a replacement. This third-class soldier had proven himself worthy for such a position, in a tournament one year. He had beaten the kings best and being two years younger than the king himself, it was truly remarkable. Many had thought it was absurd to take a third-class warrior as his personal guard, but the king stuck with his instincts and kept him. Not long after, Kakarrot had also achieved the goal of super saiyan, that was said to be only reachable by royalty and had caused people to dismiss such thoughts.

It was already 7months after he had turned eighteen, as the young king sat contently in his throne room. Before him stood the most beautiful and wealthiest of almost every kind of female, being that it was now required of him to have a mate chosen by his next birthday. They were all very beautiful, but something was wrong, none of them had appealed to him. That had caused him to ponder other things that were of more priority. "Uh, your majesty?" Artacha called. She was a very important adviser to the king. If she wasn't so aged, he would have chosen her as his queen.

"Ah yes, where were we?" Vegeta asked, discharging his thoughts.

"Uh, you were picking a mate, to rule beside you as queen." She said as a matter of factly. "Should I release this group?"

"Yes, but first, I want one last look, just to make sure." He said, as he stood and took a step down, padding over to the females, tossing his cape behind him. They all stood before him nervously, plastering imitation smiles on their faces. He looked over each one of them one last time, recalling their names, where they were from, and most important, their personalities. He could very well sense their true desires, mostly greed and selfishness (I didn't call him wise for nothing). But there was one he didn't mind, lust. If it wasn't for their other desires, he could wavered that, but he saw that were too overwhelming and the very woman he would have chosen, could have betray him, bringing his downfall someday. He then walked away from them, only to sit upon his throne again. "Very well, you may lead them out." He said to Artacha.

"Come along ladies." She said, as the disappointed females followed behind her.

Right after they left, two the king's royal guards came through the doors with what seemed to be a slave in shackles. This certain slave had a very distinctive look, SHE was very beautiful and had immediately caught Vegeta's and everyone else's attention in the room.

"State your business." Kakarrot said, he was standing beside the seated king.

"Sorry to bother you, your highness, but we caught this slave stealing parts from your main transportation vessel." One of the guards said. Vegeta had looked from the guard back to the slave. She was absolutely gorgeous, those deep blue eyes and what. blue hair also, very unique indeed. Unlike those females that stood before him a few minutes ago, she had his interest.

"I was not stealing you jerk!" The slave shouted, adding boldness to her list of characteristics, that Vegeta had marked in his head. "I was simply borrowing." She then plainly said. She was using the parts to build her own spaceship, so she can search for her mother. She and her father were separated from her when she was just seven years old. When Freiza had took her father and made him design a ray that would make him stronger, she had snuck on board to be with her daddy. When the ray had failed, he was killed and unknowingly left his little girl on board. She had done a very excellent job of keep herself hid, finding scraps of food that she could live on for months. After the tyrant was defeated all of workers/slaves were transported to Vegetasei that included a little earthling girl by the name of Bulma. There she was treated as a slave and worked cleaning up around the docks where the royal vehicles were kept. She had done this for the last ten years, along with plotting her escape........

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