Epilogue (More like a transition chapter)

Pregnant again, after twelve years, Bulma was speechless. First they tell her she's incapable of having any children and then she gives birth to twins who had just had a birthday. And now at 45 years of age, she was just told she would give birth yet again in another 37 weeks.

It wasn't that she was disappointed…no…it was mostly due to the fact that her husband, the king, had prior knowledge of her expectancy right after conception...he knew...but he did not say a word. He even knows the sex of the child, which the doctor could not even tell at the moment.

What prompted her to be examined was the extreme fatigue she was battling and the conversation she heard King Vegeta having with Kakarrot. She had fallen asleep some days ago, and the king had carried her to her chambers; and assuming she was totally knocked out as they conversed in the lounge, he actually laughed at the fact that he kept it secret for so long. He even plotted to make a bet with her and pretend to correctly guess the sex of the child so that he would easily win and name this one as well; that's what she was fuming about.

"Excuse me doctor?" the queen said to the physician who was repacking his equipment. She had asked him to her chambers privately just to confirm the pregnancy without the king's knowledge. He had just left for another planet with Kakarrot and would not be returning until later on that same evening.

"Yes, my queen?" he asked ready to leave out.

"As the queen, can exercise my right to privacy as a patient?" She asked just to make sure.

"Why, yes, of course!" He chuckled.

"Excellent!" She thought out loud. "Then the king shall not hear of this appointment?" She said hinting for the doctor to keep his mouth shut, which had him a little tense.

"Uh…yes your majesty…I understand…" he said now leaving the room. "good day, your majesty."

Now it was time for the king to pay dearly for taking his wife as a joke. She quietly sat and waited at the dinner table with the two princes as they quietly loaded their stomach like they were having an eating competition; but then Trunks suddenly paused and looked up to the exact location his father and Kakarrot would appear an instant before they actually arrived.

"Hey is there any food left?" Kakarrot cheerfully asked.

"Yes there's plenty. Have a seat." The queen said smiling mischievously. "You too, darling."

"And why is my queen so full of energy this evening?" Vegeta said smirking as he winked at Kakarrot who had already joined the twins in their little competition and took the lead that fast, causing Trunks to give up.

"Mother, may I be excused?" Trunks asked already getting up from his seat interrupting her before she replied back to his father.

"Not right now, Trunks." She stated, gesturing for him to return to his seat. "I have something to announce…"

Trunks did not return to his seat, but instead he smiled at his mother. "Mother…" he said yet interrupting her again as he walked over to her chair and placed a hand on her shoulder. "If I guess what you want announce, then may I be excused?"

"I don't see why not..." She agreed. "…but write it here first…" In case her genius son guessed right, she didn't want the others to know until she told them; and whispering was out of the question with the super hearing those saiyans possessed.

Prince Vegeta glared at his brother as he began to write on the small note pad and pen his mother pulled from her small purse she carried. Trunks wrote only one word, and his mother gasped in shock.

"See you later mother!" Trunks said slowly marching out of the dining area.

"Hey!" She called before he got to the exit. "How do you know that I'm pregnant?" She blurted out than covered her mouth instantly. She had ruined her own plan.

"The same way father, brother, and Kakarrot here knows already…I sensed it…bye!" He said running out the double doors.

"That boy is too smart for his own good!" She said to herself then gave an evil eye to her husband and company who were now snickering. "Laugh all you want, Vegeta...I still have my trump card!" she then thought to herself.

"How about we make a little wager?" Vegeta then said turning to his wife after silently conversing with Kakarrot.

"What kind of wager?" Bulma asked innocently as if she didn't know already.

"Whoever guesses the sex of the unborn child, obtains the right to name him or her." Vegeta said mentally laughing. He was going to win the bet as he did with the twins.

"Okay…" She said smirking. "…it's a girl!" She then quickly proclaimed, not giving him a chance to say it first.

"Huh?" he said surprised she had guessed it right away while Kakarrot held in his laugh.

"I said it's a girl!" She restated happily getting up from her seat. "…and her name shall be BRA! Good night dear…I hope you don't get too lonely sleeping in YOUR OWN CHAMBERS TONIGHT!" She laughed then sticking her tongue out as she skipped out the dining area.

Kakarrot could no longer hold in his laugh and the food he was chewing ended up showering the crown prince who was sitting across from him. "Sorry Prince Vegeta…that was just too hilarious!" He apologized to the boy who promptly stood from his chair holding his arms out to the sides.

"Ugh! How disgusting!" Prince Vegeta seethed now leaving to relieve himself of the filth.

The king was still in shock as Kakarrot calmed down his continuous laughing. "You have to admit, my king…"He then said rising from his seat. "…you had it coming…well, I'm going to go eat again with my family…good night!" He then flashed away leaving the king by himself now.

"But how did she know?" He said to himself still in shock.

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